San Jose Mercury Newspapernews delivery scam

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A supposed "college student" came to my door selling subscriptions for the newspaper. He was telling people he went to Ohlone College and needed to get subscriptions for a Marketing class he was attending. He asked for my subscription and gave me a receipt for a paper telling me he would have his "counselor" call me back within a week or so to confirm that I wanted the paper. I did get a call, and tried to make sure he had signed me up for Sunday delivery Only. She confirmed and a few days later I started receiving daily papers. I did not want the daily paper, so I called the Mercury News. They told me that they could change the subscription, however I told them just to cancel and I wanted my money back. They told me they would get my money back - and quoted a different amount than I paid that they received. The kid must have pocketed the rest of the money!! Upon further research, there is no marketing class at Ohlone college this term. This is a scam!


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      Jan 22, 2018

    Yesterday's paper delivered today is annoying and useless. Twice in last two weeks and if it happens again i'm through!

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