Sifymail account not access


I am not able to access my mail id at sify mail .com

i am having the problem regarding

"The page you requested is invalid."

it's giving two option at that page '"Privacy Policy - Terms of Service"

before this i got a problem of credential now i am having this problem please tell me how can i recover from this problem

& please

after that tell me that how can i switch my all data from sifymail to some other mail account easily

i am got tired with this type of problem


  • Ch
    Chittaranjan Rout May 21, 2007

    I stay in bangalore (marathalli). I have take sify internet connection since past 6 months (kharavalli inter service) but there is not a single day when there 24 hours connectivity. Even the response of the representative is horrible. They simply dont care. I am fed up calling those people daily.

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  • Mo
    mohit sharma Jun 03, 2007

    To Sify,

    I'm a regular surfer of net through one the sify centre located in my locality. But it is very disheartening to inform you that since the time your this centre was inaugurated the services here have degraded.

    At the time of inauguration all the terminals here were working with web cams. But now after 3 years or so out of 8 system, sometimes only 5/4 are working with only 2/3 working web cams. Today is latest in series that the system on which i am working the usb port is not working with no facility to copy the data already downloaded in this terminal from some other terminal including server.

    And more over its ruthless to intimate you that the porson working as incharge here, in shift, is not aware of the problems and is not trained enough to be employed here for this job.

    Hope to listen from you regarding the matter.

    Thanking you

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  • Ri
    Ritan Nayan Thakker Jun 03, 2007

    I haven't receive email from one of my customer when i can get the others. From their end, they have no IT problems but i can't get their mails.

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  • Dr
    Dr Kishore Kumar Jun 23, 2007

    MY broadband connection shows unplugged since 3 weeks, customer services numbers are never picked up to receive the complaint and neither the local cable operator responds to the complaints. But collection agents call promptly for collection.

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  • Ra
    Rahul Jun 24, 2007

    Totally agree. I am going through the same nightmare. My connection is down since last 4 weeks. I have complained to them thousands of times to no avail.

    However, they promptly buzz me for renewal.

    I am going to shift to BSNL.

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  • Su
    Sudeep Das Oct 01, 2007

    I took a sify broadband connection just day before. today when i tried to connect, after getting back from office, it just wouldn't connect and the problem seemed to be with the LAN cable. So i traced it back to their switch, which is kept on the roof top of our society. And guess what did i find!!

    My cable had been unplugged from the switch. And the biggest shock was that the switch had 8 ports and all of them had cables plugged into them.

    So, basically these Sify guys are trying to service 10 customers when they can service only 8. I called up the marketing chap and also their call center (... took me ages to get through to someone) and all he told me was "we will look into the matter... call us in tomorrow morning ". How ridiculous!!

    I would sincerely advice against going in for such an ISP.

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  • Ma
    Manish Jain Oct 02, 2007

    I also had a sify connection from last 15 days and I am getting "Unable to reach gateway" problem daily basis.
    When I called customer case they always told It's a power problem at the switch ends, how it can be switch is in same area of mine and we are not facing power problem on daily basis. Sify guys are definately Cheating with their Customers.

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  • Sw
    Sweta Oct 26, 2007

    I want to file a complaint against Sify Broadband Connection. They are the worst connection providers I have seem so far. We had requested a new broadband connection in the month of March, which we got promptly after having paid installation charges of around Rs.2500/- and have renewed our account also regularly hoping that one day the internet would start working.

    Since we got the connection in March, till date (26th October) we were able to surf only for exactly 10days (or even less). We have called the Customer Care and our service provider numerous times but to no use.

    Sify is run by a bunch of unprofessional people, who arent true to their conscience. A sincere request to all the readers would be, please do not even bother to think twice if or not you need to go for the connection. Please do not entertain any sify broadband connection, as you would only be wasting you energy, time and of all your hard earned MONEY.

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  • Sa
    Sameer Mishra Jan 15, 2008

    I had placed an order at Sify Shopping on 11th dec. for Rs. 199 . The following are its details.
    Order Details :
    Order Number: s-000555822-m
    Order Date: 2007-12-11 15:10:29
    Payment Method: PayMate

    The order was cancelled from Sify side citing incorrect address as the problem, ( Though there was complete address available).
    However, its close to one month now. Depite several tries with customer care person, e-mails and phone calls, there has been no response from the Sify's side.Wheneveri try complainig to the Customer Care persons through online chat, they transfer the session to somebody else and the seeion gets closed in between.

