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Complaints & Reviews

Customer Service Not Responsive

I bought Sony Ericcson piece last year (Aug, 07). The piece use to regularly under perform under the big brand name. A month ago, RSI (mother board) of the cell phone was damaged automatically and the cell was submitted to the respective service center, since the cell was still in warranty period. No updates are provided by service center on the issue. Everytime on approaching the response given is that the Big Brand Company is short of Mother Board Chips, which seems to be fake and disrespectful for the Brand performance. More on the issue the response from service center to escalate the issue was not entertained. Niether a target date nor updates of the status for the grievance is provided. More on the issue feedback given is that company is under performing now a days and is short of providing service to customer with target time. I think this is matter of big shame to the Brand spreading a negative mindset among valueable customers. I therefore request to please contact the Authorised Service Center located in Mulund West (Mumbai) for solving/escalating the issue and to avoid the escalation of the same to Customer Grievance Court (International Consumer Rights Protection Council- ICRPC )

Tripod Release Plate

SONY TRIPOD owners. Just a money saving tip so you don't get taken by Sony. If you are replacing a release plate on your Sony tripod, DON'T BUY IT from Sony.
I called the company, and was told a replacement plate for my $99 tripod is $29.99
plus a heafty shipping cost. The SAME plate under the VELBON BRAND cost me
$5.50 from B&H Photo .(Others list up to $12 as the highest price)
My complaint is that Sony would not tell me the model number of the part and insisted that this is their price. I did a website search and discovered that Sony buys this part as well. So, do your homework before you go directly to the manufacturer (seller!) and keep the profit for yourself.

not able to browse internet

my name is boss.i am having an airtel sim card with the phone number -[protected].i had subscribed to airtel online and airtel live.but i am not able to browse internet.i received manual internet settings from the customer care.i had contacted customer care more than 15 times telling my problem.they made me to change internet settings more than 5 times.still the problem is not solved.anyhow iam able to download some pictures from the net.but iam not able to download videos.and i am not able to acess yahoo and gmail.i had already subscribed to yahoo.when ever i tries to acess these websites my gprs connection loses automatically.i am losing my money for subscription and i am not able to acess the services offered by airtel.customer care peoples are also not responding properly.they are behaving like they are giving some thing freely.i am able to acess internet and all the services using another airtel sim cards.if the things works in the same manner we customers will lose our trust in airtel.

Alibaba is to blame

We recently made a purchase through Alibaba for two Sony Bravia TV's, of course the payment was made done through all the right channels and facilitated by Alibaba who guaranteed insurance of up to $10, 000. Naturally we felt covered and confident that Alibaba would facilitate the deal.

My complaint lies with alibaba and not with the con artist who ripped me off. how can this website act as a facilitator, promise cover of up to $10 000 then when the trouble hits the fan, claim that they had nothing to do with the deal nor did they gurantee anything. this website should not have the right to advertise buyers and sellers especially sellers who post false adverts, when buyers enter the arena and wish to start transacting, the seller steals the money and Alibaba accept no responsibility. to me that is outragious and teh real scam artists are Alibaba.

my advice, stay away from them all together. we have all teh corospndence from ourselves and the buyer and Alibaba, and are willing to share with anyone who wishes to se it.


  • Vi
    VitaliyKVS Mar 02, 2010

    There is a good site on which there is constantly an updating of bases of swindlers to whom interestingly look there already more than 7500 swindlers and administrators constantly fill up base

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  • Jb
    jb1988 Nov 18, 2010

    We are making a unique forum where those who have been scammed by Alibaba, GlobalSources, Made-in-China can submit a complain. Apart form that this forum provides free of cost reports, how-tos and a definitive guide to those who are new in the sourcing business. To make this happen we need your assistance. This forum is an initiative taken by the people who have been scammed by these Chinese sites. Please contact us hujelabs[at] with a subject "I was scammed".

