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Standard Pacific Homes / CalAtlantic Homes Complaints & Reviews

Standard Pacific Homes / CalAtlantic Homes / hurricane shutter, standing water issues

kotobuki12 on Sep 20, 2017
First of all, early September hurricane IRMA was threatening whole of Florida when I was installing hurricane shutters with whole neighbors assisting each other find out that one of the set which is to cover largest masterbedroom window is missing from the hurricane sets provided by...

Standard Pacific Homes / CalAtlantic Homes / overall quality

Kristy Akai on Sep 15, 2017
we had water swap into our home from hurricane irma. We were the only house on our street that this happened to. Calatlantic made up how and where the water came in from and told us they wouldn't help. Told us "oh well". The stated the water came in through the door of window. Neither...

Standard Pacific Homes / CalAtlantic Homes / backyard of home

Pablo Cas on Aug 3, 2017
We are filing this complaint to express our grief, disappointment and concern for the lack of safety that Calatlantic (Ryland) has surpassed when developing a secure barrier between Waxhaw Marvin Rd. and our property and the outer barrier of the Cureton community. My wife and I fell in...

Standard Pacific Homes / CalAtlantic Homes / my new cal atlantic home

Hoss98 on Aug 1, 2017
I moved j to my house in June and have had nothing but issues since I have moved in. All were avoidable issues but the corners cut during construction are embarrassing. So far I have found that my steps were never sealed, my water pipes were not properly sealed and this resulted in water...

Standard Pacific Homes / CalAtlantic Homes / water saturation (floor, guest bedroom).

MWJones on Jul 7, 2017
Hello, My name is Michael Jones, I live at 32167 Wenlock Loop, Wesley Chapel, Florida, 33543 (Windsor Community). Problem: Saturated carpeted floor. Unknown origin of saturated floor. Floor is carpeted, so can not tell if water is originating from a busted pipe in wall (does not seem...

Standard Pacific Homes / CalAtlantic Homes / home purchase

J Romberg on May 13, 2017
The home model “Clearwater” represented no basic options as to the standard build of the home being purchased. Are understanding from reviewing the model home walk through that what was that this home was similar to what was being purchased in respect to flooring, cabinets, baseboards, plumbing...

Standard Pacific Homes / CalAtlantic Homes / calatlantics and subcontractors

Ed Kowal on May 8, 2017
Please read on I am requesting that Henderson Building and Safety to review excessive notched joists. I have plenty other emails with even more complex issues. Alex, As a courtesy to who? CalAtlantic and its subcontractors are the ones who installed the defective work, not the...

Standard Pacific Homes / CalAtlantic Homes / ales

jlommele on Apr 14, 2017
The sales rep in Legacy Ridge, Westminster, CO said on our first visit that a list of options she presented could be modified. We stated at the time that we would not want the wet bar in the basement and could use the savings on something else we wanted, such as hickory floors. The sale...

Standard Pacific Homes / CalAtlantic Homes / warranty, bad customer service

Doan Trinh on Apr 12, 2017
Bought new home in mid 2015. After several months moved in, I started to see there are title cracks everywhere, bathroom, laundry, kitchen. The most cracks happened are at the kitchen area. I had them come to fix the tiles, took picture of the foundation when they remove the titles. There...

Standard Pacific Homes / CalAtlantic Homes / countertops in home

Emily Liscom on Feb 13, 2017
We have had trouble with CalAtlantic Homes since we started our contract. Our builder has done a phenomenal job with our home, but due to restrictions from corporate I feel like he has to play the game and he can only do what they allow him. We had issues with our air conditioning unit...

Standard Pacific Homes / CalAtlantic Homes / home construction

Tim A on Oct 24, 2016
The following information is provided in the hope that it may be helpful to anyone considering the purchase of a new home constructed by Standard Pacific Homes, Ryland Homes, or any other home construction company associated with Cal Atlantic Homes (Cal). We purchased a new house...

CalAtlantic Homes / Standard Pacific Homes / new home

Ace Alvarez on Jul 22, 2016
Beware of CalAtlantic Homes/Standard Pacific Homes! They will give you all kinds of excuses to avoid repairing items that are defective in your new home after you close!!! Trust me, there will be a lot of things that you will discover defective after you have lived in the house that wa...

CalAtlantic Homes / Standard Pacific Homes / stucco/eifs

asavens on Jul 1, 2016
We purchased a Standard Pacific home in 2011 as the first owner. We are now in the process of selling this home and after the inspection it was revealed that there are serious issues with the Stucco/EIFS. At first we thought the cracking was due to just settling but after the inspector...

Standard Pacific Homes / CalAtlantic Homes / property damage, negligence, health issues

Irene A on Mar 18, 2016
I bought a town home less than a year ago at Cobblestone Pembroke Pines, fl. Under the warranty whirlpool had to replace the refrigerator because apparently calatlantic use outlet appliances to install in their properties. The delivered guy push the refrigerator through the stairs causing...

Standard Pacific Homes / driveway construction of new home in ponte vedra, florida

Reviewer22177 on Feb 5, 2016
After discovery (1 year and two months) subsequent to the construction of the new home's driveway that the "chalking" tracked into the home daily originated from the defective driveway poor by Standard Pacific, I contacted Standard Pacific in order to initiate the process to have the...

Standard Pacific Homes / questionable ethics

Reviewer72845 on Sep 22, 2015
My family and I were extremely excited to be building our first home. We had found the ‘perfect’ home in the new community of Phillips Creek, Frisco, Texas, and were excited to begin the building process with Standard Pacific. This excitement quickly turned into stress with the forging of...

Standard Pacific Homes / roof leak

FrancoAlf on Oct 1, 2014
I complained about the leaking roof in our house. Standard Pacific fixed it from our attic. Rain comes and same spot leaked again, I put a complained a lady called told me that our warranty is expired already. My point is the way they fixed it before the warranty expired is not right. Also...

Standard Pacific Homes / sub standard building

Dance with a Y on Feb 18, 2013
Let me start by saying my husband and I are both contractors and are very familiar with the trades, scheduling, codes, and expectations. From the moment our buidling started it was poorly managed and full of flaws. The schedule was changed 3 times resulting in thounsands in flight change...

Standard Pacific Homes / misleading

Mr nobo on Jul 21, 2012
We bought a house from this company we were mislead about the loan and also about the property lines. We were told we shared the fire easement with neighbor when in fact they put the fence in wrong spot and it was entirely our property and the front fence was pushed back to more than half...

Standard Pacific Homes / construction and customer service

Bought a new home from Standard Pacific Homes in December. Home wasn't comfinished at closing, but they said all the right things and we felt comfortable they'd take care of everything. Four months later, we're still dealing with them. Since we've closed, we're...

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