Singtel Outlet At Amk Hubcustomer service attitude


Dear Sir/Mdm,

I was at the SingTel shop at AMK Hub, today 15/10/17, at about 4.14pm, with my Mother who wants to check her increasing bills costs. The friendly guy at the ticketing counter understood what we needed, helped us pressed for a queue number while we waited. We thanked him for doing his part of the job.
After 5 mins, our no P2025 was called to Counter 4. A man clad in a white shirt, no name tag worn served us. We had queries and doubts which we hoped to understand. However, this very unfriendly man, without a smile at all from the beginning, heard what we would like to clarify, gave us a disgusted look and practically just tell us off that after the few months of free promotions, of course have to pay after that! Excuse me, Sir!!! I'm questioning why am I paying so much. I'm not telling you I'm not paying!!!
SingTel, please send your staff for training to learn how to communicate effectively to people!
Totally disappointed with the service provided by SingTel! Can't wait for contract to finish to switch to other provider!


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