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Indiatimes Shopping Cheater

Dear Sir,

I had placed an order on 19th March' 2008 for a Sony Digital Camera No.S730, through Indiatimes shopping by Telephone . The Reference No. is. GC1903084205 Executive Mr.Anil Anand. I have paid the entire amount including the shipping cost, which totalled to Rs. 7, 699/-, at the time of placing the order through Visa Credit Card Standard Chartered Bank. The FT no. for the same is [protected]. However, even after 17 days of placing the order, neither have I received the product, nor do I have any update on the status. All my emails to indiatimes were left unresponded, except two. I somehow managed to get their Delhi contact no. ([protected]) . After at least a hundred of calls they gives me only Intract No.564542, I managed to speak to one of the executives named Mr.Anil, Mr.Vipin, Mr.Sanju, Mr.Ashok, I asked her to refund my money as they did not deliver me the product. She said that she will talk to the concerned department and do the needful. She also assured to call me back with the update, but she never called back. Now, whenever I try to reach her, I'm transferred to a phone extension which just keeps ringing or gets terminated. I even tried speaking to their head, Mr. Anil, but I could not reach him either. I must have made at least 10-20 calls today itself, but I never got to speak to Mr.Anil or Mr.Sanju. Each time I call, it's an STD call for me, and I'm wasting my money in making calls to Indiatimes Delhi Office. I have lost my peace of mind and have sleepless nights. I request you to kindly help me to get my money back from Indiatimes Shopping.

Thanks and Regards


  • Sr
    srikanth thatikonda Sep 09, 2009

    Hi Sunil I am T.Srikanth iam also facing a similar issue with those guys, i had ordered Nokia 5800 mobile phone of 17000 Rs but i had recieved the damaged piece so i had asked for the cancellation but they are not listening to my words and going on sending the same defective piece ..

    Iam unable to solve the issue, is your proble solved if solved can you suggest me the way how it get solved so that it will be useful to me..

    Thank you in advance..

    Please mail me to my email id : [email protected]

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Unjustified and unreasonable acts Done By the manufacturers / service providers

Dear Sir

This is to inform you that I had purchase a Sony Ericson Mobile Model No. K790i EMEI No. [protected] from Hot spot, Faridabad vide bill F/1138 book no. 23 dt. 01.10.07. After one month from the date of purchase I was facing Hanging problems in my set and Network shown not reachable. I had given my set to Sony Ericsson service center Address : Aditi Electronics Shops, 147, 1st Floor, Shubham Tower Neelam Bata Road, Faridabad Ph. 4035746, Haryana (India) for repair, after 2 days they had return back and given me the assurance that I will never face this type of problem again. When I had check my set in service centre I found that my mobile set is not ok. I told to them but they had not tried to understand my problem. I had taken my set from service centre without giving receiving.

Due to me business busyness I was not able to give my Mobile set to service centre. Again I had given my Mobile set to service centre for repair

Now I was also facing lot problems again in my set i.e. Joystick, Mick / Speaker phone, Blue tooth not working properly as well as the previous problem Hanging problems and Network shown not reachable again. I had given my set to Service centre on dt. 17.03.2008 they had forward my mobile set to Delhi office for repair. But they had not given me the time when they will give back my mobile set. Thereafter I paid several visits to them followed by phone calls but they are not giving any head After long chase on dt. 29.03.08 my mobile set is return back from Delhi office after repair. Now my mobile set condition is same nothing has improved, but one more problem has accrue i.e while opening the camera flap. Camera is not open. And service centre people told me and try to convince that mobile set is ok. I have to bring back me mobile set. I had refused to bring and given request to change me mobile set which is under warranty period.

I had purchase the Sony Ericsson multimedia mobile for the use of my business. After one month from the date of purchase I am facing lot problems in my mobile set. I am losing my business due to network and other problems. I had purchase the Sony Ericsson on there brand name good quality, better services, etc. but Aditi Electronics - Sony Ericsson service centre had forgot the thumb rule service provider. As on date I am not satisfied with my mobile set. You are requested to please change my mobile set. I will be very thankful to you.

