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Dearest shopee, I know you have a lot of costumers and it's is Nationwide. My concern as a one of your costumers is why you are doing such a thing that will make a costumer feels like I was lied by the online shopping app! This 1 peso sale that you are playing right now is [censored]ing ridiculous and just a play and a lie! I was waiting for the item I want, I waited till 12 noon as the description but when it's already 12 noon I can't purchase the item, I'm trying real hard and it turns to 12:03 pm, just 3 minutes of standing by and guarding the item it says sold out!! Are you [censored]ing kidding me?I know there will be technical problems you will say, servers error . Or whatever, maybe you will say my connection isn't that strong or maybe there's a lot of buyers! No freaking way .. I stayed tune with your sales but none of those I can get! I'm not late! It's your sale lies!! I waited for the TV to sale thesame problem! And whatever items I chose it's always sold out!!! I might chose Lazada next time!! No lie I'm shopee fan and I like shopee but this 1 peso sale sucks!!!


  • Updated by Mrs.garcia11, Jun 06, 2019

    So true . And they won't mind complaints because they are still earning alot of money, you know in this kind of business ... Money talks [censored] walks .. they are not into the people's blah blah blah .. they do have one peso sale again, and it's all fake again and again ..

May 21, 2019
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  • Da
      May 22, 2019

    we have the same issue. i thought the first one was just a glitch. but when it happen to every item i tried to purchase, i am suspecting i am being ripped off. i tried to add a indicating my 11pm attempt to purchase, i get a "404 page not found" message.

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  • Mr
      May 22, 2019

    @dani.0412 Shopee sucks with this kind of sale, I did the same as you at first but it turns into like 11 am to 12 noon and none of those items I can purchase, they shouldn't post or air something like this ..

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  • Ca
      May 29, 2019

    Same with me, that 1 peso sale is totally a gimmick by shopee, it's nonsense and they make their customer like idiots:(

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  • Sh
      Jun 05, 2019

    Nice to hear I'm not the only one experiencing this bogus. Bad part is we all know DTI won't do anything about it even if it's false advertisement. Purely clickbait to make users buy other items. Bogus Shopee deals.

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