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SkipTheDishes review: KFC ordered on the premise of a pick up - if this were so I did not need the assistance of Skip

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Please read email thread below and call me asap. Thank you

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This message was sent with High importance.
rehana Alli
When you call me at [protected], please bear in mind that if it was the intention to have the order which was placed on September 14, 2023 picked up, Skip would not have been involved.
As I have said Raymond is not the owner of the credit card as I am and he uses it with my consent. See below for details.
Thank you so much,
Rehana Alli
From: rehana Alli
Sent: September 21, 2023 5:13 PM
To: [protected]
Subject: Re: You have received a refund.
Attention: Accounts Receivables/Payables
My son, Raymond Alli, has been using my credit card with consent to purchase and use the services of "skip the dishes" to DELIVER FOR A FEE of food items be it Kentucky, McDonalds, etc. to an address situate at 5 Durness Avenue Scarborough, Ontario. On or about September 14, 2023 the Manager of the KFC franchise said that he received two orders with identical items for delivery and/or pick up of food items to 5 Durness. He said that the food was ready to go or be picked up for a 6 o'clock delivery/pick up time. It was not.
When I did not hear from anyone at the delivery location, I called the KFC franchise on Markham Road and Sheppard Avenue to inquire where the delivery was at and he advised that no one picked up the food. He was specific in advising that neither Skip nor anyone picked up the food which was ready prior for the 6:00 o'clock delivery time to Durness Avenue.
The food had been sitting since it was prepared and up to the time I called the location. I offered to pay for a taxi to deliver the food which was for my grandsons to said address. The manager offered to deliver it. When he got to the premises, he called me to say no one would answer and when someone did answer the lady reported that she was not expecting a delivery and offered to pay for the delivery. I heard the manager ask her to pay between 10-15 dollars. I do not know how much he received. I will be sending this lady $20.00 to cover the delivery.
The above is the account of what I believe transpired. My credit card ending in 4991 was charged $141.00 and $139.27 for the same order, however, I confirmed with the manager yesterday, August 20th, that although he received two orders, one he said was "overnight" and the other later in the day, he prepared only one order and that he delivered it after I spoke with him.
Below are the entries of these charges to my MC account.
Please forthwith credit my MC card with one of the charges and notify me by email so that I can notify the bank not to treat the charges as being fraudulent.
Thank you for your kind co-operation and attention to this matter.
I do not know how Skip works and I am not interested in points. Points do not pay bills and I am a senior citizen.
Please govern yourself accordingly.
Rehana Alli
Rehana Alli Mastercard
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September 14, 2023
Food & dining
September 14, 2023
Food & dining

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