Skyscannermalpractice / payment currency

C Oct 12, 2019

Dear Sirs

I would like to complain for the malpractice of Your supplier from whom I bought yesterday a flight ticket the cost of which all the way to the payment page, appeared in AED.

Without any notification or information provided on the payment page and as there was an option to choose the currency for the payment of the ticket, I chose naturally AED since I would use a local card for the payment, only to find out after I concluded the payment that they charged me in USD instead, regardless of the fact that a. The cost of thicket appeared only in AED, b. I had chosen AED as the transaction currency in the option offered over the payment process.

They sent me an email stating the cost of the ticket in USD for which I complained to them directly since this means that there are extra charges incurring from my local bank for the currency conversion, which again I was never informed about!

This is a serious malpractice and you cannot allow them to mislead customers in such way!

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