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B Nov 13, 2018
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Hi. My name is lanzaddy. I'm having trouble with Santander when it comes to my car payment. I have been on time within/on time making my payments. Recently I have been calling them so I can document the differences between my monthly payments and the amount I would need to payoff my car. Within the last month or two I have talked to them because it's getting closer for me to become the owner of my car due to paying a little extra on my car payment. Which is a very high payment close to $500 Originally. In October I have made a nice payment so I wouldn't have to worry about making a payment for November. My next payment would b due in December which should have been $180 for the month from speaking with a customer representative. November 2nd I sent $400 dollars so I can go another month ahead so I can stay ahead of my payments because I like to make payments early instead of late or close to due date. Which would have carried over to January if not February. This is where things take a turn. November 11, 2018 I contacted Santander consumers to make sure i didn't have a payment again until the following month and as I'm speaking with a representative about it the first time. I was told that the $400 I sent went to my principal. Now this is what one representative told me. Something didn't seem right so I called my father so I can have the second ear for the conversation I was having with them. Since he has permission by me to be able to hear our conversation and it's documneted. So I called back again and the second time I called and spoke with them I was told that my payment went to my interest instead of principle and that it doesn't matter cause they can do as they please. It doesn't matter and that it's up to them when it comes to making a payment and that I still have to pay an extra $440 dollars for my car payment now I've been sending more than that so I can pay them off quicker instead because that's the type of person I am I hate being late and feeling like I didn't make the payment on time or early even if I made the payment.
I need some help and advice about this situation


  • Yv
    YvettePena Dec 06, 2018

    I have been having the same issue with Santander. When I called and asked for my payoff I got one amount. Then was told they hadn't reconciled my account and that I may owe more. What back doesn't do reconciliations. I hate them

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  • Ld
    L Douglas Dec 12, 2018

    I've been having problems with Santander concerning my payments. I had purchased my vehicle in 2015 it's now December 2018, and they're saying I owe more than my purchase price. I'd asked what happened to the three years of monthly payments of $378.00 I've been paying, and they stated it went to my interest. They are truly ripping us off and I hope they be investigated and put out of business.

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