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Complaints & Reviews

tickets to nfl london

I purchased tickets to the Philadelphia Eagles game in London the last week of October. I live in Hungary, and have not received an email about them mailing out tickets. I will be heading out of town in 2 weeks. I want to know if my tickets are going to be mailed out. I paid the extra to make sure I get refunded for tickets. Please advise where my tickets are!! This is a costly trip centered around the game tickets.

no tickets [protected]

I booked my tickets well over a year ago for shanai twain. Over £700 was paid for these two tickets.
I had not received my tickets upto a week before the event, I emailed in a few times then two days before rang you. I spoke with Gabriela she was helpful and told me my tickets would now be sent straight to hotel up in scotland, I agreed to this as I had no other option. The night before the event, I recieved an email saying there was a problem with my ticket s and they could now not be sent?
What am I supposed to do about my hotels id booked my car parking space for 4 days my flights and the dissapointment for my daughter after a ayear of waiting to go, she also booked off work. I would like a compensation procedure please as I think this is disgusting, I havnet even had my refund of the tickets.

Thank you
julie anne martin

bst paul simon 2 tickets sold, no email replies, no money, no good.

My BST Paul Simon tickets were apparently sold as only a single pair (not mine) were available for sale the day before the show.
Despite repeated emails to Seatwave, I have not had a reply and no monies have hit my account 2 weeks on.
Seatwave is a ripoff to buyers and sellers and should be avoided. They take a huge cut from each ticket sale AND force the buyer to pay a premium as well. Their greed adds almost 40% to the ticket price!

sold a ticket and not getting my money

Sold a ticket fir wireless festival july 6th and sent it off first class tracked (I have ref number). My ticket ([protected]) has been listed as cancelled and seatwave are taking a considerable chunk of money due despite the fact it was delivered safely to the buyer. I called seatwave with my complaint and the woman who serviced me said she cant do anything despite me requesting to talk to a supervisor/ manager. Worst customer service and if I don't get the money back i'm owed then i'll be taking seatwave to a small claims court.

bought tickets

Hi I bought tickets three weeks ago and still have not got any confirmation of them being sent out.

I have rang your UK number on several occasions and have not got an answer.

I paid €360 for tickets. I'd appreciate if you could get back to me as soon as possible my number is [protected] my email is [protected]@gmail.com and my order number is 2068572

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wireless ticket/refund

I am making a formal complaint in regard to a Wireless ticket I purchased for my daughter's birthday on the 23rd of January 2018. She didn't received the ticket and we have spent the last 10 days chasing an update. We were advised that this ticket was never dispatched and assured a refund would be processed. My daughter was advised that a confirmation email would be sent to [protected]@gmail.com which is my email address and I can confirm I have not received any confirmation at all. I have watched my daughter call your number and wait over 20 minutes to get through as I am today as I attempt to call you to express my utter disgust at what can only be describe as appalling customer service. I paid over £200 pounds for this ticket and received nothing. I am now questioning the legitimacy of the company and where my money is. My daughter requested a managers call back and is yet to receive one and I have yet to receive this confirmation email which I was advised was sent 3 times apparently. I am requesting compensation for the numerous calls we have both made and i am still on hold to the number [protected] at 26.41 minutes and counting...


I posted ticket on this website to sell and to tickets got sold somewhere else. I went back on to delete the tickets but the website wouldn't let me. The tickets got sold but as I don't have them can't give them to the buyer. Seatwave are charging my credit card €300 for not being able to delete the tickets. Never trusting them again and neither should you! Looking into sueing.

wireless festival tickets

I bought 2 wireless festival ticket. One for myself and one to be sold. I have had confirmation that one of my tickets has been bought which is great. However I do not know when the tickets will be posted so I cannot continue the selling process. This information is not provided on the website or via seatwave. If the date is unknown please give a certain time phrame as to when I will receive the tickets.

poor service on paying ticket money to sellers

I sold two tickets for Wales v France on March 18th on the website on 07.01.18. Sale ID 2022456 and Listing ID [protected]. I understood that the funds would not be available until after every the match and could take up to 15 working days. I received an email saying that the funds had been sent to Pay Pal on 05.04.18 and could take up to ten working days. Nothing came into my account after April 19th. I spoke with Pay Pal and they said that there was nothing pending or in the account. Seatwave said it had been paid and even updated my account o say this. Havig lodged a query with customer service, I was eventually told at the. End of April that there had a been a mistake in the finance dept and the funds were never sent. I have had to wait another week for the money to be transferred today (02.05.18) I asked for a consideration about the fact that I have had such poor service from you, yet you have still taken the full fee. I do not think that this is acceptable especially as I was waiting for this money (£184.80) to pay some bills at the end of April which was not possible due to your mistakes. I am requesting that you refund the commission fee as your service was so poor. You have held the buys money for 4 months before I have received it. The tickets had to be returned to the Wales RFU and were then reissued so there was no way that the tickets were not valid.
I look forward to your response.

two tickets to see andre rieu, 2 june 2018, in vienna

I just received my two tickets, and I am wondering whether I was sent the correct tickets. I paid us$537.12 for two tickets (charged to my credit card on 28 december 2018). I was shocked to see the face value of each ticket: 46, 2 euros which is about us$37.42 us, so us$74.84 for two tickets. I looked at the seating plan and the seats are not at all decent! These tickets are gifts for a special birthday and I am embarrassed to give them as a gift! I knew I would be paying more than the face value of the ticket, but more than 7 times the face value? Please, can you find out whether I was sent the correct tickets? This scalping is unbelievable! It is worse than in the usa!

ticket not valid

To whom it may concern, my husband and I were not allowed to attend to the Scorpions' concert in Scandinavium hall in Gothenburg on 24.11 due to not valid tickets bought from Seatwave. The order number is 2001765. As it is almost impossible to get in touch with you, please provide a reliable contact information for me to be able to subimt my complaint and request for refund.

