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Complaints & Reviews

repair of tv under warranty

I bought a 32 inch samsung tv on april 29 that had a one year warranty.In early june the picture turned a dark color, then black. I took it offline and replaced with an old 20 year old tv while trying to get the original fixed. I called samsung and they said they would try to find a local repairman to repair the set. About a week later I decided to try the tv again. It worked and I called samsung and informed that it had repaired itself. It worked ok until august 22 when it failed again. After a call to samsung they located a local repairman to work on the set. On 29 august a local repairman came out, looked at the tv and ordered a new video board. Did not work. After unsuccessful attempts to get the repairman to fix the tv, samsung finally found another repairman to work on it. On october 4, a repairman came out, same problem and ordered another video board on oct 6. Nine days later on october 15, repairman called and said samsung called that day and stated they needed another number off the tv before they could send the part. Still waiting for my new tv to be fixed. I compained many times to samsung about the tv and lack of service, and requesting that they provide another tv or just return my money. Stated they couldn't do it. The botton line is that after almost two months I still am waiting for my tv to be repaired. Although the representatives at the company were very courteous and seemed serious about providing good service I am extremly upset about the compainies response, and still waiting for the problem with the tv to be fixed.


Stan garoutte

  • Ma
    mariela Mar 12, 2009

    Wow! Your complaint sounds so familiar to mine. My t.v. had the same problem. The repair companies that Samsung has under their warranty attempted to fix the main board 3 times, through a period of 6months and the t.v. is still not working correctly. After the 3rd repair, under warranty, if the t.v. doesn't work, Samsung is suppose to replace it FREE OF CHARGE. Customer Service response: " Under the the warranty, we can only offer you an upgraded t.v., but you must pay the difference, $625.00." Can you believe this!!! These ### have the nerves to pull a scheme such as this one! Misleading and undermining me, as the customer, after I paid over $1, 000 for a malfunctioned Samsung LCD t.v.! This is very frustrating and I will definitely by seeking some advise from my lawyer. IF YOU ARE READING THIS RIGHT NOW, DO YOURSELVES A FAVOR AND DON'T BOTHER BUYING A SAMSUNG TELEVISION!!!


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  • Sm
    SmsngJunk Jun 03, 2009

    I and 100's of others have experienced the same problem. I have a 3 year old 40" Samsung LCD and about two days ago the picture is gone and you can only hear the sound. Of course my warranty ran out 25 days ago. I am not paying any repair fees after paying $3000.00 for this piece of junk. I have paid enough. These Samsung products are defective and we need to organize a class action lawsuit against Samsung. I am contacting other people with a similar problem. Please email me at [email protected] so we can proceed to organize something. We can't let this one slip by. These products are defective.

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  • Kh
    Khanyi Mangna Feb 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sumsung South Africa
    I bought the 400L at Makro on the 17/07/2010. and on the 10/02/2011 my fridge stop working. I logg the call with Sumsung and the REF is 7111436620. The technician comes out but he didnt have the transfomer, the lady by the name of Caroline (011 984 6164)told me that I have to wait as they are receiving the stock from Korea, how redicolous is that, she refused that i must be given a new fridge because Im black, the service is sucks, if I knew I would go for LG it theis service is excellent. We must boycott buying the Sumsung products

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poor customer service

In the past I made the mistake of purchasing a "brand name" product, assuming that I would receive better services should things go wrong. However, this is a mistake I will not ever do again. I purchased 3 air conditioners, 2 tv sets and everything was fine until I needed customer service. I was told that I would have to pay to have my ac returned to my closest repair place, which happened to be in michigan. Being from wv I found this ridiculous. It was under warranty but the customer service people were rude. Told me there was nothing they could do about it. Fixed the problem myself. Took it out side and beat the crap out of it vowing never to buy nothing else from them. Last mother's day, my children decided to get me a new cellphone. Guess what they picked out? Yes! It's a samsung. Owning it just 70 days it completely died. I contacted them the first time to which I was told that it would cost me $65.00 for them to fix it. My children only paid 68.00 for it. I ask the man if he was on some kind of drugs. Still ticked off after a few days I decided to call back and complain to someone other than the customer service reps. This time I got a nice lady who said that what I was told by this man was incorrect and that I did have a years warranty and it should not cost me nothing. The cell phone has been sent off for several weeks and i'm still waiting patiently. I hope this one gets straightened out.

