SingTel / Singapore Telecommunicationsdata roam not activated for the country I visiting

S Oct 15, 2018 Review updated:

i call your service customer to activate data roaming for India prior to my departure on 22 Sept till 2 Oct 18. I was informed it will $20 for 1GB for 30 days. I agreeded and confirmation on activation was sent to my HP via sms.

Upon arriving in India i was not able to use my data. I texed your customer service many times and i was informed it was already activated. In summary i was not able to use my data throughout.

Upon returning Singapore i call your Customer Service (Sonic) and received a shocking news that the 9 countries activated, INDIA was not included. It was a joke!!! I just dont believe it.

I am still waiting (up to now) an explanation for breaking the contract. It has been long over due for the answer. Please revert asap and dont tarnish SINGTEL reputation as National brand!!!


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    Klarin Tan Oct 23, 2018

    Renewed on CIS plan which has free caller id for 24 months. Yet being charged constantly for it (with GST somemore!) N without realising it, as I'm not the one paying the bill, we have been paying for god knows how many months. Called up customer service who could only do waiver of current month statement but unable to do the refund for the past months we had paid for. Reason given, they not able to credit back what was being paid (typical our government style, what we commoners paid for using our money, they took)
    A few months after contract renewed i noticed the charge n gave a call to their customer svc line n was being assured this would b rectified n apparently it has not. N currently the officer told me their system does not show i called regarding this issue. Hello~i told him how to trust your system when the subscription bill was not billed correctly in the first plc?

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