I am a common consumer and facing a tremendous hardship due to such practice of the authorized service centre. I seek your kind intervention to get me the replacement and the compensation for the delay and the strict action against the authorized service centre, M/S Adity Electronics so as to curb such unjustified and unreasonable acts of the manufacturers and service providers.

With best regards

Gurpreet Singh

  • Lu
    lucky tebogo kopanye Dec 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer









    073 718 3401
    [email protected]

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cmplaint for T250i

I purchased 1 pc. Sony Ericsson T250i cell phone (IMEI No. [protected]) from M/s Lucky Communication on 16/01/2008 for Rs. 3500 (Bill no. 00/941). After using it for sometime, It stopped working and I complained the same to the authorized service centre of Sony Ericsson (SURI TELICOM. MR. AMIT SHARMA, 454,West Guru Angad Nagar Gurdwara Road, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-110051 Phone: 011-[protected], [protected]) on 17/01/2008 and deposited my handset With Box vide complaint ID SES08STL10417. On 17/01/2008, I phoned the concerned Service Center & Mr. AMIT SHARMA and he told me that the handset cannot be repaired and further they will replace the same with the new one as it is under warranty period. Subsequently, I deposited the phone accessories full box to them. They were supposed to give the replacement withing 10 to 15 days. Thereafter I paid several visits to them followed by phone calls but they are not giving any head. It is almost 24 days have passed.Mr. SHARMA has finally promised me to give the replacement on 16/02/2008 but again failed. To the most disgust, he is saying a stereotyped message " We cant say, whenever the Company will provide, we will give you the replacement".

I am a common consumer and facing a tremendous hardship due to such practice of the authorized service centre. I seek your kind intervention to get me the replacement and the compensation for the delay and the strict action against the authorized service centre, M/S SURI TELICOM (particularly the concerned officer Mr. AMIT SHARMA) so as to curb such unjustified and unreasonable acts of the manufacturers and service providers.

Consequences : I am without phone. Since I cannot afford to buy a further new handset, I had to take a handset from my friend and that too not on regular basis. I have a grocery shop and without phone, I have been incurring a huge monetary loss and my buyers are giving order to others as they cant
contact me over phone. I have to visit the authorized service centre during the office hours, as
result first I have to close my shop then I visit there.

  • Ra
    rajendra soni Feb 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had also purchased the similar phone in the current month of february 2008 also but the phone giving problme of switching off, hanging up frequently only after using 7-8 days. On complaining about the problem to the seller, they have diverted me to the Service Centre but they have not able to sort out the problems & ask me to deposit the phone for a day & then they will report back. I am having only one phone & hence i am not able to surrender the same.
    While we are going to purchse the cellphone at Sony Ericsson Experience Shop, they are seems to be very cooperative but this is unfortunate part of such a big corporate sector line Sony Ericsson that they are not able to attend their customer satisfactorily.

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  • Cl
    Claudia Feb 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sony Ericsson sells defective phones and they do not care. I bought my daughter one about a year and a half ago and the phone started out fine and she loved how the phone should slide sideways then up to get to the keyboard (cool in her eyes... changable covers too, also it's a walkman. Soon after it started turning off when it wanted too, if she tried to answer a call it would hang up on the person and so on. Just a piece of junk. They gave us the same phone saying that one must have been defective, guess what, the second one was too. THEN when her cingular/ATT contract came up for an upgrade she wanted the new latest Sony phone. Slides up and you can jerk the phone to make it turn to the next song of whatever it's supposed to do. Not sure because that doesn't work and the phone is hanging up on her when she tries to answer it again and doesn't receive calls when she has full service. Cingular/ATT would only replace the phone since it's been under a year with the same phone but at this point I am so done with Sony Ericsson phones so after talking too many people about the dangers in her having this phone, god forbid she needs to make a call and it hangs up on her, the bottom line is they sent me to talk to sony themselves, and their warranty department didn't care either. Now that my daughter is 16 and driving by herself, I feel thats when a child really needs a reliable phone. I don't want it replaced for it to do the same thing again. BUT ATT/CINGULAR and SONY DO NOY CARE!!!!

