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S Dec 03, 2018
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My home loan was packaged and sold to SLS by Wells Fargo... in Feb or March of 2018.. Since then my life has been a mess Every month it has been a different song nd dance to simo=ply get my loan payment made.. One month APRIL they took out 2 payments and then when I brought it to their attention they kicked both back.. The system continued to say my April payment was mand as did workers I c ould not get them to retake April payment SO HERE WE GO... This remained an issue until I went to the system mid month August and saw I owed a payment .. (HAHA) so I made it and then reg September...

OK here is my beef SLS is a company who's sole purpose is to take monthly payments FAILLLLLL !!!.. every month I have to call and talk to someone to get it processed and I worry each month cause of what happened...

Bottom line Since sls took over my acct it has been a nightmare and anxiety WOW awful... Having to tell their working how to do their Job I mean seriously a 2 yr old with a quarter at a gum ball machine will get that gumball...

Also Well fargo sold them my mortage NOT to previous Overages of the tax and home overs ins ( cant remember name of that) MY load is like 400 more thanit should be..
Well Fargo is on my list too they are / were // are fraudulnt also.. Decided to leave my old second mortage hanging in the wind and didn't tell me..

All in all I still have my house and plan on it.. I would like a settlement from both companies.. Oh millions out of their couffers would not hurt them.. This type of business has to stop and stop now.. I grew up in family of business accts.. school teachers and many many well grounded people

Thank you for listening

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