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Complaints & Reviews

Reservation system

Hello, my name is Ricardo Carrero. I haven been going to six flags great adventure on Jackson NJ since 2008...

bad business policies

Six Flags magic Mountain in Valeria CA operate by Six flags corporate in Texas, do not let people cancel even under the financial strain of the pandemic!!!

Even if you have a monthly membership and need to cancel because you can't afford it any longer due to the pandemic leaving you with no income and only debt that you'll need to bail out of for years to come, they don't care. they want to keep adding to you debt!FYI, not too mention its been closed for months, they won't let you cancel so they have income for themselves! They say no, too bad for you. We need to take your money still anyway because you agreed to monthly payments no matter what.

Shady, disgusting, uncaring, inhumane!

Membership cancellation not processed

My account [protected]

I have accessed my account numerous times to cancel my year plan. I am still being billed and I am still getting an error message when i try to cancel. I have 16 monthly charges, the last one of this month in my paypal accound when it should have stopped at the 12th payment. Someone please refund my extra charges passed the yearly amount I agreed to pay and for once and for all stop debiting money from my account. I will block it right away.

Mariana Williman

not enough security

We waited on lines that people were cutting left and right> we also got into a fight with the minority im white so figure it out.. Matter of fact we were the minority there was no security whats so ever I love the signs that say (people who cut the line will be ejected from the park) that's a bunch of bs cause another cpl told and even pointed out who cut the line and they did absolutely nothing except what there paid to do nothing!!! Hope the park don't pay them cause if they do then I would like free money to... The place is not like it used to be it actually sucks now its a shame that you have people who come to have a good time but are just harnessed instead cause of the low life piece of [censored] minority who think they own the place... Well I know the park don't give a rats ass if we never come back again and trust me we wont ever come back to that rat hole cause its only for the rats to go to so they can eat each other alive but you will never get my money anymore.. Hope someone reads this and think about going there more so with there kids hope this complaint helps someone but unfortunately it will fall on deaf ears... Good luck

entire experience at six flags over georgia

I visited six flags over Georgia and has the Worst visit ever! 70% of the rides were closed! Majority of the...

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memberships website

Yes the website is horrible I being trying to cancel one membership because i upgraded my other. The chat don't the email won't work i been trying for 3 days they can't help you over the phone. If i get charged tomorrow for my old membership Im going to be PISSED. I also want 2 add to dinner plans i already have 2. As much money you pay the webite or phone people should beable to help you. old card # [protected], Its under Marilyn Jones 4 members 35 highland circle mcdonough ga 30253 Please fix this for me 2 day,


Myself and my 3 children and a friend of my children went to Great Adventure in Memorial Day! We thought we...

racist employee

On 10/28/2018. Me and my two 10 years old boys was kicked out of the park... After some employees kicked them...

six flags new england employees.

There was an operator at cat woman named Macy was playing on her phone before she checked our seats. Once everyone sat down she checked the seat and I said "you know you shouldn't be playing on your phone " and she rolled her eyes, laughed and said "oh well". She continued checking restraints and SHE DIDNT PUT ONE OF THE RESTRAINTS DOWN! I have 5 kids and we went on as a family they were a few rows behind me and she didn't check my daughters restraint!!! We all tried telling her but she laughed and walked away. I yelled at my daughter to put the restraint down and the worker just stood there on her phone. While the ride was going around she was behind the buttons and she was STILL playing on her phone!! I'm concerned for my safety, what if something happens? She would never realize because she was too busy on her phone. I tried to tell the second person there about it but they just rolled their eyes. I wasn't able to catch her name because my 4 year old was running down the exit because he wanted to go again. I had to explain to my 4 YEAR OLD that we couldn't ride the ride again because the people there weren't being safe! Can you imagine how hard that was? I WANT SOMETHING DONE ABOUT THIS!!! THERE ARE LITTLE KIDS GOING ON THIS RIDE, THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!! If something is not done, I will not be going back to any Six Flags parks!

