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Both my husband and I left to Barbados on June 9th at LAX to Miami to Barbados return on June 17th to Miami to LAX. I bought the flight tickets through Sandals a year ahead. The flights I purchased, times got change several times last minute for both arrival and departure. The service here could have been better. Their customer service was very hit and miss. Most staff moved pretty slow meaning if you went to restaurant took awhile to ever get your food from time of order about 30-40 minutes so expect dinner to take an hour 1 hour and half to finish. If you order a drink that may be your only drink even if person walks by and notice your glass empty. We would go into a restaurant and maybe a one customer in front and still waiting for awhile . Maybe, Barbados. Just move at slower pace but to sit and wait when there are barely any customer and three to four workers just doesn’t make sense, First thing, every time we order room service for food typically the order was incorrect and took about 45 minutes to get and you could not order any food after 10pm Barbados time. If we ask for extra bacon we get no extra bacon . If we order there macaroni and cheese with pull pork they sent macaroni and cheese no pull pork but sent us nachos with pull pork on top that we didn’t order, the fruit with cottage cheese included a plateful of fruit but a 1 tablespoon container with cottage cheese . The person whom clean our room was great but our dishes from our room services were piling up for 2 days in our porch area that had a tub outside. I scheduled a massage and the lady escorted me and another lady to women lockers room seem very curt and impatient. She talk so fast and was like to the right here bathroom to left your locker and and here is how to lock your locker so quickly the other lady was from England was like she was so fast and not personable at all and didn’t understand how to lock her locker so I had to assist her. I have to say my massage wax amazing so I tip the therapist $100 cash. But after my massage the therapist do try to same you products mind you my bill was already about $400 because no one tells you before the service they charge a 12.5 service charge. I’m like is that a tip for therapist in case for those that don’t tip. I felt that should been told to customer before making the appointment. The last thing that really upset us was day of departure . We were given the day before about our departure and when to be ready. Originally, we were suppose to leave in afternoon and that got change early morning. We had to have our bags outside of room by 4 am Barbados time or 1am our time. Pretty rough . No one pick our stuff until 4:30am then we waited in lobby until 5 am when our bags were being loaded our bags were situated were no one could see them and probably would of never been put on truck if we didn’t notice. Also, only a single to us at this time as far as snacks or anything was hot beverages. Our flight wasn’t leaving until 8am Barbados time. The only thing open in airport was subway or convenience store with junk food and the flight was like 5 hours. We were starving we ate 1:30 pm by the time we had layover and boarded another flight at 3:30 pm Miami time We had to sit on plane for 2 hour wait due to weather left at 6 pm then had drink and small bag of pretzels on flight on American Airlines to get in LAX at 8 pm . So, I can say we literally had a 19 hour day wasted on trying to get home having one meal and one snack starving . It was horrible .