Shaws Supermarketswatermelon incorrect price charged

I purchased a watermelon that was labeled in the bin at "$3.99" on 5/25/19 from the Shaws in Cedarville/Plymouth MA. When I got home I inspected my receipt to find I had been charged $9.99 for a "watermelon red bin". I went back to the store and waited ten minutes in the customer service line and the clerk returned to me without an apology $6.00 for the difference between the correct price from the sales display and what I was charged.

I pointed out to the clerk that I believe I was due a complete refund as it was the first of that item I was claiming was mismarked. Her reply was, again without an apology "We are not refunding the complete price on the watermelons, we are providing the difference between the charged price and the sale price.".

I am incensed at her reply for several reasons:
1. It is MA law I believe that a mismarked item under ten dollars should be refunded in total for the first item. As such I believe I am due a full refund and not the difference
2. Her response to me, ""We are not refunding the complete price on the watermelons, " indicated that there had been multiple instances of this overcharging on the watermelons. So that appears to be a pattern. Is Shaw's motus operandi to overcharge and hope it is not noticed?
3. Along the same lines, I always check my receipts for purchases at all stores. I NEVER experience a problem with overcharges at Markwet Basket, Stop and Shop etc. but I would say 80% of the time I find an overcharge when shopping at Shaw's, (particularly missing discount labels on meats).

Given my sharp eye this has worked in my favor but I wonder again if this is a business model the MA AG would not appreciate.

I expect a reply.

Kevin Mills

May 27, 2019

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