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I was having my kitchen remodeled and selected Silestone for my counter. The cabinet salesperson contacted their local Silestone installer to call me so they could measure and cut the stone, they never called me even after several phone calls from the cabinet store. Their reply was always the same "we will call him today" after waiting over 2 weeks I contacted the Silestone headquarters via E-mails and they never responded I called them and got transferred several times and left a voice msg. I received a call back and he provided me a phone number to another distributor I called them and left a voice msg, guess what no return call. I called the co. representative again and he called them to find out why they weren't responding only to be told they don't sell to retail customers and they provided another co., even their national representative doesn't know who can sell their products. I called the third co. and they came out to take measurements and scheduled another co. to come out and make a template. I told them of my difficulties and they told me they had my style in stock. I paid a 50% deposit and after the template was made they said they would contact me the next day to confirm when they would have it ready. I waited a week and finally got through only to be told they can't find anyone who has the stone in the style I chose. This co. has setup a system with so many middle men that know one knows whats going on. Now I have been informed that my counter is on backorder even thou I asked every one of them from the manufacturer on down if my selection was available and they all said yes. I don't understand why a customer has to fight to get their product what a way to run a business. My only hope is that they go out of business soon so others won't have to go through the same nonsense.


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    Thomas C. Evatt Jan 22, 2011

    I had a good experience with Silestone when I lived in TX. The Silestone certified installer did an outstanding job. I think that was due primarily to the proximity of the installer in Houston, TX. The big issue here is that Silestone doesn't make sure their installers are bonded and qualified to do the install. Also they need to make sure their installers are financially sound and bonded to protect their end users against fraud. Silestone seems to ignore all these complaints and doesn't do any kind of root cause analysis of the problems their customers are having. I just received a message from Silestone on the nearest location of the machining contractor for the Huntsville area. Its Stone Systems of Atlanta--if you read the messages above you'll find that they deny that they actually had an order for my Silestone. Silestone is Sleastone...don't buy from them or use their product. I used Home Depot on my TX install; apparently they hold their installers accountable...not Silestone.

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    matsays Apr 07, 2010

    I wanted to comment on the complaints here. I too had Silestone installed on a kitchen that I remodeled and I had exactly the opposite experience...barring one minor glitch concerning the backsplash, the measurements and the installation was flawless and I am extremely happy with it to the point that I am now moving into a new house and we are having the granite removed and the Silestone put in!

    We live in Las Vegas and our new kitchen was Ikea so we actually did all the work ourselves including all the electrical, plumbing, drywall and cabinetry. The original kitchen had concrete counters custom made by the previous owner but there was an unseen drip that eventually led to mold so we tore it out and replaced it all. The counters were the only thing we did not do ourselves.

    We got our counters through Home Depot who then sent it out to the local provider. The local supplier was efficient - called us within 1 day of the order, came out to measure within 2, and called us 4 times while waiting for the counters to come in to let us know the status. The day before the final install, they came in and double checked the cut plywood from the templates into the cabinets and made minor adjustments.

    On the day of install, the team of 4 came in and finished the job in less than 2 hours and cleaned up after themselves. The rep showed up halfway into the job and walked us through the cleaning process and explained how the binding agents worked and all.

    I have rarely had such a good experience with any contractor/supplier so I feel terrible that some people had such a bad experience because I would highly recommend Silestone. Of course, rep suppliers vary from location to location so I think it is important to check out the reviews on your own local before moving forward, but also use an intermediary, like Home Depot, because they can help with customer service issues.

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    Thomas C. Evatt Oct 22, 2009

    I have read the complaint by Mr. Evatt, and have responded by e-mail directly to him this morning. i can certainly sympathize with Mr. Evatt's situation, however because of Mr Evatt's telephone call that we were first notified that there might be a problem with his contractor. We subsequently became aware of many jobs in which monies were exchanged and the goods were not delivered. Mr. Evatt was a victim of fraud. He paid for services and goods from a contractor and did not receive what he paid for from the contractor Mr. Smith.

    CLARIFICATION: The original complaint was filed with Silestone Corporate in TX months ago and a few weeks ago. Corporate told me to call Mr. Oehmsen directly -- gave me his phone number and extension. I had no idea that this company had supported Mr. Smith credit line for the Silestone. This was according to Mr. Oehmsen the second time this CSI defrauded his company. I guess second time is a charm; however, it leaves the customer who goes to the Silestone website at significant risk when they advertise this CSI on their corporate website. Once Mr. Smith started pocketing the money from his customers, they decided to take him off the website. Thats how I found out that Mr. Smith was having "problems". This behavior has been going on for quite some time. Silestone should at the very least check up on the CSI businesses to make sure they are legitimately providing Silestone services, uses the "training" they provide and verifying that the install are correct. Remember Silestone warrants the material, not the install. Sounds like the company learned alot from the banking industry. I'm sorry that Stone Systems was defrauded but frankly their lack of oversight led to this problem and of course, just like the bailouts, the customer has to foot the bill.