Word to the wise... Send samsung to bankruptcy. They are more than happy to tell you what you want to hear when something is purchased but then if you have a problem? Forget about it.

Tv's? 1 has already tore up right after warrenty expired and just idlely waiting for the others.

  • Valerie Oct 17, 2008

    My 45 day old Samsung LCD TV broke in early July. Since it was under warranty, Samsung told me to ship it at my expense($18.39 on 7/11/08)to the service center. The TV came back just as broken as when I sent it. I was advised to send it back a second time at my expense ($18.39 on 7/23/08). The TV came back fixed, but I sent a letter of complaint on 7/23/08 saying that they should reimburse me for having to ship it a second time. I received no response to that letter. I made follow up phone calls on 8/27/08 and 9/22/08. Someone finally called on 9/27/08. When I returned the call on 9/29/08, I was told they do not reimburse for shipping, but that they could extend my warranty by 8 months. While I am glad about that, I still feel they should reimburse me for the second shipping expense, and for my trouble in having to hound them for 3 months. I would be unlikely to purchase a Samsung product again. 10/1/08 - One day after I originally posted this, Samsung called and offered to reimburse me for postage for the second shipping instead of the warranty extension. I took the money, although it would have been nice if they had offered both.

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  • Na
    Natesh Behl Oct 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am Natesh Behl from india and I have had a worst experience with samsung. I bought a samsung referigerator, mobile phone, microwave, television set and washing machine but of no use. Each and every product is ridiculous.Services provided by Samsung are also very poor and not up to the mark. one can throw his/her money into a savage place than to buy samsung. I have so many problems with samsung. few days ago my samsung microwave started giving problem and when i did call samsung engineer he said there is some thing wrong in IC. we told him to make it right. he did hardly anything to make it right he did cleaned the ic with a brush and charged rupees 1700, and the problem is as it is.Now it is not working .Now when we are calling him time and again he is not picking up the phone.This is the height of sheer negligence.Problem was found in the door switches of microwave and he cleaned the ic. This is the condition of their engineers. They dont know how to examine the fault in their own products.They are just befooling the people and making illicit money. They are doing nothing for their, but they are losing their faith on customers which is not good for anymultinational company. They are bankrupts. They can't value our hard earned money.It is absurd to buy a brand like SAMSUNG.It deserves contempt rather than appreciation.I dont have and shall not have any genre of problems with genuine Brands like PHILIPS, PANASONIC, SONY AND LG EVEN WITH SANSUI.But i have never seen a worst brand like SAMSUNG. I recommend every one not to waste his/her money on this brand. You will surely repent in the future if you ever do this mistake of buying samsung.PLS, PLS, PLS, PLS value your hard earned money and save your precious time.I will never do this foolishness of buying this ridiculous brand in the future. I hope who will read this review will comply on my advise.

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  • Na
    Natesh Behl Oct 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Dm
    dmkamenski Apr 22, 2009

    i've had my ht-wx70t repaired twice and it still doesn't work. do you sell rhe main unit with out remote, speakers, wireless speaker set up? If so don't send me something that does work.
    send info to [email protected]

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  • Ka
    KaylaMccloy Jun 26, 2009

    Think your safe with purchasing brand name products? Not with Samsung!

    Most people will purchase big name products for the security of knowing they care about there costumers enough to help them they are at fault, well think again.

