Six Flags Great Adventurefright fest


I went to fright fest last night with my husband and three children. We waited in line for almost 11/2 hours for one haunted house. It had just opened we paid 175 for the experience. We did two haunted attractions and we got to our third attraction by the log flume st 944 pm and the person was chaining up the attraction. He said he was told to close the attraction at 945. I showed him my phone at 944 and he said it was close enough. I am a season pass holder and cannot believe I was treated so rudely. Several peopl approximately 10 came after us and it was then still just 945. I was extremely upset for the amount of money I spent and how rudely we were treated. This is our first time doing the haunted trails and the last. The signage to get to each haunted attraction was horrible We used.a GPS to even find the haunted attractions. I am not one to complain but I think we should receive some sort of refund or st least be allowed to go through the haunted trail.

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