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Software update kills phone!

My Sony Ericsson W900i was working fine until I went and used Sony Ericsson's Update Service. Immediately after the update, which went through without a hitch, the phone function went dead. Tried a number of times using 4 different computers and the phone function remained dead. Checked with Sony Ericsson's hotline and was asked if I have read the disclaimer. Checked with the service center and was told I have to pay just for them to determine if it was their software giving problems. Wrote emails and received no helpful replies. Finally gave it up and got a Nokia N95 8G instead.

Warning to all Sony Ericsson cellphone users - use Sony Ericsson's update service at your own risk. Also, a new Sony Ericsson phone I got for my daughter (before my w900i problem came about) could not save appointments from day one. Did not bother to get it fixed since it will require going to the service center, queue up for over one hour, leave the phone with them for a few days, then queue another one hour when collecting. Too much hassle facing unfriendly customer service staff.

Refused to honor recall

I have a Sony Vaio computer that had a power problem consistent with a recall they published online. After speaking with numerous Sony reps and going through their troubleshooting steps, we confirmed the failure and could not fix it. We also confirmed that it fell within their recall. I was then forwarded to a specific phone number with very limited hours of availability (never when I was available). I called several times but could never reach anyone. The Sony reps I could reach during my hours of availability said they couldn't help me. I asked for email, fax or letter contact with the other department, but they refused to assist me. This went on for months and I contacted several consumer agencies to mediate a solution. Sony refused to accommodate any of them, and they are still refusing to honor their recall and fix my computer. They have been essentially playing games in order to dissuade me from getting this computer fixed under their recall. I used to be a loyal Sony customer, but I plan never to buy any Sony product again as a result of this situation (and the fact that their quality has gone down the tubes over the years). My letters to the corporate office of Sony were ignored. Sony obviously is not concerned about customer service.

  • El
    ELC2 Mar 29, 2011

    My daughters Vaio hard drive crashed, and all of her school work was lost. She bought this computer in Sept of 2010, and crashed in Feb of 2011. She contacted Sony service and they were going to send out a technician to switch out the hard drive. He finally called to set up an appointment for that day! She couldn't do it, and he asked about Monday. She told him she was in class until after 1:30pm, and then he swore and said fine, monday at 2 and hung up on her.She told me what happened and how he was so rude to her. Today is monday, and he showed up at 12! When she came home from class with a friend (not to be alone in the house with a strange repair man), he phoned her (after 2) and she didn't recognize the number and didn't answer. She did call back and he told her he was out and she wasn't here and he was sending the parts back to sony. I called him and asked what happened and he lied and said the appointment was for 12 and she wasn't here. He then told me he tried to call her but "IF SHE WOULD ANSWER HER PHONE!" ETC. Then he told me he was doing her a favor. That sony told him to close out the ticket. After about the third time he said he was doing her a favor, I lost it and told him it was not a favor, it was his job! He also told me that he had taken pictures of our house!!! Now how creepy is that? When I called sony to complain, they asked what company did he work for? He did not state a company, but shouldn't sony know who they are sending out? So now we have to wait another 4-6 days for sony to set up an appointment. Meanwhile my complaint will just be attached to her service ticket, and I may not even get a call on it! I am going to take this further. Taking pictures of our house makes us feel violated, and now we are all uncomfortable.

