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My family and i went for a quick breakfast on Saturday 25 February 2017 at the Tyger Valley Spur. At this point there were about 3 other tables which were occupied. We were ushered to our table and I indicated to the lady that we are in a hurry as my husband was writing an exam that morning. We could see that the lady told the waitress Lisa of our situation, after which the latter continued chatting and giggling with the other waitress.

She eventually came our direction and i flagged her down to ask if we could order since we were in a hurry... i was trying to explain to her the reason for our request after which she rudely interrupted me telling me that she was first going to attend to the gentleman next to us - who walked in at the exact same time as us. I was trying to explain that that was fine, but she again rudely interrupted me and told me that the kitchen was closed. However, she went on to take the gentleman's order.

She eventually came around and very rudely with a terrible attitude giving me dirty looks all the time. I was trying to give her my children's order after which she rudely ignored me and instead asked my son what he wanted. She never even took our drinks order.

Needless to say my husband had to leave before even finishing his breakfast. She completely ignored us and when she walked passed i asked if we could pay. We did that after which she literally threw the receipt on the table in front of me.

I am not a racist at all. in fact i have friends of different races, including white. However i have to say that this is not the first time that we as a colored family get this treatment at this branch. the difference in treatment different people receive at this branch is shocking.

The waitress Lisa needs to be attended to as her behavior could lead to huge problems for the Spur


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      Feb 27, 2017

    The waitress should not have been rude. You shouldn't have gone to a sit-down restaurant, knowing you were in a rush and perhaps could not be accommodated.. You should have grabbed something on the go. And, I realize you are in S. Africa but it is still so disheartening to see skin color brought into every little thing.

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