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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved warranty

I purchased a PSP for my son on his birthday in November. Shortly after he started playing it, some "pixelation" occured in the top right hand corner. It spread, and lines appeared, until it could no longer be used. In March, I finally sent it in for repair/replacement. It comes with a one-year warranty. I was told by the service centre that it must have been dropped, sat on, or otherwise misused. I told them that had not happened (because it hadn't).

I was told that the only way a screen could be "cracked, " is if it was misused. She gave me a couple of number to call which I did. I spoke to three people who all said that if the service centre believes it was misused, it was misused, regardless of what I, the customer, say.

So if I want it back repaired, I have to pay $79 to get an out of warranty replacement. I guess I'll do that but I sure don't appreciate being called a liar by the company I'm giving my money to.

  • Ja
    JAMAL AKHTAR Feb 24, 2009

    Dear Sir/Madam.

    I have lost Sony PSP play game in airplane no A1 349 from Shangai to Delhi dated 24/02/2009. Seat no is14H infront of the seat.



    MOBILE NO.008613805165100
    INDIAN NO. 0091-9759064009

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  • Ts
    tsd Jul 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my parents bought my son a psp for christmas dec 17 2009 and they had to exchange it at factory took 3 weeks then we get it back and had to send to manufacturing company and it has broken again.. wont do anything but have us send it back again so they can send us another piece of junk and wont give him anything for free for his awful time and really not even getting to play it.. been in there place more then his hands to play

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  • Yo
    yoly1nycnj Dec 07, 2010

    My husband bought the green metal gear 3000 series in june and bought me the pink Hana Montana 3000 series in november mine stopped playing umd disks after just 3 days. his stopped today. We both had 1000 series for years when they came out never had a problem. We bought the 2000 series when they came out they lasted 1 and 1 1/2 yrs the 3000 didnt even last a few mnths. while most companies get better with the yrs sony seems to be declining it makes no sence. the newer the psp the worse the product we spent over $1000 within the last 6 mnths for nothing such a waste of money and time.

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  • Ch
    Chickhen hater club Dec 11, 2010

    I just bought a psp 3000 chickhen and this chickhen is startin to piss me off you can't upload pictures you can't update and worse of all you must waste space just to put the pictures and eboot thing seriously stop selling chickhen its pissing me off -.-

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  • Ak
    akwo Feb 02, 2011

    when i play any game stored on m, a memory card it doesnt play and says i should activate some numbers

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Resolved No response from Retailer / Service Centre

We bought a brand new Sony Ericson T700 from Cellucom Bahrain branch, three months ago. As all knows Cellucom was a reputed company in Middle East so why to doubt. After 10 days of usage we recognised that the ringer is not working, we submitted to Cellucom Service Centre in Bahrain for repairs and they forwarded it to Dubai. When we were tracking the status there was no proper response, and after 1.5 months we came to know that Cellucom closed all Middle East divisions. They returned our mobile, thanks GOD, through a delivery boy but unrepaired. We asked now what and they replied we need to get it repaired in a private centre with our own expenses.
I cannot believe this for a reputed brand like Sony we will have this results...
Is SONY reading this??? Are they cared about their reputation???

Resolved Warrenty Repair

We bought a 50' inch Sony Wega from PC Richards with the extended warrenty about 3 years ago. For some reason the tv would turn off by itself, then wouldn't turn on at all. We noticed these red lights blinking on the front panel. We called service and got an appointment for 3 days later. I had to wait home between 9 and 1 for him to come. He gets here and replaces the bulb while telling me that 4 blinking lights usually means it's the blower fan and 3 blinking lights is the bulb.. Sony was smart enough to come up with the bright idea to trouble shoot using red lights. Now if PC Richards were half as intellegent, they'd ask how many lights were blinking before they came and wasted their time and the customers. Needless to say, it was the blower fan that they do not stock!!! Now I have to wait a week for the part and probably 3 days for another appointment and yet wait home again till they get here. Not to mention the fact that we can not use our tv. What a joke!!! How do you not stock parts for a Sony? It's not like we bought a Coby or something!!! I will never buy another tv or anything else from PC Richards again!!!

