SkipTheDishesthe commercial

P Nov 25, 2019

We just heard the newest 'skip the dishes' on sportsnet 11 at 5:20 + p.M. Monday november 25. 2019.

It is as bad as all the other commercial on tv — that scream in your face!!!
We didn't mind watching the other one, where the poor guy was denied his citizenship but got his 'skip the dishes' meal delivery.

Loud is not always better!!!

Please you do not have to scream at us — because then we mute the commercial altogether!!!

Don & pat hampson
Calgary, alberta, canada

  • Updated by Patricia Anne · Nov 25, 2019

    Why does it not want to accept my (NON-COMPLAINT) I filled in our complete address here in Calgary Alberta... WHAT MORE DO YOU ACTUALLY NEED????????

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