Just been to Spar at Gandhi Square, JHB. Bought and paid for my stuff. The cashier gave me my change but did not give me the receipt. The security guard at the door asked for my receipt I told him the cashier did not give me one but I can fetch it. In front of everybody he told me I stole it. Called me a poes and took the stuff. In full view of everyone. Workers and customers. I eventually got my stuff and left only to realise that R1 was missing from the change he had taken and put in his pocket. i went back. spoke to the manager and demanded my R1 back. She gave it. On leaving the shop, he followed me to the corner and threatened me with physical violence. Telling me he'll kill me. If this is the kind of customer service that Spar gives us clients then I feel it best to find an alternative place to shop. I will send this complaint on to every media platform available so people can know what to expect when you go into a Spar to buy something. You will die or be physically abused.

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