optical block fault


Resolved Defective NEW Merchandise

Simply put I was a victim of Conns. I purchased a television late Friday night (2/27) but against my better judgment. I was lured in by the great deal and a limited number in stock; I felt I had to take advantage immediately. (I felt uneasy about the purchase but it really was a good deal for a 1080p 32in) Well my job and family keeps me busy (son's 3rd birthday on the 27th and the party on Sunday), so I failed to open the box until Saturday night and actually turned the TV on Sunday night. Well to my surprise the picture was terrible so I contacted my cousin, proclaimed expert in electronics and cars. He was shocked at the fact the merchandise was defective because he has the same TV only bigger and considers it a great product. Listen, defective merchandise happens and I believe that Sony is a great company but Conns is not. After this discovery I took the television back to Conns but was told that there is nothing they could do because they were out of stock and it has to be returned within 24 hours for a fast resolution. Then if I just returned the product they would charge me a restocking fee at 15%! Oh, I forgot about the great offer they made, I can upgrade to fix the probably but I would have to pay the difference of the price! Well to say the least I am upset. I have to wait on their so-called service department to come to my home to ATTEMPT to repair something that’s supposed to be new. So now I am basically being forced to pay for something that I can not use and then depend on these repair guys to fix something that the maker obviously got wrong. For all of you out there I have a 32in paper weight in my home! The gentleman who originally helped me in the store seemed very concerned and disappointed, but his managers were not. You would think that Conns would at least attempt to contact another Conns in the area to retrieve another TV but that didn’t even cross their minds. Now hear comes the kicker, I got word while in the store that one of the managers actually had the last one in stock reserved for her in the back of the store. WOW! I know that they have a right to purchase items like any other consumer but that sucks! I am more than disappointed with Conns and would suggest severe caution when dealing with Conns. I am going to annoy every person within the Conns organization which may accomplish zero but at least I will feel better.

  • Al
    alex williams Apr 02, 2009

    you are so correct. i had the same problem with a compaq computer from them. it was defective from the day i brought it home. i sent it back and forth for service. And almost everyother time, they would find something they claim was not under the warranty. this last time the programs wouldn't open and no internet access. explained all this to the store rep, so they could send in for service. that was on august 23th of 2008. they kept the laptop until October of 2008. with no repairs done. then the service tech claimed he called and someone was playing on the phone. i had my main number and an alternative number. no one ever called the main number. then to add insult they used masking tape across the top and wrote on it with a black perm market: "that computer had spillage and if i wanted it repaired i had to pre-pay $689 in the store before returning it. HA. the defective computer never worked from the day i brought it home. I paid $699 for it brand new. i informed the store location manager about this and he suggested i send it back to the service tech and ask the service tech manager to contact me. well, it's been seven months and i have not heard from a store manager or a tech person. i purchased an extended warranty for $300 extra. So, since the managers continued to ignore getting back with me about this problem. I stopped making payments on the account in January of 2009. And on March 3, 2009 the legal department sent me a letter advising me that they would excelarate the loan payments as a default if i did not respond to them within 30days. the letter was dated March 3, 2009 and i did not receive it until after March 15th. I don't know about you all. But, I am not paying for a defective product that the store managers refuse to address and will seek legal actions. i also, did not except the computer after they once again sent it back to the store without repairing it. it is still in the store now. so the way i look at it, conn's can accept their lost for the sale and kept the damage computer and i will accept my lost of the $200 down payment and payments i made on that computer. since they took over seven months with no resolution to this problem, i don't even at this point want any more products form them! their service is crappy and their employee and store managers are a joke. if you are not buying something new, they will not waste their time or attention on assisting you with a bad product you purchased from them. they will just continue to give you the run around.