    I called Samsung June 23 09 to find out how to get a new battery for my digital camera, the lady on the phone gave me the "product code" and a few places I would be able to find it, most of the places didn't have it but I managed to find it at The Source. They said they didn't actually have the battery but could order it in but it would cost $15 on top of the cost of the battery, I agreed and paid upfront. A few days later I went back to pick up my battery and realized it was not the correct one! I looked at the "product code" on there box and it was indeed the same one I gave them. They refunded my money for the battery but did not refund the $15 delivery fee because, of course, they gave me exactly what I had ordered.

    The next day I called Samsung back to tell what had happened, the lady on the phone was extremely rude and told me I must have wrote down the wrong code, it's not there fault and there was nothing they could do about it. I asked her if she would give me the code again and this time it was 3 digits shorter! So she is basically telling me I somehow added on 3 digits to my code? I talked to my boyfriend who previously worked at a future shop and he told me that even if I did somehow add on 3 digits, the chance of it being another product code is slim to none.

    I decided to take it higher, I asked to speak with a supervisor or someone above her and she gave me ever excuse in the book as to why that wouldn’t be possible. Primarily it was that there was no supervisor, then the phones where unable to transfer, and eventually I pushed and she said that there would be someone above her who could call me back in 48 hrs! If your supervisors are that busy that they will be on the phone for 48hrs before they can contact me, obviously you guys are doing something wrong. When the supervisor did call me she was already angry she told me the only option was to order another battery from a store called global electronic supplies, and it will take 10 business days to arrive and I would have to pay another shipping fee! They also said that they can’t remove any shipping fees because it was not there company. I tried to find someone higher then the supervisor but they dragged there feet in the mud the whole way and said they couldn't give me any information on contacting anyone higher.

    After spending almost a week giving them shot after shot to redeem themselves, I surrendered. I decided to just buy another digital camera that was not, and that no product ever will be again, anything from the Samsung brand. So let this be a lesson I learned for you, think going with big name products like Samsung will mean better service? Think again!

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  • Th
    Thomas Jones Dec 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a 46" Samsung television in 2008. It is now December of 2011 and the television no longer works. I paid close to $2000.00 for the television and this is way too soon for an sophisticated electronic device to have become useless. The worst part is that I contacted Samsung and they admitted that this model had problems with its capicators and offerred to repair them for free. It turns out that the capicitors were not the complete problem and the mother board was malfunctioning. The repair person intimated that the defective capicitors could have caused the mother board to fail. When I contacted Samsung and explained the issue they refused to do anything even after I talked to a supervisor. I do not believe that this is proper and will not buy any other Samsung products. I would recommend looking at other manufacturers before purchasing a Samsung.

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service quality - parts supply

Is it a must for samsung to supply parts not before 3-4 weeks!!

I live in turkey.

I am very disappointed that 2 samsung products both became non operational within 6 months after I bought.

However the reason I buy samsung was eliminate these happens! I can understand things can broken.

Unfortunately, it is important samsung to fix them asap not within 3-4 weeks!

What a shame for samsung turkey, that they can not keep or supply parts immediately.

  • Ja
    james Oct 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a samsung tv(32" LCD) in april of 2007, after a few months the sound started going out. I called customer service who sent me an upgrade, that didn't fix it. After complaining to samsung and coping with their attitudes they sent me a new TV. After a while this TV started developing pixel problems. Again I called Samsung who sent out a service tech and put in a new screen. NOW I am having sound problems with this one. I called Samsung and they won't honor fixing it because it is out of warranty, I asked for my money back and they told me it was not an option. Their customer service representatives have attitudes and don't care about the consumer. I will never purchase or recommend a Samsung product again.

