D Nov 15, 2017

This email summarizes my opinion about Scribd customer service. I have had a couple of instances over the years where they do not cancel a trial memberships and then hit you with monthly charges. Here is my recollection of what I experienced:

1. Their free trial "roles over" to a monthly charge silently, never notifying you that this has, in fact, occurred. This policy turns into a classic "gotcha".
2. Their free trial cancellation system somehow misses the fact that you went through the website and clicked the cancel button. This is probably just a bug, but I've hit it twice. (I used only the web site and a Firefox browser for all interactions.)
3. There does not appear to be an email confirming cancellations, so you get no "receipt."
4. They send no receipts or indications of ongoing charges. This appears to be their policy.
5. Their end-user customer support is web/email only, refusing to provide support over the phone. While they can argue this is most efficient, some customers prefer the speed of phone support.
6. Their refund policy appears to be "last 30 days only, " even though the charges were incorrect (#2) and hidden from obvious view (#4).

Most of these issues appear to be the result of corporate policy. All I can do is advise people to stay away...or be very thorough with inspecting your credit card payments.

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