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Resolved Bad sony-service in Europe (The Netherlands)

Sony-Service in The Netherlands shows that SONY doesn't care of us, despite using business-class laptops assured with "on-site" guarantee pack, as you'll see in my recent experience I have (still not solved) described below.

On 2nd December 2008 I claimed a failure on the FAN of my VGN-SZ4 laptop. Despite the "on-site next business day" guarantee pack I have, after one week, on 9th December2008, a mechanic came to fix it, and he broke the hard-drive flatband while working brutal and fast that he lost 2 screws down!
(the description of the failures are also shown by the report of the service subcontractor and attached here).
Next, after several calls in the begining of the year, and while I was writing a first post about sony-service (available, I received the repaired laptop on 21st January.
Unfortunately, another problem arised: the laptop turns-off by itself while you work on it!
After I reseted my laptop to the factory-default settings by using recovery, I have a fresh VISTA without any personal software on it, and if you do the "benchmark" to find out the rating index, the laptop turns off any time you try it!
You can see it in this movie:

After many calls at Sony service Nederland, discussions where I never got a supervisor on the phone, just an "Alex" trying to listen to my claim and my frustration without doing anything fast. For example I was waiting for 12 days (Jan29th-Feb10th) to get a pickup (empty) box via DHL in order to put in and send my laptop to a repair-centre (from The Netherlands to France).
Now, I finally have news: the repair-centre was very prompt and Friday 13th sent me a repair-report (as attached), where another surprise: they reports that my FAN is broken, optical-drive, Wireless button, are broken (see atachment). In addition, they also state that the "broken" parts they found are out-of-guarantee and they charge me!? (I mention that my laptop is covered in guarantee for another 1.5 years). However, I let you judge (by looking at the movie with self-reset behaviour) if any of the reported parts could produce this effect!
BTW. The hardware test program passes all the components (including optical-drive), and the FAN reported as broken, was just replaced by the Hartman, the dutch service subcontractor company of Sony.
For those interested to check my service claim, and have the rights to check into Sony-service system, have a look at CaseRef.3551735.

Honestly, I don't believe in SONY anymore. Do you think that Apple, or Dell would let a customer for more than 2 months without laptop? I have colleagues at the University of Amsterdam telling me that they never had such bad reaction from the service of Apple/Dell, though there could be problems anytime. Nonetheless, University paid for a business laptop for me, a research scientist, including the best "on-site" guarantee pack and all accessories (dockstation, 2nd power-adaptor, backpack, mouse, etc.) from SONY.

Despite the good products SONY releases, I would think twice when I have to pay such a high rate on a brand (with lack of guarantee support) for a product that might be available to other good brands.
I am curious if this story applies to other countries than The Netherlands. Is anybody else un-satisfied by the SONY service, recently?

Best regards,

Bad sony-service in Europe (The Netherlands)
Bad sony-service in Europe (The Netherlands)

Resolved white display blinking

when i connect my cellphone into the computer after that the phone not on. and when on a white display is blinking

  • Ma
    Manaha Feb 20, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    when i connect my cellphone into the computer after that the phone not on. and when on a white display is blinking

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Resolved Almost Burned Down Our House!

THIS IS A WARNING TO ANYONE WHO OWNS a Sony S-Master MCD-450 combination surround sound, tuner CD/DVD player, it ALMOST BURNED DOWN OUR HOUSE!

If I hadn't been in the room when it started arching and smoking, there is no doubt in my mind that my family and I would be out on the street...or even dead.

My wife and I were simply watching a DVD on a PS3 using the surround sound when we began to smell the distinct stench of melting metals/plastics. We were then startled by a few quick sparks, by then the system was smoking, so I made the decision to unplug it and place it in a safe area away from anything flammable. The stench stuck around for a few days too!

The worst part of this story is that Sony didn't seem to care at all! After going around in circles with them for about a week they told me that they would send a package for us to ship them the damaged product, BUT COULDN'T ENSURE THAT IT WOULD BE REPAIRED OR REPLACED WITHOUT A CHARGE. Let's keep in mind that if someone had fallen asleep in that room, while watching the same movie on the same night, they could have BURNED TO DEATH...and so could have the rest of our family.



