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  • Se
    segn66 May 11, 2010

    I have been working for Scotts for about 6mos. What I have to say is to basically all lawn service companies. For one TruGreen should be out of business. Scotts is the only company that makes their own products. Products so good that they sell all over the world. When is the last time you went a hardware or lawn store and saw Trugreen products-never, because their stuff comes ultimately from overseas like China or Mexico. Can Scotts guarantee that everyone of their employees will act appropiately ? No, but that's not a Scotts problem its a people problem. What I do know is that the Techs we have at my branch go through hell just to get trained and certified...and yes they do work long hours. If you want a nicve lawn, Scotts can do everything for you. We can't be there and water it and mow like we instruct and ppl are having residue weed problems then we come out within 48hrs of a complaint. It does no good to complain that you had weeds all season and now your pissed. Call us when you see the freakin weeds.
    In any account calling Scotts services a scam is just wrong and unfair. And to those "old" employees- I wouldnt even repeat one of your stories, because you have no crediblility.
    Remember, Yes Scotts is a Company with guarantees, but in the end we are human.

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  • Sc
    ScottsLawntech May 09, 2010

    Don't drink the Kool-Aid, I am a current Scott's employee and the horror stories are 100% true. This season they are raising the techs goals to cut back on that commission, so now a tech has to make more of a goal just to come back to the shop, if not they will be forced out to finish no matter how late it is. Do you think your tech is going to do a good job rushing to make goal? Do you wonder why he does your lawn in 10minn flat? This is why, they are forcing us to do poor quality work, we can't even talk to the customer in fear of falling behind in the day.
    The great pay? They still have Techs in the CT/Boston area at the $580 rate and hiring new people off the street at the new $640 rate per week. What kind of a company treats a veteran employee like that, keeping him at a lower rate than new hires? You question them why am I not bumped up to the new rate and get "well, you fell in under the old rates and we don't have to raise your pay", imagine that. What a great Company, a company that only survives off it's name. If they did not have the Scott's. Ortho and Miracle grow name they would be in trouble.
    Now back to the great job, also this season they are making you a salesman and not paying you the sales wages. They now say you have to make a sale a week on the road or be forced to work Sat at 1/2 rate pay, about $8 an hour. That is right: higher goals, require truck sales, keeping you at a lower rate than your brand new co-worker, poor training and safety equipment and this clown above says its's a great job?
    Great benefits? Yea, if you want to pay an arm and a leg and have the health insurance company charge you an extra $75 a week for being "unhealthy". The Chinese overtime system, 1/2 rate pay for over 40 hours. In our branch alone last year 75% of all new hires never made it the season, they quit and went to other companies.
    Beware you Scott's management goons, the truth is getting out, the illegal dumpings behind shops, the customer scams and the labor violations. The tech's in this company are getting fed up and organized, this is why unions form.

    To the customers, hire small local companies. It's not that we don't want to do quality work, we are forced to rush and do poor quality. Until the employees have a voice, safe working conditions and bargaining rights this will not change.

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  • Um
    umnbr1 Apr 09, 2010

    I really wish I would have read these stories before I started working for Scotts. I worked a season a for Sc otts in Michigan in 2009. They find every way possible to cheat you our out of commission in order to pay you $3-$5 /hr for overtime pay. If you are new and make any little mistake on a lawn they will take all your commission for the week. So if you worked 70 hours you would make your base pay of $460 for the week and then $3-$4 an hour for the 30 hours of overtime! If anyone calls the number on the back of the truck to complain about your driving they will also take your commission. They won't even listen to the explination. They also make you do paperwork and phone calls when you get done with a 10 hour day on the lawn which takes an extra hour. There is no way to get commission while doing the calls so you are making $3-$4 an hour again for that time. The whole system is a scam to make money off of the employee and give nothing back. My advice----- DON'T WORK FOR SCOTTS LAWN SERVICE UNLESS YOU'RE DESPERATE FOR A JOB!!!

