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I think I have enough going through with customer service through WhatsApp regarding of my terminated homeline account that was many back years and was shock that has an outstanding balance of $1, 514.35.
Since June 2020, I got this news when I was in one of your singtel shop, and the staff said they can't do anything and suggest me to contact the billing department after that billing department suggested me to reach out to the finance department.
And by going through WhatsApp, the staffs have been going round and round with me saying they can't retrieve as it has been many years ago and they will investigate it. But, they keep saying the relevant teams can't retrieve and said will investigate again. And sometime didn't even get back to me unless I asked what is the update. And some of your staff even have the face to ask me to go settle this amount. When I didn't even know how this amount came out, especially when I just have only a homline services back then.
Now I think my patience has hit the limit, since June till now the problem has been going round and round, since singtel you guys can't find the cause if the outstanding amount, please have a solution to it. But not the solution of asking to pay and settle this ridiculous amount that I didn't know about it at all. Thanks

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