Seatwave.commisleading listings


Absolutely appauling provider.

Listings on the website are incorrect and not kept up to date.

I went to the site seeking tickets for an event via a link on Google, saw the tickets available for the ATP World Tour Finals tennis event and instantly purchased a pair. Seatwave seem to have had a decent reputation and are UK based so seemed fine to me, though once I purchased the tickets it stayed on "awaiting dispatch" for some time. Worried I called customer service and had to hold multiple times, for at least 15/20 minutes each time. Getting through I was put on hold once more to be informed that...

Unfortunately due to a "technical error" the tickets were unavailable and the "purchase shouldn't have happened". Oh dear, not very good. I ended up spending a lot of money that although will be refunded has prevented me from going to the event as it's far too late to get affordable tickets.

Very dissapointed. Customer service was helpful, but the overall ticketing service is appauling and misleading.


  • Ed
    Edwane Nov 26, 2010

    Warning - do not use i'll keep things short and sweet! Do not use this company! I ordered v tickets, it's one day to the event and they've not even been sent. Customer services contradict themselves, and that's when you get someone who speaks good english. I've spent & pound;15 in call fees and have sent nurmerous emails. I'm now being told that they'll come saturday before 9am! The concert starts at 12pm! Leaving me no time to travel even if they do arrive! Please don't waste your money! Ticket touts would have been a better option in hindsight!

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