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I Jul 08, 2019

Good day

I went to Sorbet in Vaal Mall to do eyebrow and lash tint, upon arrival I was introduced to Pam and was told she will be doing my eyebrows and lashes.

Pam waxed almost all of my eyebrows off for the tint, she then attempted to do the tint but the tint did not stick then tried for the second time and still gave the same problem. Pam then decides to tell me that my eyebrow are not thick enough for the eyebrow tint, what puzzles me is that as a beautician she was suppose to examine my eyebrows before waxing them, so now I have half eyebrows.

She then moved to my lashes, where I asked for a tint on my upper and lower lash, she still failed to do so.

I then had to leave without getting what I had initially intended to get, when I asked her what am I suppose to do with my half eyebrows she then stated that I will pay half price but needed to pay for using their products. When I got to the reception I was told to pay R160. I then went to Pam and asked her to give me her makeup so I can fix my eyebrows she then refused and stated that I should follow her to Mac, when asked why, she then stated that if I do not go with her I will be walking around with waxed eyebrows.

When we arrived at Mac she then told the beautician that I am her sister and asked for them to teach me how to draw eyebrows and she will return and pay for the amount they used to do the eyebrows and the products needed. while sitting on the share Pam left and the beautician finished with my makeup and Pam was no where to be found. I then felt bad for allowing Pam to manipulate me and the Mac beautician and bought eyebrow gel that amounted to R285.

I am very disappointed by the service I received and do not want anyone to go through the same thing.

photo one- the makeup from Mac
photo two and three- waxed eyebrows, no visibility of tinting
photo four and five- eyelash tint top and bottom, the top part is ok but no tint on the bottom as requested

Angry client

Sorbet Vaal Mall
Sorbet Vaal Mall
Sorbet Vaal Mall
Sorbet Vaal Mall
Sorbet Vaal Mall

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