SingTel / Singapore Telecommunicationsprepaid card terminated

Good Day,

Would like to give some comment on Singtel service.
19 August 2019
I had walked into Tampines branch to do card replacement due the phone lost, I had provided my passport for verification and collect the new sim card. After 4 hours I able to use back my service.

23 August 2019
I had started received SMS request me to walk into any branches for re-register my card or else the card will be terminated at 3 Sept 2019.

27 August 2019 -T20190908004NS050Z4255627
I had dropped an email to request to extend the termination date as I at Malaysia unable to back before 3 Sept 2019. During 27 August - 8 Sept 2019, I had been dealing with Singtel Service via email but the card still had been terminated without further informing.
I had just top up with credit around 30-40 dollar, the termination date should be 100 days.

1 Oct 2019
Finally, I back to Singapore and walked to Bugis Singtel, I had been await for 45 mins and informing the number not available now and request me to call Center for the further arrangement and request on activating back my number.

I was calling the Call Center for the arrangement and understand this need to take 7 days business day and is upon approval.

This very frustrated I been dragging by Singtel which no my false. During card replacement, I had walked in personally with the valid password. The end Singtel terminate my card was due to unclear information, this is ridiculous. Your procedure becomes a consumer problem.
There is no form, no photocopy require during that time, but why now you told me is my information unclear hence terminate my service.

I am very disappointed in your service which gives customer get in trouble and thank you because of this I had a switch to another Singapore telco. I will recommend my friends to another telco

Thank you for the past 2 years service.

Best Regards,
Ms Tan

Oct 02, 2019

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