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Why I will never rely on Staples again

- Had great conversation with the Staples Winnipeg print and copy desk yesterday (Feb 10)
- I explain the special circumstance of being in Ottawa and needing to print a doc, save it to a memory stick and place whole
package in an envelope, and get it delivered in Winnipeg (by a colleague who would pick it up at their store)
- I get directions to create account and submit print job online. This is a submission for a govt contract due at 12:00 Feb 11
- All good, no problem, print job submitted
- I go to bed, things are in hand with about 18 hours to spare

- Morning of Feb 11, place first call to [protected] to check status
- No answer. Try 10 more times, no answer. Strange
- Blood pressure rising

- Thinking a neighbouring store in the city might know what’s up, or have the manager’s cell, I place a call to another Winnipeg
store to inquire
- They said “Call [protected] and type in ext 641 for manager”
- Perfect – a little escalation, get to the boss, sort this out. Bid goes in and we are fine
- One problem - they aren’t answering the phone to type in 641
- I call the same store back and explain the 641 snafu. Do you have the cell # for the manager? “No”. Silence. Any other options? "No”
- The 18 hours of wiggle room until the bid is due, has now shrunk to about 2
- Time for some escalation
- Surf multiple web sites to find Canadian Head Office, Customer Service number
- Spend 5 minutes circling through IVR hell
- Reach warm body
- They suggest “Call [protected]”. I explain the futility of such
- Do you have the cell number for the store manager? “No”
- It’s a Staples store in your network, do you have any other number other than the one on the public web site? “No” More helpful silence
- For fun (it's a game now) I call back and leave a voice mail in the Corporate Customer Service inbox. If I hear back before I retire, I promise to go and work at Staples as a store greeter for the rest of my career
- Blood pressure considerably higher than a few minutes ago
- For fun I dial [protected]. Shockingly….no answer

- Grasping at straws, I try Live Chat. I shouldn’t have
- The initial response was the standard “We’re busy, but your business is important to us”. I thought for a second I was on the phone again
- When the agent responded, they suggested – you guessed it - call [protected]
- GRRRRR-eat idea!!!
- I asked if they could check the status of my print job
- “Sorry, we only deal with, not”
- Silly me, I should have known

- I log in to
- They have a “Contact Us”. I don’t have a plane ticket to Winnipeg handy or a carrier pigeon, so I click on that
- I send an email
- They respond within a few minutes. A flicker of hope in an otherwise completely frustrating experience
- The person offers to check status if I can provide my job #
- I click on Current Jobs, Past Jobs but nowhere can I find my print job to provide the number
- It’s getting laughable so my blood pressure is actually falling now
- I do a Print Screen and email it back to the guy, saying I would appreciate a call
- Waiting, waiting, waiting


  • Km
    kmmjj Apr 04, 2014

    I bought an HP laptop. I bought an anti virus. I went to install the anti virus and it would not install. I brought them both back to Staples. I was told to remover the MacAfee which was in there as a trial. I did that. Still would not install.I then had to pay $30 for them to install it because there were "traces" of MacAfee in there! I didn't want a "trial" and had to pay to have it removed?

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  • An
    Angry in Richfield, OH Apr 09, 2014

    All Staples warehouses in the US are being closed as their leases come up for renewal. If you leave prior to their "closing" date, you do not get your severance pay. So much for employee loyalty. START SHOPPING AT OFFICE MAX!

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  • Kr
    krishnaa Jun 26, 2014

    I ordered apple IPad yesterday, got order number everything was good.Today i tracked the order and it's was not available in the system.I called customer care and they replied my order go cancelled.I am intimated about this order cacellation and the real reason for this cancellation.Not even mail i received. Ifelt Staples has very poor service.I would like to complaint or escalate this.

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  • Jp
    jpsartre Oct 23, 2015

    Just had an incident at a local Staples. Returned an adapter after 14 days. They claim an electrical adapter is a tech item (?) and has a 14 day return policy. So they gave me the lowest price in any of their stores in the last 30 days. $11.50 rather that $21.99 I paid. (Store promotion...just reduced from $26.99) After calling what they deceitfully call the "President's office" and speaking to someone with a first name only (a sign of a lower down employee who has no power to do anything but speak the company line). He told me that I should have read the fine print on back of the receipt. F*** the consumer seems to be the policy and maybe they should have that in fine print as well.

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  • Jp
    jpsartre Oct 23, 2015

    Update...called Staples again and this time the person sent me a $10 coupon. Personally don't care about the $10 but don't like companies to treat consumers badly. Doesn't speak well for us as a society.

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