Spur Steak RanchesI will never in my life again waste my money at a spur

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To add to a similar complaint here, I would like to add some useful advise, instead of just moaning.

1. Communicate with your branches on the exact terms and conditions of your specials. Depending on which waiter you talk to, 'sharing allowed' becomes 'no sharing'... a pretty important point of the terms, but the waiters seem to do a thumbsuck on the spot and then choose the option they think makes the most sense.

2. Dont treat your customers like children. I was told by the waiter that I 'need to eat all my food', as a doggy bag for left-overs is not allowed. Apparently the Doggy bag counts as a take away. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my 20 years as an adult restaurant customer. When I confronted the manager about this, she confirmed this nonsense. When I told her that it is obscene to tell a customer that he cant take his leftovers (that he paid for) home, she just shrugged and mumbled something.

And please don't bother offering me your 'free-meal give-the-customer-a-pat-on-the-head' rubbish. I will never in my life again waste my money at a Spur.


  • Mu Jul 10, 2015

    good day, my recent visit to Spur MIAMI, at the Umhlanga Sands, Durban, South Africa, was extremely mediocre.
    to start with drinks arriving 30 minutes later when order, , service through out the entire dining experience was frustrating, we hardly ever saw our waiter, had to literally wave him down, if we needed anything, and the water requested, never arrived, being a vegetarian, i compromise and attend your spur ranches, as my husband is a big steak fan. we had guests visiting from England as well.. i usually order the vegetarian option to the quesadilla and price is normally lower than the beef or chicken option, that is my usual order . last night, i ordered same, but was charged at the chicken rate, which i found totally unacceptable, i explainted to the waiter that i normally get a discounted price, as it is a vegetarian option, he then called on the manager, Graham, who was rather emotionless and non helpful. he told me that they do not have a vegetarian option price for the quesadilla and hands me the bill and says :THIS IS YOUR BILL, KINDLY SETTLE IT.. i was rather infuriated at this point, and asked, how can a vegatarian pay the same price as a meat dish, it is not logical, and considering that this is my usual order, and the price is always compromised due to being the vegetarian option??all he said was, he did not appreciate my tone, as i used the word B.S, and asked me to settle my bill.. it is a matter of principal, as Spur has always been accomodating and last nights experience has left a very very bitter taste..

    rather disapointed!!!

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  • He
    henry2008 Aug 31, 2015

    Good day.
    On the 28th of August 2015, At Arapaho Spur, One barbaric, jagged, and irresponsible waiter vandalises the finger -print sensor on one of the computers. The action that follows hurts me: All the waiters are made to pay a massive amount of R50 for the replacement.
    Is this constitutional? The constitution states that of South Africa Section 23(1) states: that "everyone has the right to fair labour practices." Is it proper or fair for the innocent to pay for the sabotage of the stupid waiter who committed the act? This act of making all waiters paying that gigantic amount portrays adverse violation of waiters’ rights and breach of waiter contract.
    Since there are cameras in the shop, why don’t the managers investigate and find out who did this gruesome deed? Take correct measures to punish the barbarian?
    Fifty rand is a lot of money to some of us. At this time of the month we labour hard for our rents. This deduction has surely drawn us back. We are extremely furious about this whole scenario. Hope you will find a better constitutional fair approach to this problem.
    A team, (Anonymous furious, fuming, angry waiters)

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  • El
    Elizabeth King Jun 26, 2017

    After having a disgusting meal at Spuir Golden Falls with two guests I wrote a complaint. In response they said there was a R200 voucher waiting for me at that branch so I decided to treat four old age pensioners and also my original guests to enjoy a waffle and syrup and tea or coffee as this had been delicious on a previous visit. Asked for coffee and tea to served WITH the waffles - it arrived 20 minutes BEFORE so was cold or finished by the time waffles arrived. Waffles were pale and undercooked and served with some disgusting looking sweet stuff in a jug - MOST DEFINITELY NOT SYRUP! When I asked the waitress what this was she shrugged (don't think she understood English). The waffles were not edible and the jam or whatever spoilt it even more. When the bill eventually arrived it was for the full amount. I then told the person at the till that there was supposed to be a discount for a voucher he then supplied R150 voucher. Again I complained and this time he deducted the R200 as I had been promised from the bill. ! Not a happy experience all round and doubt for any of my guests will ever visit Spur again.

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  • Tu
    tunhidzai Mar 06, 2018

    goodday to you i visited your branch on saturday for lunch and the store was busy since we had to wait to be taken inside as soon as we got a seat our waiter came and introduced himself as pleton with vibey so much that you feel at home away from home.the waiter qiuckly offered us drinks and in no time he delivered our beverages with smile.having been visited your branch so often let me say this was an exprience which many customers dont get at this day and age.i feel you have the best team in your store for the right job, very friendly and passionate in what they do.lastly my daughter was offered a club card which the waiter said every visit to any spur she gets a free soda and receive a voucher on her much informed beyond par.keep up the good work ottawa!!!

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