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  • Br
    brbgrasslover Feb 14, 2010

    Okay people seriously? First off let me just say that I AM a current employee and have been for sometime., and Scotts is a great company. for everyone above who is saying there is no training, think again my friends. All of our employees are STATE LICENCED AND CERTIFIED technicians. We all go thru a 2 week training period of just learning how the day to day operations work, along with how to safely administer Scotts products. There are different degrees of certifications that MUST be obtained by ANYONE applying ferts, incecticides, fungicides, and especially PESTICIDES (seperate licences all in its self).
    So there is NEVER an unqualified employee on your lawn. We even have to take a STATE MANDATED TEST before we can even think about touching a lawn by ourselves. We all know that Scotts products are the best money can buy, PERIOD. Thats all i ever used before i started with the company.. Scotts TurfBuilder ... great product. We all know that, but whats funny, is that people think its 100% guaranteed to make your lawn PERFECT. WRONG!!! the products help your lawn get the proper amount of nutrients for a better looking lawn. There are billions of seeds in your soil, including weed seeds. If you are properly feeding your lawn EVERYTHING is gonna grow. A weed is a grass. Thats where the WORK comes in. Anyone can make grass green, buut not everyone can build a healthy lawn that is weed free. There are many products out there for weeds, but scotts company actually owns the rights to the famous ORTHO WEED B GONE.. i know we all know that product.. best in the business. We need to administer the problem weeds and kill them off as needed. it is a year long process, but if you keep up with it, your lawn will have less and less weeds every year because your lawn is healthy and naturally keeping weeds out because the grass "owns' the yard, not the weeds!.. And for your trees and shrubs, Scotts also owns MIRACLE GROW. That is the best in the world probably right? Very good product that every body uses(even grandma). The fact is, if someone feels like they need to bash a company, its probablly because they werent educated on how the process works. We DO NOT HAVE ANY CONTRACTS TO SIGN AND YOU CAN CANCEL AT ANY TIME.. we earn your business one service at a time with our Scotts guarantee, that if you are not COMPLETELY satisfied(within reason, cant lay sod down if you have grubs and didnt buy grub protection application) we will come out and address any issue that you have within 48hours FREE OF CHARGE. now Im not saying some "shady ###" doesnt happen, i dont know. I know the franchise i work for take GREAT PRIDE in being the best. Just because there have been a couple "bad apples" dont let them ruin the whole bunch. Scotts is a really good company with the best products available. and I use to sell cars and let me tell you... THERE IS NO BETTER COMPANY TO WORK FOR let me break it down for you: We get a weekly salary of 425.. we also get a certain amount per sale (if you are in sales).. we also get a production bonus(if you are a tech)... heres the hours.. january to march is whats called a "reject campaigne".. we call previous people that has told us no in the past or who have said that the price ws too much or had another company, and wee call them and try to earn their business for the upcoming season. we NEVER cold call, these are peole who have shown interest in our product and services and now we offer great discounts to get them on board with our company. those hours are typically 9-5, but if you hit yourdaily goal as a team you can leave early, we usually leave around 3. so i still get paid full amounts. come march to may is the really busy time OBVIOUSLY. its spring time. we work 12 hour or so days and we do get paid overtime for those days:
    if i made 600 $ this week and i worked 60 hrs... that come out to 10 $/hr...
    normal 40 hr wk at 10$/hr is 400..okay?... now at time and a half would be 15 $/hr for the remaining 20 hrs i worked... 15 x 20 =300 $... thats a total of 700 $ on your paycheck... EVEN THOUGH you only sold or produced 600 bucks worth.. i would take 700 over 600 Any day.. then comes the rest of the season, once fall comes and we complete our programs, we usually do some equipment repair and things around the shop.. andeven if we dont work 40 hours, we still get paid our salary of 425 a week.. and come december we do some training again and some product knowledge to get better for the next season we dont lay people off like our competetors, and come before christmas we get our annual bonus (which truly ranges from 1500 to 7000$).. its true.. i made $3763.42 last bonus and i worked my ### off for it.. if you do your job, you reep the benefits... and right before christmas til after the new year we get paid off vacation.. thats a week and a half PAID vacation... plus we get an additional weeks vacaction paid off during the year (just cant take it during prime time) ...the fact of the matter is.. JUST MAKE YOUR OWN MIND UP.. it is a great company who offer full medical and dental and vision and TAKE GREAT PRIDE IN OUR SERVICES AND OUR PEOPLE(customers).. WE LOVE GRASS!!! THATS IT.. WE LOVE OUR CAREERS AND WE LOVE HELPING PEOPLE BUILD A NICE LAWN THAT THE WHOLE FAMILY CAN LOVE. WE ARE SCOTTS AND WE LOVE IT!!

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  • Lw
    lwngrl3773 Aug 31, 2009

    I certainly will not believe the word of a former employee...come on...did you really think anyone would?