Faulty PS3

Hello, I am Danny Sherrard, a 25 year old frustrated PS3 gamer from Dublin. Only a few weeks ago I...

Sony fraud to customer


This complaint is about my recent bitter experience with Sony’s service franchise MBS E2E Services in Netherlands. I feel cheated by this company and request publishing this complaint in your website to make public aware about such fraud.

I purchased one Sony digital camera (DSC-W35 Sr. No. 7702182) in June 2007 and the camera stop functioning w.e.f November 2008. So I took it to MBS E2E Service located in Sony premise at Schepol, Amsterdam. They took it and issued receipt. After 20 days they sent a letter to my address stating that the camera is ready to be picked-up paying €27 service charge (refer attached letter). Nowhere it was written that this charge is for checking and not for repair. When I reached their office to take delivery, I was told that the camera could not be repaired and I have to pay €27 for checking charge. I have already spent €50 for twice going (once for depositing and once for collection) of the camera from my address at Amsterdam central and after that returned empty handed and paying €27 only to be told that the camera is un-repairable. MBS has done this trick (not writing in the letter that camera is un-repairable) to ensure that I should go to their office to take delivery so that they can recover €27. I have serious doubt that MBS has adequate competency to repair such digital camera since I was told that the main-board is faulty without offering me the option to replace the main board (whatever may be the cost).

Sony should stop cheating and harassing its customers by offering such poor service by an incompetent company like MBS. I wrote to Sony about this without receipt of any response from them.

Thank you
Sujit Chakrabarti
Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Sy
    syed Jan 20, 2009

    We purchased a sony cyber shot camara for our corporate purpose. Model number DSC-W120, date of purchase 22/12/2008. The Same Day we found the dead pixel on LCD Screen. We approached a nearby sony authorized service centre SONY INDIA PVT LTD. # 768, 100ft Road Indiara Nagar Bangalore. On 27th of Dec 2008 Log Information No 300558921. Hardly used for 1 hour Firstly, the manager Mr. Dilip started claiming that the warranty no more stands as the Dead Pixel we will service the camera . A camera which you bought and not used for 1 hour and some body says that we will open it and service and give you the same how will you feel after paying a huge money on Rs 10, 000 that to a branded product like sony. If that was a case we can buy a local camera from market at least we get exchange. Over all in this bad experience we somehow developed a bad taste for such a big brand. We requested them for replacing the camera because it was new and hardly used it they refused saying that noooooooooooooo we can’t they asked me to speak to delhi call centre which I did Mrs Priyanka from delhi call centre promised sir I will give you a call till dated no body respond to my calls and no one is giving proper response. So I decided not to buy any sony product and inform all my colleagues friends not to buy sony any more. It’s a Waste brand its my personal request to all those who are reading don’t buy any sony product the company is not supportive after sales. The total team members are absolutely rude and illmannered in that particular location. we need a valuable justification from your end

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Resolved wi-fi and wrong info

I would like to complain to my newly bought xperia sony ericson where i bought for 3500 at cellucom reef mall branch 2 weeks ago.

The Major issue - and this is a big deal for me - is that the X1 will not connect to WiFi and maintain the connection reliably.

On my home network, I'm using a DD-WRT Cable Wireless router which my old N95 used to connect to without any problems at all. The X1 can 'see' the network, but using the same settings (WEP key) it connects for 2 seconds then disconnects immediately. At that point, the home network says ' Unavailble' on the X1. I should point out that the Router is only around 20 feet directly from the X1 (no walls or floors)

I've also tried the same thing at the local Coffee shop which has free wifi - my N95 used to connect from 100 metres away - but the X1 just refuses to connect.

The final most frustrating thing - is they told us that it has a 4 GB built in memory which only found more than 500 mb, i think they not given us a proper info about the phone.