    The two problems we face as a company is we have no record of Mr. Evatt receiving any material from our facility. The second one is that a contract exists between Mr. Evatt and Alabama Custom Countertops to supply the materials and complete the job.

    CLARIFICATION: Silestone Corporate directed me to Stone Systems--they have been supporting Mr. Smith's credit line for some time for his customer base. I never even knew Stone Systems existed as a company. The Business card I was given by Mr. Smith said Silestone and even shows "an authorized dealer". Mr. Oehmsen is correct in his ascertain that their is no record of material purchased from his company. Just another broke process in their CSI approach. Nonetheless, when I talked to the corporate office, they told me that Mr. Smith manufactured all his material out of Stone Systems. I guess they should know ?

    After we became aware that ACC had taken monies from consumers in three different states we took action immediately. He was already on credit hold since he owed us over 100k. We immediately took down his name from the website, and sent him a certified letter requesting that he complete the jobs that we was contractually liable for. We took away his CSI (Certified Silestone Installer ) number. Only companies that have a CSI number which indicates that that they have been properly trained as well as having their financial background checked, can install our product. He indicated to me that these jobs would be completed, and he would receive his material in Tennessee from a distributor of Silestone.

    CLARIFICATION: Wow, three different states. Guess my BBB and State Attorney General letters expressing my dismay at Silestone corporate quick response to pull his from their site. My situation has been going on for well over a year. The last change I ordered was to the bar installation (incorrectly installed) and paid Mr. Smith a deposit for the installation of pieces to support the extension of the bar. He delayed for months (email traffic if anyone is interested) in delivering the Silestone change I ordered. He first said that 1. his mother was ill, 2. his truck was not working, 3. I think he or someone in his family was sick and 4. Silestone had to order from their somewhere in Italy or Israel...thats when I called Silestone in TX for help. They directed me to Mr. Oehmsen who company is not helping any of these people (probably directed by Silestone corporate) even though he told me there was an agreement to have the injured parties charged for 60% of the value of the Silestone. I really don't blame Mr. Oehmsen--he is just doing his job.

    As of this date Mr. Smith has taken care of and completed (4) four jobs that I am aware of. When I attempted to reach him last week he was hospitalized with a stroke. Unfortunately I do not know any further information about Mr. Smith. Our Corporate office is aware of Mr. Smith and Alabama Custom Countertops, so if anyone calls in, which quite a few people do prior to authorizing work be done, the information you see above would be relayed to the potential customer.

    CLARIFICATION: Mr. Oehmsen did tell me that Mr. Smith had taken care of some jobs. Apparently he is hospitalized with a stroke. Typically if an installation contractor is a Certified Silestone Installer, who would ask if their legitimate when they put their websites on the Silestone corporate web site? Hmm...wouldn't you think that the CSI means they are certified by Silestone.

    I have indicated to Mr. Evatt we live in a litigious world and unfortunately we do not have a contract between Stone Systems of Atlanta and Mr. Evatt. We have never received any monies from Mr. Evatt to our firm, nor do we show we ever fabricated Mr. Evatt's previous Silestone work. Mr. Smith utilized several facilities to obtain materials. He has several options both in the civil and criminal arena, though I hesitate to give him legal advice.

    CLARIFICATION: This is almost funny. They know I'm out about $800. Why would I sue Mr. would cost me more to even file. If Silestone had any real care for their customers, they would sue Mr. Smith directly which they probably will do..don't know. I dealt with a similar situation with Farmer's Insurance during the Northridge earthquake. Long Story. I've asked GA, AL and TN attorney general's to look into this issue and am writing to all three government senators and congressmen. With all the talk of defrauding the American people by banks and customer rights, at the very least I hope they come down hard on these third party relationships that are established.

    We do care about our name as well as our customers. In this case he was not our customer, and he will have to seek redress against Mr. Smith for his money as well as his material.

    CLARIFICATION: When is a customer not a customer..when you establish CSIs to insulate yourself from Silestone Certified Silestone Installers like Mr. Smith. I guess as a former customer of Silestone in TX..installed Silestone in my kitchen, I was expecting the same level of customer support. Guess thats changed with the bad economic times. I know that Adams Homes won't use Silestone..had a discussion with my builder here in AL.

    Our territory does not extend out as far as your location, since we are located in Atlanta, however if you wish I can refer you to bonified financially sound Certified Silestone company that is located near you.

    This is confusing? If you didn't manufacture my Silestone, who did? Its a simple question..why won't you answer? Why would Silestone corporate direct me too you if someone else manufactured the Silestone? I would like a bonded CSI company. Mr. Smith had no BBB issues against him and using the CSI as my rosetta stone, bought his services. Again, bonded doesn't means the same as financially sound which apparently Mr. Smith hadn't been for some time..however he was listed as a CSI on their corporate website. I should have gone to Home Depot to purchase the Silestone..they told me that this kind of problem has happened...and typically they don't use CSIs for the installs; they use trusted bonded installers in the area. And if there is a problem, Home Depot will fix it. Of course, the CSI I hired lied about that issue as well since he told me numerous times "he would make things right"...guess never trust a flim flam man or Silestone.