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  • Tr
    Trvkell Mar 29, 2011

    First off it sounds like the tech. was either a freak or just trying to prove he was at your house. I would personaly like to think it was him proving he was at your house. Yes big companies contract out minor repair's by placing the job on a board so then a smaller local company will take the job so Sony would be blind to who is comming out to your house. They could track it down and find out who it was if they wanted but were probly to lazy to do it.
    I have a question for you; How did you come to know the hard-drive crashed? The reason I ask is sometimes it is simple as the MBR (Master Boot Reacord) missing and it can be very easly fixed. Also if your hard drive is bad you can recover the data and depending on the Sony's external ports you recover your own data so as not to loose the information. Most newer laptops have an external SATA ports to connect your old hard to with a SATA cable, maybe if the tech gets there he will do this for you. None the less you will need your old hard-drive if you want to save your data.

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  • Everything I buy from Harvey Norman is Faulty. I got a new computer...hard disc failed within the first three months. Took it in for repair, lost it for a week and therefore lost a lot of work. I've had it back one week and now the operating system has failed. One expects to buy a new computer and have it working properly for at least 12 months. I would never buy anything from Harvey Norman again. I now have to take it back in for repair and will lose it and more work for another week. They are disgusting.

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Faulty Product/Horrible Customer Care

Hello, I am Nitin Sagar, a 23 year old software engineer living in Delhi. Last month just prior to Diwali...

Mobile Instrument not working

I purchased mobile sony ericsson IMEI No:[protected] on 22/09/2007 from Mobile magic 51/8,9th Main, 4th cross, hanumanthanagar, bangalore - 560019, ph:080 [protected]

There is lot of problem in battery backup, message always displays no access (hutch service provider connection is alright), automatically switches off. It does not properly on.

this dealer says he is authorized sony ericsson dealer, but he is not good enough to show that he is authorized dealer. Almost he is cheated by taking the money, now he says i am not responsible and i cannot take for any kind of service.

What is the next step? should sony ericsson kind of company check the dealer creditworthiness, and their dearlership positiveness.


Missing Disc

I bought a SONY Blue Ray Disc Player from IEI (Interstate Electronics Inc) in Hazlet. The box was supposed to contain a one Spider Man disc, but it did not. I called IEI, and they gave me SONY 800 number. When I went through 4 numbers from one to the other to find out there is no way you can find who you can talk to within SONY who can rectify the problem.

My advice:
- when you buy products from IEI, open the box in front of them and make sure the box contains all contents.
- Do NOT buy SONY products, if you can avoid. Service is horrible.

Worthless extended warranty!

A little over a year ago my wife and I purchased a Sony Handy Cam on the day before we were leaving for Disney World Orlando. The sales person insisted we purchase an extended warranty because the manufacturers warranty would not cover everything and because we were spending $700 on a camera, we agreed it was best to be covered. We used the camera on vacation and several other school events over the past year with no problem.Recently my wife got the camera out of the armoine where it is stored when not in use, only to find that it would not charge or power up. My wife called the store in Livonia where we purchased it and they recommended we bring the camera into the store, and thats what she did. After attempting to resolve the problem in the store it was decided that the camera would have to be shipped off to the warranty provider to be fixed. After several weeks my wife received a call from HHGregg in Livonia Ga., and was told that the extended warranty that we purchased... the same warranty that the sales person assured us would cover everything... would not cover the damages to our camera, because it had been determined that the camera had internal water damage, caused by owner abuse, which is not only impossible, but extremely insulting. After exhausting all attempts to resolve this with the store manager... who in my opinion wasn't very interested in helping me when I was at the store and would not even take my calls, cooperate customer relations... I'm not real sure what their job is, they just directed me back to the store manager... and the regional manager whom no one would give me a contact phone number to, I felt the only thing left to do was to file a formal complaint. Our previous experiences with HHGregg have been good, thats why we are so disappointed about this one. In the year and a half we have lived in Ga. all of our major appliances and electronics have been purchased from HHGregg approximately $10,000. Any assistance with this matter would be greatly appreciated due to the fact I cannot get any resolve from the store manager.

