Skynet Worldwide Expressreceive late and got wrong parcel

A Sep 05, 2018

On 4/9/2018 at 3.32pm, my daughter send a parcel to me thru sky net pandan indah, cheras. Then i'm supposed to get the parcel on 5/9/2018 but the driver accidentally left my parcel and it can't reach to me on the 5/9/2018. It's a very important document that i hv to pass to my superior that i even thought of goin to KL fr Melaka to get it fr SKYNET. Bcoz of the driver'S CARELESSNESS i hv to be the victim. Today at 6/9/2018 10.20am at last i hv received my parcel. When i open it, straight away i called my daughter to ask her' wats wrong wit you?' wat did u snd to me? And u know wat? AGAIN SKYNET'S MISTAKE. They switch the parcel wit the one tat my dauhter snd to Kepong. She snd 2 parcel on tat day at the same time. Now i got my parcel but it's the wrong content in it. I'm juz wandering wat is SKYNET's staff doin? DREAMING, STUPID OR WAT? It's very frustrating and i call pandan mewah branch to asked and of coz anger wil juz automatically be loud to them. And the PERSON INCHARGE did say alli can do is get some1 to pick up the parcel and snd to Kepong and pick mine fr Kepong and snd to me. If she can guarantee tat i get it today, i dun mind. But i hv to wait another day and get it tomoro. So of coz i told her in a loud voice tat i wil get GDEX to arrange it. Dun nd for SKYNET tomeddle already. And she was so rude...asking me then u cal here for wat? u ask GDEX arrange rite? The HELL MEN, TIS WIL BE NY FIRST AND LAST TIME USING SKYNET. THEIR STAFF ARE ALL WITH LOW EQ AND IQ. SO SORRY TO SAY THAT BUT THATS THE TRUTH.

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