SF Expresscustoms duties

S Feb 14, 2020

I had sent a package from Malaysia to Shanghai at 29th Jan 2020, tracking number: [protected]. Then the SF customer service of Malaysia emailed me to provide receipt and names of my things, even more an invoice. This is a package for friend, not for business. Today (14th Feb), my friend received the package and had been asked for RMB500+ customs duties. My things only cost 380 Ringgit Malaysia which is about RMB600. Then we looked back and we can see what happened. 1) The customer service didn't remind me about the invoice had to filled in "US dollar". I can't denied there is part of my fault of ignorance and filled in "Ringgit Malaysia", but stilled I also emailed the shopping receipt which clearly show that it was "Ringgit Malaysia". I may be don't know, after all this is my first time send a international package, but the customer service who contact with me and asked for these information didn't double check and also no remind me. 2) The customs office didn't call any of us about the charge of customs duties, then the package came with a big shock! If you called any of us before charging, we can make a correction immediately or find out other ways to deal with it, even when I tracked my package online, they aren't show any about the charge of customs duties!

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