Please help - I bought this phone so that I would not have to lug a laptop around on my business trips. But the WiFi disfunctionality is driving me insane.

please help us what can we do about this thing. we complain to ericson rep but they just keep us waiting to make the days gone so we cannot swap it back to them

louie dubai

Sony TV Optical Block

I spent $9, 000 to purchase a Sony 60-inch LCD Rear Projection TV (KDF-60XBR950) in Dec-2005. In late October...

Resolved Promo offer

Hi, Recd mail from [protected] abt winning 500, 000.00 Pounds when i sent them details & also...

Resolved Bad service

I purchased a Sony reader im May 2008. In August, I lay in bed reading it, using the left hand corner control tho turn the pages with my left thumb. Afet reading about 40 pages of War & Peace, I turned off the Reader and went to sleep. The next morning, when I woke, I turned on the Reader to continue reading. The screen would not function. SONY have said I damaged the screen. I asked how? With my left thumb turning pages? They refuse to accept that the reader may have a flaw... a soft spot that destroys a chip. Customer relations will not even discuss the matter. I have since discovered a second owner with the same complaint. How can we get SONY to accept our complaint, and listen to us?

  • Md
    mdc2233 Dec 17, 2008

    I don't think Sony cares after they sell you their products. My husband purchased the Sony Reader for my anniversary gift. Within 4 months the plastic tab that holds the reader in the cover was pulling away. I expoxied it in. Now the prong which holds the reader in the cover has broken off and there is no way to glue that on. The sony rep stated that it only had a 90 day warranty so I am SOL on the Navy blue leather cover that came with my reader. All of this after 45 minutes on hold. Do not expect anything having to do with the Sony Reader to last 6 months much less a year. If I had it to do over I would buy a Kindle.

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  • De
    DebDenney Sep 16, 2009

    I am certain that Sony couldn't care less. I downloaded the software update 3.0 to my reader, as SONY recommended, and immediately the library locked up. Hours and hours and HOURS on the phone with no resolution. The tech finally guided me through and reset my reader. NOW I have no books at all on the reader, and they don't know why it won't work.
    Their solution? Send it in and if they can't find the problem, they will send me a refurbished unit as long as I send in the purchase receipt.

    The problem? If I can't produce the original receipt (it was a gift last Christmas), they will not honor the warranty, even though the product was registered when I received it. Even though the problem was caused by their software, and even though THEIR tech had me wipe the reader, I will now have to purchase a new reader.

    I would rather lose the $$$$ I have invested in the books than give Sony another dime of my money, EVER!!

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  • So
    sony reader for less then 2 mo May 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my husband gave me a reader for my birthday in feb 2010..not even 90 days.and it just died completely. It will not turned on at all, after trying for many hours with rude technical support which by the way are located in central america, spoke with rep, supervisor and a so called manager and they did nothing for me. i requested the address or phone # for corporate office and they said they did nt have one...hahaha... now im waiting for someone is the USA to call me. but all the offered me ws a refurbished reader.. I told them they could keep it,

    i will never recommend a sony product again...the worst in customer service

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  • St
    SteveBen Feb 10, 2011

    I purchased a PRS350 Sony reader in late October/early November. The stylus (poorly designed, I might add) broke. After a long, long telephone marathon, they finally agreed to send me a new stylus. Well, the new stylus broke yesterday. It is a very flimsy accessory to the reader. When I called Sony and was transferred several times and put on hold for a total of more than an hour, I was told that they would contact me within 72 hours with some kind of resolution. We'll see! By the way, the Sony parts department said the cost of the replacement stylus would be $60 something dollars plus shipping. The frigging reader was only $149 (now it's $129). If I ever get another reader, which I will, it won't be a Sony. Their service department sucks, big time.

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I had a problem with my Sony TV that the sound keeps going & coming. I contacted the Service Center. They...

lucky number

hi, I have received sms from UK sony ericsson that my cellno has been selected as lucky no for sony...

