Shoppers Drug Mart Belle Riverpharmacy

U Aug 15, 2018

So I had seen my doctor, he gave me a Rx which i took next door to Shopper's Drug Mart in Belle River, Ontario to be filled. I waited my turn, handed my Rx to the girl behind the counter who scanned the Rx and entered it into the system. She gave me a buzzer to carry while i waited. After 45 minutes i went and asked if it had come up. She again took my name. After 60 minutes, the pharmacist calls me up and says it is available on the shelf and would i like to purchase. If my Rx was available to purchase off the shelf, WHY on earth did it take an HOUR for someone to tell me?? I will NEVER have another Rx filled by this store again. New system? I guess customer service means when we get around to talking to you, after you've bugged us.
When Wilf owned the store, heads would have rolled over something like that.

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