Spinnaker Resortstrying to sell... a disappointment

C Jul 23, 2019

Due to a personal sickness, I am trying to sell my 3 Bedroom Lock Out in Branson, MO. I got information about the only company that can sell the unit, TimesharesOnly, recommended as the monopoly from Spinnaker. You sell here or not. When we bought the unit, every thing was colorful and everything that was said, was only positive to the point that Spinnaker will be always behind the member. Well, that is not true at all. I paid for the TimesharesOnly a high fee, for them to "promote" the sell of the property. They cashed the money, but there is no activity from their side or promotion efforts. They only wait until someone calls. The other thing is that most of the units are from Spinnaker. A coincidence???
Timeshares put 3 pictures in the add, which are really bad and does not show, really, the beauty of the unit, since they did not put pictures from the big 2 bedroom unit. I called them to asked for better pictures and they reply that Spinnaker is the only one to change the photos. I called Spinnaker and they say that they cannot do anything to help us changing those photos.
Therefore, they sell quick, lots of promises, but when the moment comes, they are not available to help. It is an obvious reason, Spinnaker controls TimesharesOnly to the point that, if they don't need more units for sell, they have a new building with lots of new units, they will not move the Timeshares inventory, until needed. In the mean time I need to keep paying the annual fees.
Another thing. Be careful, when you buy, because they will buy at a discount your old or actual timeshare, to "hook" you to say yes.
One more thing, they have few resorts by Spinnaker, and even fewer by II, Interval International.
They promise a lot, but they don't comply.

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