Specialized Loan Servicingi'm getting scammed!!

I have been battling with sls for about 7 months. They just put my house into foreclosure after 1 payment bounced. They claim we were 4 months behind allready. However I have proof of all the payments I have made. Sls just conveniently forgot to record 3 of my payments. So according to them, it was time to foreclose. They told me that they would not except another payment unless it was the amount of $2600.00. So I got all my bank statements and proof that I needed, but now the amount that I owe is around 5, 000.00 according to them. I sent them all the proof to the dispute dept. They say it will take around 30 days, well I don't have 30 days left before they sell my house. I know they are wrong, and I don't know how to stop them. My house payments are suppossed to be 583.87, but all my payments vary from 640.00 to 813.00 mostly in the 700.00 range. I have a fixed rate loan. How is this possible? If anyone has any advice for me, please email me.
[protected]@yahoo.com. My name is michele thank you very much.


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    melissamathis Mar 05, 2014
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    They are over charging you for ESCROW, I contacted
    NC Commission of Banks, HUD and NACA. These people are liars and thieves.

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