SkyNetdelay in delivery from skynet seremban

C Nov 22, 2017

I sent my document to from Kemaman to Sendayan on 15/11/17. Inside the parcel there were some urgent cheques to our supplies (the supplier term is cash on delivery). When i check the status, the parcel arrived to Skynet Seremban on 16/11/17 and out of delivery on 17/11/17. However until 20/11/17 my Sendayan colleague still didn't received the cheques. On 21/11/17 our supplier arrived on our plant, however they refuse to start their work without cheque on their hand and decided to return their office. My Sendayan colleague keeps on calling Skynet Seremban and finally manages to get the parcel after lunch. Our supplier came again for the second time and due to the cheque delay they charge us on their traveling. I would like to request refund from Skynet on the traveling charge.

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