Sorbetface first anti-aging foundation + serum

R Aug 14, 2018

Hi there,

I was very excited when I discovered that Sorbet have their own make-up range now and coulnt wait to try the foundation. I am 45 and have a combination skin. My skin needs a little extra coverage so when I tested the product on my skin in store, it seemed to cover well and the overal feel of the foundationwas smooth and silky.

Next day, getting ready for work, I applied the foundation after I applied a primer and then finished off with a finishing spray.

First I noticed that later in the morning my skin looked oily on the T-zone and as the day progressed, the foundation seems to grab onto the dry areas of my skin. By the time I went home, it looks like I wore little to no foundation. The foundation rubbed off on my clothes which bothered me. I thought let me give this foundation a chance and every day I tried something diffirent to find out what makes this foundation work. I applied foundation on the back of my hand to "warm it up" which helps the foundation apply evenly and smoothly. I used my fingertips. Then the next day I used a make up sponge either wet or dry. The following day I used a make up brush. Still I just did not seem to get the desired result.

My complaint is this : I am very disappointed in this foundation. Its way to oily and does absolutely nothing for a dry/combination mature skin. It oxidises as the day progresses and it draws emphasis to the dry areas on my skin as well as my pores. As for the price, its way over priced.

Kind regards,


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