Shari's Berries / Berries.combilling issue!!

H Apr 22, 2019

On 4/21/19, I purchased a gift for my sister, 12 berries and a small birthday cheesecake. The amount was $49.98, but got a 20% discount so came down to $39.40. Seemed like a good deal till I purchased them, and was billed $32.00 for shipping!!! $19 for shipping, $9 for saturday delivery, and $6 for rural delivery!!?? Minot north dakota is not a rural city!! Its the second largest city in n.D., so not rural!! But my main issue is that there was no mention of the $ amount to ship till after my card was charged? Absolutely a blatant way of screwing people over for undisclosed amounts of money!!! So my $40 order became a $80 order, just like that?? Its [censored] like this that will be your downfall!! I will tell anyone that will listen to avoid doing business with you and they need to tell people!! Its just plain wrong to jerk people around like this, but it seems to be the way it is nowdays!! Too bad!!! Im sure this wont go to the people in charge, but needed to be addressed!! Thank you, a very upset customer.

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