Best regards

ticket not valid

Hi, I purchased two tickets for Nick Cave for 6/10/17 in Amsterdam. At the door I was told one ticket was not valid and that it was already used by somebody else. The barcode number for the ticket is 78k2/BGRE /zv.6530
The customer number ticket is 4151923. The order number is 1972844
I bought the ticket from the Seatwave website on the 30th June 2017.
I was asked by the Ticketmaster staff at the venue to complete a form which they have a copy of.

I would like a refund for this ticket please.


Darragh Israel


Hi I bought a e-ticket from you site yesterday order number 2002873 for marshmello Brixton f9r today 21-october the seller hasn't uploaded the tickets and I didn't know your company sale tickets that you don't physicall have the ticket. I have called a number of times asking about the ticket. The seller hasn't responded to your emails or messages. I have to organise babysitter and work today but cabt do any of that because I don't the the ticket. I'm so upset your the servicrs your company provide. I have never bought from your company and have bought tickets from stub hub and other site and they have the tickets they sale ready to deliver or email. I would like a refund please contact me on [protected]@yahoo. Co.uk or mobile [protected]

never received ticket

Hello Seatwave.

I've been trying to get in touch with you for some time by now. Nearly 6 month ago my friends and I bought 7 Eminem tickets on a couple of different orders. I did never receive the 7th ticket, eve though I got a confirmation mail, that the ticket was send. I called once and after an hour on hold, I finally got through to a employee, who promised me the delivery would be there in short time, which did not happen. Unfortunately, I didn't receive my ticket at all. On behalf of that, I demand a refund for that specific ticket. I scrolled through trustpilot and noticed, that I am not the only victim of this "incident" nor am i not the only one not able to get through to you. Even though I decline the method of texting to result such issues, I find no other options, since your calling line seems to be overfull.

I've attached the email received, when the ticket was promised shipped.
The mail with order confirmation don't seem to be in my mailbox. However, the last four digits of my card is 3500, which should be the info. It's me or my friend who bought it, we don't remember who

Kindest regards

Stefan Olaf Larsen

never received ticket

payment for tickets sold

Why is there no way to communicate with seatwave!?!?!?! Simply unforgivable. When I go to ask a question when I log in to my seatwave account there is only room for about 10 words!! Arghhhhhhh!

Dear seatwave - re: order no 1330778 x factor live 22/3/2014
You sold 2 of these tickets for me and recently emailed me indicating that I have a payment of #52.80 to be paid to me. I logged into my account and the payment was made on 28/9/2017 via bacs. However, the only credit card on the account was out of date. I have since updated he card on my account so it is current. No payment has since been made to my account. Can you please make a payment to the card now on my account? See attached screen grab of email from you.
Steve burgin

payment for tickets sold

ticket number #1993985

I purchased a single ticket for myself for the Springboks vs All Blacks rugby test on 07 October 2017 at Newlands, Cape Town. On the ticket purchase site it was not mentioned this ticket is for under 18 years only, when I received ticket it is now specified as restriction. Please do a refund or change my ticket for an adult at same cost.
Many thanks,
Albert Gideon Fourie
email: deon.[protected]@mail.com

  • Updated by Daaaarrrrrssseeee · Sep 19, 2017

    I did not see ticket restriction upon ordering and paying for ticket, which has a restriction for only people under 18 years of age. Someone from Seatwave replied it did show. Can a picture/attachment of this visible restriction be mailed to me at [email protected], to prevent me from doing this in future and understanding clearly where and if, I was at fault.
    Many thanks

ticket refund

I purchased a ticket for Little Mix in Caldicot Castle. I ordered the ticket on July 8th. The ticket arrived in Dublin on July 13th. The same day of the concert. The concert that is in Wales the same day! Absolutely disgraceful service by Seatwave. I am demanding a refund of €125.12 for my worthless ticket. It is a violation of my consumer rights. This is the first time I have ever used Seatwave and I will never be using them again.
My order number is as follows; 1976662
I can provide emails upon request

ticket refund

ticket to queen and adam lambert

hello. my name is einat and before more than two months i bought ticket t to queen and adam lambert in london. you said it can come even one week before but from what i heard-no one gets it ticket. so you are no reliable company. how hard it take to sand an E-ticket??
im not coming from Uk so i want to get some answers about the deal. the number of confmation is1947678

there is no way to contact with you so it is also big problem

unpaid tickets

Ticket id1948484 john mayer event date 12th may.

I have emailed [protected]@seatwave.com twice and a tweet to your help support on twitter and i'm being ignored!!! Where is my money £104.72. I still haven't received payment and this is a disgrace. My email is [protected]@me.com.

I need an answer today and payment made immediately or I will take this further to a complaints board!!!

unpaid tickets

coldplay ticket

Hi I bought the Coldplay ticket on 28th May 2017 for the concert in Germany Frankfurt which is scheduled on the 30th of June and paid for the delivery charges 25.99$ I still haven't recieved my ticket till date nor a notification that it will be sent.
My order confirmationnumber is 1959466
My registered email is [protected]@gmail.com
I need the ticket before I leave on holiday which is the 19th of June. Can you please look into it?

Thanks and regards
Gabriel Fernandes