Sharaf DGiphone refund

G Aug 03, 2019

On July 05 my daughter
bought from your Dubai
Mall an Apple IPhone XS
Max at AED 4499 and paid
By American Express.
They found out that if they
pay by MasterCard then they
have a chance to win a prize.
So they paid by HSBC Mastercard
and asked your cashier to refund
the American Express which they did.
Since that date and until today no refund
was credited to my American Express.
I went to Dubai Mall showed your Customer
Care the Amex statement and they
Promised to check with the Head Office.
The Head Office gave me a number of my
Claim : 1995551and they promised to refund
me the amount through Amex.
Until today no refund has been made
and whenever I check with your Call Centre
they promise that someone will be calling me
back but nobody did.
I am very disappointed from your staff
attitude and their unfulfilled promises.
Please look into the case seriously and
arrange to refund me the amount of
AED 4499 through Amex as promised.

Due to the delay of action to this matter, my daughter followed up once again with the following email and yet no response.

To whomever this may concern,

I am the daughter my father is referring to in his email below. He has been
requesting his refund for almost a month now and he has not
received it yet. This matter is the fault of your staff because they
refunded me and took the iPhone I had purchased at the cashier
desk and made a me a refund. My father has been good to you
during this follow up, however, I have lost my patience. Therefore,
if my father doesn't hear back from you within the next 24 HOURS
with a refund status confirmation, rest assured that I will be filing a
lawsuit against Sharaf DG and dragging your name, your customer
service and your refund fraud in the UAE newspapers and social media.

This is where we stand if no reply or action is done in the next 24hrs on the following email address: [protected]

Johnny Fattaleh

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