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B Dec 08, 2019

I just had the worst experience using the skip app. I ordered for lunch and the delivery guy called me as shown on attached image. He called me at 11:36 am and said he was at the back door as per delivery instructions.

I was on the phone with him while walking downstairs and the call dropped. I called him back at 11:37 am and the line wasn't connecting and he wasn't there. I called a couple of times and had to reach out through chat. The chat rep was very unhelpful and insisted the driver tried to reach me when in fact I was the one trying to reach him and the line wasn't connecting. I tried calling him back just a minute after we spoke but to no avail. Anyway he wasn't at my house, I didn't get my food and skip the dishes is refusing to refund my money.

food delivery
food delivery

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