Shopeerude delivery guy melboy

M Aug 16, 2018

I've been ordering products for two years and I didn't have any problems with the delivery until today. Usually, the delivery guy will call me to confirm if I'm available to receive the items so it was convenient for me since I don't have cellphone load always to reply. But this guy from xpost/quadX (he said he's Melboy) texted me around 7am that he's going to deliver my order in the morning and asked me to reply if I'm available. So since I don't have a load I called him using our landline phone. I asked him a time frame when he can deliver it since we need to go somewhere in the afternoon. He specified in his text message that he will deliver the item in the morning but now he said he'll deliver it 1PM. I told him that since he said morning he should deliver it before 12noon and he answered me rudely that he cannot assure that because there's no delivery in the morning (Well, the other delivery guys delivers my order in the morning). While I was complaining about his tone he dropped the call. I want to report this to xpost so that they can take proper actions to this delivery guy.

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