    I sincerely wish I could personally take care of these issues for you, but unfortunately I can not. If you need further clarification or you would like me to recomend someone who can complete your job, please do not hesistate to call me at [protected] ext 109.

    EASY FIX--find out who the manufacturer was for my Silestone. Was it a company in AL, TN? If your company did not do it, which one did? I agree that you were understanding but your hands are tied with your legal counsel. I understand and sympathize. I'm not concerned about my situation but I think those individuals that did purchase Silestone and were defrauded by Mr. Smith need Silestone's help..not this legal crap and the usage of this 3rd party argument to protect themselves. Silestone's reputation is at stake. Ethics well thats another argument.

    Take care and good luck Mr. Oehmsen. Just hope Silestone will learn a valuable lesson.

    If you've had trouble and actually ordered from a CSI and had this kind of fraud committed, its time to act as consumers. Write me on this website or contact me at Facebook, etc. Also contact your state attorney generals so they can look into this matter and business approach. Don't hesitate to call your congressman or Senator..they need to know.

    I guess I was a Silestone customer...don't really know for sure anymore. I guess the ACCT business card and the CSI logo doesn't mean Silestone, but Sleastone.


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    Thomas C. Evatt Oct 14, 2009

    Since April of 2008, I have been waiting for a proper install of the Silestone product. Ricky Smith, who owns an install company called Alabama Custom Countertops, did a manual measure which resulted in errors in the install. Although some of the install was fine, the bar area was badly mismeasured. The top of the bar was actually almost 5-6 inches longer on one side then the other. Also he removed all the facing on the bar (which wasn't really necessary) and told me that the refacing could be done after the install was complete...well thats of course not true. It gets worse. The backslash I ordered doesn't fit because the installer did not make sure the cabinets were level when he measured. So I've got a backslash that doesn't connect at the seam across the oven. Oh Mr. Evatt, we can fix that. Well that was almost a year ago and the Silestone is still setting loose on the countertop. Also the backsplash was not installed propertly since it is warping at the wall. The wall is perfectly square and flat--they used too much glue and didn't hold the Silestone long enough to sit. So its now October 08. I decide to extend the bar. My call but since the Silestone didn't fit originally, Smith told me he'd make it "right'...well now its October 09 and my bar is still bare and I have no idea where the Silestone is located. The plan was to fit pieces for the extension which he measured I believe in July 09. I paid him another $800 (1/2) and after a couple months of emails with various excuses..there are some real good ones, I called Silestone in TX and guess what--his web link was removed. Oh yes, I called Silestone multiple times during the year and they returned my call once and never helped at all--they don't seem to care since they just supply material so screw you, Mr. consumer. Smith had apparently pocketed the money from customer orders placed and stuck Stone Systems with the where does that leave me. I was told that I would have to pay for 60% of the value of the new Silestone..I'd already paid $7000 so far for the Silestone that wasn't installed property, plus another $1000 for the cabinet refacing (within any countertops). This is apparently the second time Mr. Smith has put this company in a bad position. Well after three weeks I"m still waiting for a phone call back from Mr. Oehmsen who actually is a nice guy and seemed to want this resolved. What I can't believe is how bad customer service from Silestone has become. They should be ashamed of not working to resolve these issues quickly. I honestly would NEVER recommend Silestone for anyone. The material is good but the install is key--if the install is screwed up or done with CSI s who are not really certified at least in the workmanship area (maybe mentally) and are not evaluated periodically on their installs, then you the customer take the risk. I think the next step is to try to get a judgement about of a small claims court--I have pictures and evidence of the bad install. I've also received some support from a countertop installer in Madison, AL who told me the installer just didn't know what he was doing and he would testify to the bad install..guess CSI doesn't mean much to Silestone. I hope I hear from Mr. Oehmsen..I'm surprised he hasn't returned my call ;-).

    Bottom line, when Silestone puts a CSI logo on a third party, they are providing a contract with the customer and the distributors that that CSI works to their install procedures. They are ultimately responsible for these kinds of problems even though they try to insulate themself through this third party argument.



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    David S. Oehmsen Oct 30, 2007

    I received this complaint a few minutes ago, and I apologize for this individual's problems in obtaining a counter top. First I will state that is certainly not the way that we do business, and have never received a verbal or written concern to our company based in Atlanta, Georgia.

    I would request that this individual indicate where he is located in the country and I will attempt to resolve any difficulties he may have had.

    Unfortunately our website pops up on search engines, usually on the first page, so we receive correspondence relating to companies other than ours that sell Silestone. Any concerns are usually handled with a telephone call. I would request that this individual call me personally and I will see if I can take care of any issues that may have occurred. My direct telephone number is [protected] ext 109.

    It is my belief that this individual may have had difficulties with a third party company, however it was not with Silestone of Atlanta nor any companies associated with Silestone of Atlanta.
    I look forward to your prompt reply.

    David S. Oehmsen
    Silestone of Atlanta

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