Resolved It is so heavy, you can kill with it

This PDA has everything but it just doesn't seem to gel. From the dreadful keyboard to the motorola styled bendy screen. I have windows 6.1 on my Omnia which is fast and reliable but on the X1 it's sluggish and stalls, in fact the whole thing shut down on me twice! the Apps for the phone are appalling(windows apps fine) camera dreadful for a PDA of this price. Music OK. I use windows office a lot and send many Emails but i wouldn't be doing on this piece of kit i only got 9 hours of moderate use out of it before i needed to recharge, i know PDA's are heavy on battery life but 9 hours is shocking.

User Agreement is a trap

I recently attempted to download a video from the playstation network. It takes several hours to do this. I began the download at 7:00pm. It did not complete until the wee hours of the morning. In the process I attempted to watch it while streaming. I only got about 3 minutes into the movie before my stream caught up with the download. So I left it. The next day I attempted to view at at about 7:00pm. It was blocked because 24 hours had passed since I "watched" it. I called Sony Playstation Network Customer Support in the Bay area of California and spoke to Jason who insisted that he could do nothing since I had read the user agreement and agreed to it. The user agreement does not specify that watching a video means starting it. I thought watching meant actually proceeding through the video. Regardless, the absolutely amazing thing is that they refused adamantly to credit my account. What's the big deal? It was like $5. I have spent thousands on Sony products. They had to dig their heels in about 1 video download? Amazingly ignorant customer service. It cost them more to argue their point with me on the support line than it would have to just refund the money which any reasonable person would have done.

  • Co
    Cologne Sep 20, 2009

    Sony's "support" line exists for two reasons: recovering account information and saying "no".

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  • Su
    sukritsood Apr 17, 2011

    hello sir i m sukrit i got some games cd with my psp go nd when i was installing it it is saying that it canoot be insalled in ur country or ur region

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Power leak through metal frame

I bought a Sony Vaio laptop - model no. VGN-CR 490 - seial no. 3000480 - made is USA from a dealer in Hanoi in Vietnam before 3 weeks. On receipt of the laptop, I felt mild shocks through power leak on the metal frame of the laptop. Tested with a power tester and took photogaphs of the red indication on the tester to confirm power leak and asked supplier to replace. The supplier refused to accept my claim for replacement and retainined my laptop for testing by SONY Vietnam - another authorised dealer for nearly 2 weeks. After testing the dealer issued a letter stating that all the laptops of CR model have such leak which has effective DC voltage of 19V inducing a voltage of AC 75 V as leak which causes the shock. The statement further indicates that the leakage does not cause any harm to human health and if there is any loss to human life caused by the notebook the dealer is legally responsible for the pledge. I lodged complaint in web site of Sony - Asia Pacific - attaching photographs taken but no response from SONY. I wish to know if anyone experienced similar complaints and also is there a way to take up this issue directly with SONY - USA or Japan for replacement of the laptop.

  • Pr
    Prateek Oct 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I have the same notebook. I bough it from but for use in India.

    I faced the same problem but a technician suggested me to use a 3 pin converter and instead of directly putting the cord in the socket. It worked !!!

    There are earthing problems in electricity in some countries like India. May be you face the same problem.



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  • Mf
    M.Faizal Nov 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I owned a VGN CR353 and also faces same issues.Especially if Im using it on a table.Doest kill me but giving me much discomfort though.

    But if Im using on my bed (any type of cloth below the laptop) it's gone.

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  • Sy
    syra Jan 19, 2011

    Really cormfortable keyboard, touchpad very functional. The size is perfect and feels the weight just taking into account the characteristics of desktop replacement and capacity. It has a very powerful processor and decent video. The only exception is on the screen. Although the 1920P resolution is great, the blacks seem to wash quickly when the screen is not perfectly perpendicular. However, I would recommend this PC.

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Spare Part

Please let me know where in Dubai I can purchase Part No. [protected] (LCD Panel 32" WXGA TFT) for Sony LCD TV KLV-32S310A.