Repair needed PCB mother board for replacement

I have purchased Sony Ericsson mobile phone model: W 600 i in US and the same is not working last 2 yrs . When I come back to India I sent it for Repair with ICONET.Chennai.Adyar Brach who advise that the mobile require replacement of PCB Mother Board.
I have also paased message in website of Soney Ercsson and their service provider but nobody responded so far.

I loadging complaint is useless that's what I believe. If any can do anything , pl try to help me inthis regard.


MOBILE: 91-[protected]

  • An
    Anil Kr Sharma Jan 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have purchased the w580i mobile from the 30 day back from relicance retail shipra mall Delhi NCR region.But after 10 days my mobile phone software is not working .After that we have our phone to authorised servive id E3GUR:080108-0.

    Still we are waiting for the reply from ur end.We can't expect such kind of service from the bandname.

    Plz look in to it.


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  • Bi Jan 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have one 29' sony ctv now im forget mod complaint is when te tv powr on that time sound is ok bt not seen the picture.wht is the comp pls inform me as soon as posible.

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Terrible experience!

I recently placed an order with a sony style representative from After placing the order I...

Given wrong phone

I given K790i as there is some issues like: Sometimes Hangs, Not working with any computer.

The service center taken 24 days to repair it.
They told, some problem with mother board which need to be replace.
Again one day told motherboard is not fitting properly so need total replacement.

But while giving they given another's Mobile set whose cabinet got damaged and with different IMEI no.

Service Center: Smarrtcare Services.
#267,6th Cross, 1st Block,Jyayanagar,

  • Ir
    Irvin Cardozo Apr 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My mobile set make - Sony Ericsson, Model no- K790i, Bearing IMEI- 35220601-253916-6-09 has been stollen on 20.04.2008 at about 3.46 am. Please help me how can I locate the set? if not possible can the Set be Blocked to aviod misuse.
    I have all the necessary documents like Cash memo, FIR...

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  • Di
    Dinesh Kashyap Aug 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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flash not working

i have bought a sony digital camera DSC-S650 from Moradabad dealer Sony Exclusive Address Avas Vikas Civil Lines Moradabad-244001.
with in week the flas of the camera stoped working i send the person to the shop they refer it to service centre in Moradabad, on reaching there they told that it will be done in New Delhi and a person goes once a week there. but now it is almost 15 days and my problem is still unsolved.

please look in to this matter as i am a regular customer of Sony product. please exchange my camera with a new one.


Blocking of stolen mobile set

My mobile set make - Sony Ericsson, Model no- K750i, Bearing IMEI- [protected]-[protected] has been stollen on 25.11.2007 at about 8.15pm. Please help me how can I locate the set? if not possible can the Set be Blocked to aviod misuse.
I have all the necessary documents like Cash memo, FIR copy etc. with me.

Please guide me at the earliest.

  • Ab
    abhinaw patel Aug 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Ab
    abhinaw patel Aug 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i need a best networking mobile

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  • Go
    Govind Srivastava Sep 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My mobile set make - Sony Ericsson, Model no- 550i, Bearing IMEI- 35934601-810271-9 has been stollen on 29.09.2008 at about 9.15pm. Please help me how can I locate the set? if not possible can the Set be Blocked to aviod misuse.

    Please inform me as soon as possibble

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  • So
    Sony Ericsson K750i Jan 17, 2009

    My mobile set make_ Sony Ericsson K750i has been stolen on 17.01.09 at about 4.30am in train near vyasarpadi. i do not know the IMEI no. please tell me is there any way to locate my no..
    If so please contact me in 9840217795.

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MOble didn't get repaired even after two months

This complaint is regarding the poor services provided by the Sony Ericsson to their customers. Even they didn't bother to reply even after sending so many mails to their cutomer care .

Below some mails are attached for your refrences which i had sent to their official E-Mail ID .

