Seatwavenever received ticket


Hello Seatwave.

I've been trying to get in touch with you for some time by now. Nearly 6 month ago my friends and I bought 7 Eminem tickets on a couple of different orders. I did never receive the 7th ticket, eve though I got a confirmation mail, that the ticket was send. I called once and after an hour on hold, I finally got through to a employee, who promised me the delivery would be there in short time, which did not happen. Unfortunately, I didn't receive my ticket at all. On behalf of that, I demand a refund for that specific ticket. I scrolled through trustpilot and noticed, that I am not the only victim of this "incident" nor am i not the only one not able to get through to you. Even though I decline the method of texting to result such issues, I find no other options, since your calling line seems to be overfull.

I've attached the email received, when the ticket was promised shipped.
The mail with order confirmation don't seem to be in my mailbox. However, the last four digits of my card is 3500, which should be the info. It's me or my friend who bought it, we don't remember who

Kindest regards

Stefan Olaf Larsen


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