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Pe Oct 04, 2019

Skypark Airport Valet Parking, Things you should know about these Speed Demons & Car Wreckers

I have a Dash Cam and a GPS tracking system installed in my car which records and shows precisely where my Car has travelled. The Camera records, Position, Speed, both Video and Audio. The tracker records driving events (sudden braking, rapid acceleration etc.) as well as Map Plotting for on road as well as off road.
Returning from Vacation I received several text messages that my Car had registered both Braking and Rapid Acceleration alerts. I viewed the Camera recordings the next day and discovered my car at one point had be driven down the road at a high rate of speed to a remote parking location. The car also has a Traction Control Alert system the emits a loud beep sound which I heard several times while the Car bounced over Pot Holes and whatever else the Driver managed to hit. The return journey shows the same careless behavior and also shows the Sudden Braking event. The driver can be heard talking on his cell phone while driving down the road and around the Fasken Drive parking lot, between the buildings to the end of the lot, sitting there for several minutes to finish His conversation.

I reported this incident to the Manager and she was not concerned and told me to park my own car next time. No Apology for my Vehicle best used as a Test Driver by their Speed Jockey or the reckless manner they treated my Car. I have now read other posts reporting damages and missing Items from their Vehicles after using Skypark.

Beware………Use at YOUR OWN RISK!

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