    I am ill at ease to understand why a company like Sify doesn't reply to my innumerable requests.Its not just a question of money but also the faith that a consumer entrusts in a company while doing online shopping.

    Please look into the matter as soon as possible.

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  • Ha
    Harshad Feb 13, 2008

    Service of Sify broadband is 3rd class.most of the time it is showing BB101 error. Last month 15 days my network was down. Terrible service, beware!

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  • Sa
    Sarita Jun 21, 2008

    This company really takes the cake in not attending to customer complaints. Or if it attends, it cannot solve its own problems! I am a Sify customer and the free unlimited download package that they offer is so so so slow that a whole day passes by and nothing gets done. Secondly, popular sites like G mail and Yahoo do not open. I think by offering free unlimited download Sify has reduced its bandwidth and is least interested in attending to such complaints.

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  • Je
    Jesse Aug 10, 2008

    Ive shifted to tata broadband or wat ever they call them selves n have my fingures crossed

    BUT friends Y cant ALL of us unite and put a foot down on sify there must be ways and ask for a permanent solution for the court

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  • Vi
    vikash Aug 19, 2008

    i have a problem regarding the speed of the sify
    i use a sify of plan 512kbps ...and the speed is not even worth of 256kbps

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  • Si
    Situn Aug 19, 2008

    The customer service is pathetic...WHOEVER IS LISTENING DON'T EVER EVER TAKE THE CONNECTION... I would rather not surf than to take sify...I've called up the sify customer service in numerous number of times bcoz of that silly error B101, please contact customer service... They all suck...My months telephone bills have gone berserk coz of that... The service people don't visit and play around... I was just thinking to go for some other connections...Hope that works...

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  • Su
    sunil Aug 30, 2008

    First in the Worst of the worst Internet providers in India. They better close sify for the sake of middle class human beings. Cheating the common man!

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  • Su
    sunil Aug 30, 2008

    Ekdam 3rd class

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  • Ka
    Karamjit Sodhi Sep 13, 2008

    Sify service is very bad. I have been having problems of emails getting lost in transit!!! The same mail copied to yahoo iD is received but not received on outlook or sify webmail.
    Have complained but problem still persists and no senior person seems to be interested.

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  • Pr
    pramila Nov 07, 2008

    I had placed an order at sify shopping on 30 sept 2008. The following are its details.
    Order details :
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Order number: s - 000658602 - m
    Order date: 30 sept 2008
    Payment method: visa card
    Order has not been delivered yet.
    Its close to one month now. Depite several tries with customer care person, e - mails and phone calls, there has been no response from the sify's side. Wheneveri try complainig to the customer care persons through online chat, they transfer the session to somebody else and the seeion gets closed in between.

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  • Am
    Aman Nov 25, 2008

    Sify is the worst site ever. Please do not buy anything from sify. I placed an order on 13th of November and still it has not been dispatched and I really have no clue when will I finally get it. Every time I call customer care they ask for more time. I dont know what to do now.
    I want to warn everyone to stop buying anything from sify.

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  • Fa
    Faretz Jul 29, 2010

    There is no Order management and customer management system in site.

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  • Ra
    rahulk1972 Jun 05, 2012

    I am unable to log in my sify account,

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  • Ra
    rahulk1972 Jun 06, 2012

    I am unable to log in my sify account . My account i [email protected]

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  • Ja
    jayesh kotecha Jun 27, 2012

    same problem with sify mail id to transfer data???

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  • Ak
    akent1 Jun 27, 2012

    same problem as mentioned "the page you requested is invalid"
    hopeless service, and ever other day some problems are sure to be there
    pls help us

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  • Se
    serad000 Jun 04, 2013

    Unable to login to my mail account after just a few days I registered!!! This is preposterous I need the account now, I told my business partner to contact on and now I do not have aceess to my account so what do I do? There should be a law against this kind of cheatery! I will never use again

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  • Ta
    TARUN KUMAR JAIN Dec 04, 2014




    EMAIL:[email protected]






    i have E-mail account in SIFY.COM and my mail ID is (1):[email protected]>vannu72-->-(2):[email protected]>hemarun-->-(3):[email protected]>hemarun-->-(4):[email protected]>hidustan

    [email protected]
    there is lot of important mail in my above mentioned ID.I came to know the service of SIFY .COM was stopped.
    so i humply request you to transfer all my mail in my SIFY ID to my new ID "[email protected]"
    as early as possible.

    thanking you,

    yours truly


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