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  • Mi
    Mike B May 17, 2009

    Be careful on talking about the company, if they find out you question policy and the way they exploit workers with the overtime and long hours you will be labeled a "trouble maker" and bad for the moral of the shop. It got so bad in keeping people at our branch we had to turn to temp agencies to get people to work, even in this economy a job making a grand a week for 60-70 hours of work with forced 1/2 rate overtime is not keeping lawn techs. We officially have 4-5 techs who actually know what a weed is, the rest are kids who are just dumping products on lawns and spraying dangerous pesticide and insecticides all over your property. I worked in unions in the past and made a comment about this is the reason why workers organize and now I am officially on the "watch" list and getting audited at jobs all the time all of a sudden. Why is Scotts afraid of unions? Maybe because forcing workers to come in on Sat's when they are already at 55 hours, not giving us respirators or proper safety equipment when spraying insecticides/pesticides and actually having a manager suggest that you not to wear safety masks and respirators because it "scares" the customer. (I swear to God!)

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  • M8
    m8kmida May 11, 2009

    My son recently started working for Scott's. It's terrible work, exposure to the chemicals is unavoidable, the pay is terrible, they dock your commission if you make any mistake, you always work 40 hrs, even in bad weather, as they will make you do cold calls to drum up business when you aren't out working. Because the route given to the workers is inefficient, 4 hours on the road is common, and then they expect you to complete all of your jobs, and then do paperwork once you get back, entailing 12-13 hr days, 6 days a week, where overtime is paid at less then $4 an hour.

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  • La
    Lawn Guy Apr 26, 2009

    I work for Scotts in the Tri-State area of NY.. They hired me with no lawn care experience, made me watch a few hours of videos on truck operation, a video on how to push a spreader and the dangers of the chemicals we use. The next day we went with a veteran tech on the road (2 years on the job) in the pouring rain to do Lime applications. I questioned why we even did this in the rain since the Lime turns to mud and jams the hopper and makes it near impossible to apply correctly when we are charging $200 for a lawn application ($10 bags of lime). The Tech told me we work rain or shine to make money, even in bad weather when treatments will not be effective. After the first day I was on my own with no knowledge of lawn care to be a "service tech".

    In the first week I seen them hire a few guys, most quit after a week when they see the Scam that Scotts runs on its employees along with the customers. You see Scott has its Tech's on a salary type system of $500 and change a week, they give the line that it pays off when you work less than 40 hours and still get that same base salary, though the senior tech told me that never happens and expect to work 60-70 hours a week, 6 days a week. Now before you say that is great overtime think again, since they pay you salary they get out of the time and a 1/2 laws and pay you half rate that comes out to about $6 an hour when you go over 40 hours. That is why they never complain about Techs being out all day (10-12 hours) getting as many jobs done, they are only paying you half rate! What a bargain and the bonus system is a scam also, you have Techs given a goal of say 1200 bucks say(the price of each customers job added up to 1200) so you have Techs "ghosting" or doing half [censored] jobs on your lawns to finish the goal to get that little bonus and get to go home before the sun goes down.

    In the time I been with the company I seen its all about Greed, how to make money off the suckers who think they are getting "professional" lawn service with water downed products you can buy at home Depot and save a huge amount of money. This company has to be the worse to work for, and I worked in Retail and places like Walmart are country clubs compared of the crap this place pulls. All I have to say is beware if you are a customer, the stories of Techs dumping bags of product in the woods to make it look like they did the job happens all the time and the "ghosting" when you are not home saying they did the lawn application happens all the time.

    My suggestion, make sure you are on the "Must call list" and be home when the service is done, less chance a half [censored] ghost job will be done. Also tell them no applications in the rain to be put on the bill. If you get tree and shrub service use a tree service, Scotts has screwed up so many tree's and shrubs with screwed up applications that killed everything.

    Go ahead and call me a liar for the managers who post the pro-Scotts garbage, this is the truth from what I see as a "trained" tech.

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  • La
    Lawn man Apr 10, 2009

    I work for Scott's lawn service in Runnemede an we are a great company we do things the way our customers ask we take our job sersiouly there is something wrong with you maybe you got fired for not being a good employee and is just mad you lost your job . If you want a green lawn that is healthy choose Scott's

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  • Th
    The Man Oct 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    you have no clue what you are talking about, Scotts is a wonderful company and has great service along with very experianced technitians, also i hear great things about them from customers, it would be very wrong to ghost lawns and Scotts has zero tolerance for such things, also Scotts is very prompt at completing service calls and credits to accounts, overall it is a great company . I work for Scotts and also am a loyal customer my lawn is weed free .

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