diamond elite membership

Hello there. My name is Robert Thein & I purchased 2 Diamond Elite Memberships for myself & my girlfriend on the last day I think it was offered earlier this month for a discount or whatever. I think it was the 15th? Anyway I purchased the very best of everything I thought. Picture pass, flash pass, food pass, etc. etc. Came to around $155+ down & who knows how much per month for a year. Well we went there today for the 1st time, parked way far away in E section I guess. We both got our badges & a bottle at guest svcs. since I paid for the unlimited refill cups also. After that everything was absolutely ridiculous. They did tell us that it was a bad day to go there since it was bring a friend day but that was an understatement. We saw the dolphin show & Shelly got a turkey leg for the lunch which was terrible by the way. I didn't get a lunch at all as I waited in line for an hour almost trying to get my drink cup filled for the 1st & only time. I wasn't about to wait in 1 of the lines for food anywhere because mainly I couldn't figure out or see which places had the M marking or whatever emblem it was that the lady at the turkey leg stand told us to look for. I didn't see that emblem anywhere at the other food stands at all. I don't know where it was at but I sure didn't see it at all. We both did get a snack of a plain powdered funnel cake & that was it for the food. We then went to go ride on a ride which we never did. We were wanting to go on the Superman ride, waited in line for a few minutes trying to figure out how we were supposed to use the jump the line passes(2) that we were supposed to get with this Diamond Elite pass. Well we couldn't figure it out as there was just the 1 long line that circled round & round. So I went to ask someone who works there, told him I bought the very best of passes with the flash pass & all. He told us that we had to go get the flash pass back over around the enterance. I thought that the Diamond Elite badge would be our jump the line pass on it that they could just scan it. But no I guess not so we went to get the flash pass I paid for, started to fill out the email info they asked for with my membership# & then found out that we are supposed to do this & get this flash pass every time we go. I told them to forget it & that we didn't want it & we were leaving then. We were just wanting to get the pass for the next time we were going to go there so we didnt have to wait in these crazy lines. That's when we said forget it we are leaving & we got the he'll out of there & we were very very upset, tired, disappointed, & just mad as we never even got to go on a ride.
I was there with my daughters quite often when they were little. Over 20 years ago before there were any rides there at all. Just shows. Shows were great back then & there were alot more of them at alot of different times throughout the day. Now there are only a slim few with only 2 times per day. Ridiculous. My girlfriend has never been there & I wanted this to be special for her numerous times & it just was a nightmare.
I want to cancel my membership period & I damn well better be able to or else there will be some major problems. I don't know what else to say but I am very disappointed. You can take off whatever you think is fair of the initial $155 or so that was charged to my credit card but I am not going to deal with this nightmare again.
Thank you very much,
Robert S. Thein
ID# 3604010079612517780686

Any #s call me at [protected]

  • Updated by Robert Thein · Jul 25, 2018

    I wrote my complaint but put it in the credit card department complaints when it should be whatever department whom deals with refunds on memberships for sixflags great adventure, vallejo, ca. If they even have one that is since:
    They say that you can't get a refund on a membership.
    It's a bunch of crap if you cant. I sure better get one as this place is ridiculous & im pissed!

    Robert s. Thein

  • Updated by Robert Thein · Jul 25, 2018

    I wrote my complaint but put it in the credit card department complaints when it should be whatever department whom deals with refunds on memberships for SIXFLAGS GREAT ADVENTURE, VALLEJO, CA. if they even have one that is since:

    Robert S. Thein

great adventure was not great at all

I am very disgusted with my visit to great adventure! I spent so much money to have a "Great" time...

assaulted by staff

This is a horrible corporation that does not take the safety of thier patrons seriously. We have been going...

fright fest

I went to fright fest last night with my husband and three children. We waited in line for almost 11/2 hour...

Pennsville Job & Career

employees from a six flags park to the employees of great adventure

I work at the Six Flags in Canada for over 12 years, so this complaint is from a Six Flags park employee to...

Montreal Employees

Resolved under-trained staff

Today, 4/8/17, I went to the park with my aunt and my eight-year-old cousin. We had a pretty decent day, no...

season pass

I have 5 season passes and I have been trying to cancel them for over 1 months to no avail. I can never ever...

staff behavior and policy

On August 27, myself and a group 6 friends arrived at great adventure approximately 10:11 am. We waited in...

Resolved son trip ruined

i was at your park in georgia today with my 6 year old son. we got there 1015 and left at about 230 so my son...

Resolved canceling seasons pass

I am trying to cancel one season pass (4) for Six Flags and keep getting the run around. I can not talk to a...

Resolved misleading prices

Six Flags Over Georgia says on their website that Fright Fest is included in your season pass purchase, What...