Seeff PropertiesI will never refer Seeff to anyone I know, not even my worst enemies

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I am selling my property through Seeff Properties. The agent, Cathy Porter involved is the most unprofessional and degrading agent I know. After informing her I will be out of town for a short while and wont be available she sent a text message to me instead of to her partner calling my fiance and I 'a bunch of liars'. Talk about defamation of character!

I called her immediately to confront her about this insult and she pretended like she didn't know what i was talking about. Eventually she admitted that she sent the text to the wrong person after feigning complete ignorance and said as a matter of fact that it was meant for her partner. The text continued to read that she is desperate for properties to sell because there are supposedly so many people looking to buy from her. I thought Estate Agents were supposed to work for their client, the seller & NOT for the buyer.

I then got a follow-up voicemail from her a few minutes later attempting to give a pathetic attempt at an apology and then said that she is under so much stress as her boss will be very angry at her for not making the sale.

I will NEVER refer Seeff to anyone I know, not even my worst enemies.


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      Apr 04, 2017

    Seeff in Secunda has rental agent called Ezelle Saunders my lease expired end of January but to date I am getting one excuse after the other regarding my deposit being paid back every month she tries to lie to me and there water bills which they are paying from February until now on the 3rd April but I am no longer there, and they undermine their clients, if you want to use Seeff for rental Ezelle is the worst agent ever

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