Dear Sir/Mam

This is to inform you that i had not received my set till now & two months has been passed. Today they had replied that you should contact to Sony Ericssin by mail but i had already send you some mails & there was no reply to my earlier mails from your side . So sorry to say but this time also i didn't expect any reply from your side . Now the only solution to get the mobile set back is to file a case in consumer court & this mail is for that purpose so that i can attach it with that if you didn't reply for the mail again.

So if you can do something than it will be better for both of us.

Naresh Kumar Jindal

Mobile No. [protected](Punjab)

Dear Muskan

May i hope any support from your side as you are not responding it seems i would have to fight against negligence as well as poor services from your service centre & also from you , in my own way .Because there was no reply from your side in response of my mail on 13th oct.and from your service centre the reply on this tuesday was same to extend the delivery to next week.

Now i have only one option to buy a new mobile and to file a sue against Sony Ericsson in consumer court.


Naesh jindal

Naresh Jindal <[protected]> wrote:
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2007 09:16:27 +0100 (BST)
From: Naresh Jindal <[protected]>
Subject: Re: Case : [protected]
To: questions.[protected]

Dear Muskan

I really appreciate your concerns you had shown on behalf of Sony ericsson customer Care.

But nobody from B.M. Services hardly bother to give me a courtsey call to tell me the status of my cell phone.

Even after 26 days I have not given the exact date of return of my phone by the Service Centre.

Actually I had borrowed a cell phone from my friend for a week as Service centre people assured me to return the phone within 2 days. But now you can see the situation.

I hope that 'SONY' will definitely understand the meaning of Word 'SERVICE' for whcih it is known around the world and I wil get my phone back soon.

With regards,

(Naresh Jindal)

questions.[protected] wrote:

Dear Mr. Jindal,

Thank you for contacting Sony Ericsson on World Wide Web.

We understand your problem and disappointment you have come across and sincerely apologize on behalf of Sony Ericsson for all the inconveniences caused to you. We really appreciate you patience and assure you that we will try our best to regain your faith in our company.However, we would like to inform you that we already have sent your complaint to the same service centre where you have visited. The feedback is awaited. So we request you to please wait for some time. We will get back to you with a best possible solution. We seek your patience and request your cooperation in this regard.

Please feel free to contact us in case of further queries and we will be more than happy to assist you.

To know more about Sony Ericsson products you may also visit our website which is You may also call us at [protected] prefixed by STD code of your city (From Mobile or non-BSNL/non-MTNL No.) or [protected] (From BSNL/MTNL No.) from Monday to Saturday at 9:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.

Assuring you best of our services.

Take care and have a blessed day!

With best regards,


Sony Ericsson Customer Care centre

To: questions.[protected]
From: [protected]
Subject: Phones
Product: J230i

Opinion: Respected Sir/Mam
I am using sony ericsson j230i. i have a problem in display of my set. IT was under guarantee so i give it to sony ericsson show room in Ludhiana(B.M.SERVICES -GHUMAR MANDI LUDHIANA).My complaint ID is SES07BMS16011 & Date of Deposit is 17-09-2007 . But till now i had not received my set after follow up of many times. So i am surprised to see what kind of services you are providing to your customers . Besides this today the reply from their side was that it will take more than a week . So a request to you to do some thing for me.
Country: India
Last Name: JINDAL
Phone Number: [protected]
City / Region: Ludhiana
Agree Legal Terms: Yes.
Sign up for enews: Yes.

The details of this case are as follows:

Case: [protected]
Engineer: Priyanka Asthana
CaseOpened: 10/Oct/2007 13:15:08

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  • Va
    Valarmathi Dec 10, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a sony ericsson mobile model named j230i on july month at saravana stores, t.nagar. In tht mobile i was charging for 3 hours but after tht if i speak for 15 - 20 min full battery become down. please do need ful sir
    i am waiting for ur fruitful answer

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  • Sy
    syed sameer Sep 09, 2009

    Any difficult information about repair contact me-9845636311. regard-syed sameer

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  • Sy
    syed sameer Sep 09, 2009

    not charging

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