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I am writing for all the problems I have been facing with Santander bank. My name is Sneha Bhat and I am a student at Clark University. My Santander bank account number is [protected]. I opened my account with Santander during their visit at Clark campus through your representative, Flori Micani.
Since then, we have faced several problems due to his naive behaviour. He sent in all of our debit cards really late as he had forgotten to add our names on the envelopes. He wired an amount of $138000 instead of $1380 to the CFA institute which obviously didn't reach them because I didn't have that much funds in my account. He opened 2 checking accounts for my friend Manvi Talwar and has been bothering her since then to come to the branch to close her account. He had not activated the debit card passcode for my friend Harsh Chitroda due to which he couldn't use his debit card for a very long time. All of us had already planned on closing our accounts with Santander when this new problem came up. I had received an email on my Clark email id regarding a job which I assumed will be an on-campus job since it was sent on my Clark student email account. He sent me a check of $2750 which was supposed to be given to some store credit manager. Later, it turns out he was a fraud and that check was also a fraudulent one. I just came in a month ago to be studying at Clark. I come from an affluent Indian family and I definitely don't need to fraud people for money. However, the bank closed my account citing that there was a fraud alert. I have even sent in all the emails and other details to Mr. Flori which very well prove that I had nothing to do with the fraudulent check. I wasn't informed about my account closure and much later, my father sent in money for my rent and utilities. Now, the bank has blocked my own money for so long and my landlord has been charging me for late payment on daily basis. It has been weeks and there has been nothing done about it. Please help out regarding the same. That's an urgent request.

Oct 08, 2019

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