Spinnaker Resorts at Waterside Hilton Head, SCtimeshare

T Nov 09, 2018
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The only reason I gave one star to this review is because this site won't let me put no stars! We bought and paid for the Spinnaker Resort at Waterside timeshare 10 years ago. The deceit & lies of the salesmen have destroyed the desire to ever go to Hilton Head again - frankly it sickens us to even think about it. One big reason we bought was that the salesmen promoted the "Bonus Weeks" program where they told us we could book & then rent out the week to pay for the maintenance fees. This was a Golf Package timeshare. We actually tried to do that & then found out that the Bonus Week program was for owners only & could not be rented out. The salesmen didn't tell us about that condition. Shortly after the purchase we contacted them steadily for 6 months trying to make sense of the deal & cancel it. We tried to cancel but missed the rescission date due to the foot-dragging of the agents who sold this to us. They avoided calls & letters until the cancellation date had passed. Still we wrote & called to vent our complaints & concerns. The lies & deceptions by the salesmen are numerous. They exaggerated the benefits of the timeshare, not the least of which is the Bonus Weeks program, or leaving out important information all together. Bottom line is this - DO NOT even go to their sales pitch - they are slick & will say & do anything to make a sale!

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