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expensive design fault

In 2007 I bought a samsung clp300 laser printer. After around 10 months a sheet of a.4 paper became stuck on on the exit roller. It transpires that there is absolutely no access to free jammed paper at this point.In effect, the machine was unfixable and was scrapped. I went back to the store, (stapels u. K. ) and explained the problem. There was nothing, (they said) that they could do about it. Up to this point I had thought that the printer was performing pretty well for a budjet printer and so, hoping that the intitial problem was just an unlucky fluke I bought another. And guess what ? After 8 months this time the same thing has happened again, the paper at the exit roller becoming entwined around the roller and no access to free it. So I need to contact samsung but, suprise suprise, I cannot find any number or email address to enable me to contact them.
Anyone have any meaningful advice or helpful email/telephone numbers would be most welcome. If such advice takes the form of " dont buy another " or "you are an idiot for buying the second printer" please dont bother submitting it, because I know and I agree

  • Ja
    JAKEMEHOFF Oct 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Zr
    ZRAFII Nov 02, 2009

    I had a similar problem. I sent an e-mail to Samsung with a cut and paste reply that was irrelevent to the problem. A PC technician advised that the pickup roller needs to be changed since it worked for 3 pages only after cleaning with isopropyl alcohol. Samsung claims that the roller is usefull for 50, 000 pages but I have printed less than 500 pages when the problem occured!

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refrigerator door

Bought a sumsung 300 ltrs refrigerator in may 2002.
Ever since, there was a cooling problem for which the cooloing unit was replaced within a period of couple of months of purchase. Thereafter there were number of visits by the service people and it was found that the main unit door was going out of alignment and as a result the cold was not generating and the compressor was always on. Everytime the door was tightened. During my last complaint on the same issue (Complaint no bp [protected]) while attending the same, the engineer adviced that the defective bottom door costing about rs 5000/- is to be replaced as the bottom of the door, where the hinge goes in, has become totally bad.

My fridge is in absolutely new condition without any blemish and now it is apparent that somehow I was sold a refrigerator with a defective door.

I am yet to come accross a refrigerator whose door required replacement in 5-6 years usage in spite of the fridge being almost new.

I am an ardent samsung user, I don't know what will be the company's response to this but if not heeded, there is going to be an addition to the list of dissatisfied ones.

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not replacing broken fridge

About 8 months ago I bought a fridge from samsung. 3 months ago the cooling system stopped working in the fridge. I contacted samsung who sent out a repair man who just confirmed what I thought that was the last time I heard anything from them. I have been calling every week only to be told we dont know whats happening we will call back, they never do. I have not had a cold fridge for 3 months now. Word of advise never purcahse a samsung product!! Their customer servise is ### they dont care what you say they dont care about their customers. I will never shop through them again. I just hope they replace my fridge before the warranty runs out!!!

  • S
    s Oct 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too have a heap of rubbish called a Samsung fridge freezer. Try to get it repaired? What a joke. Never by anything Samsung again. No service, same thing happened to me. It has broken down yet again today and can't find anyone who will repair it. They just tell me they can't get Samsung parts.

    What a crap product!!!

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pathetic service by samsung for my fridge.

Dated: 11th september, 2008
From: rohit sehgal
Flat no. H - 8, galaxy apartments
Vikaspuri, n. Delhi - 110018.
Ph. 011 - [protected]

To : the cmd
Samsung india ltd
New delhi.

Subject: report of samsung fridge model no. Sr - 34emb pending for repairs.


Please refer to my complaint no. [protected] dated 27. 8. 2008 regarding repair of my double door fridge model no. Sr - 34emb, which has no cooling almost since last 3 months.

In this connection I would like to inform you that earlier in the month of may, 2008 the fridge started giving trouble and stopped cooling. We called samsung and engineers of samsung visited us and they filled the gas in the fridge as they told that there is leakage of gas from the fridge. We were charged nearly rs. 1400 / - for filling the gas. Then after a few days, the fridge again stopped cooling. We contacted the samsung engineer who informed us to put hot water in the freezer compartment. He further admitted that it was the fault of the samsung engineer that he should have melted the frozen gas before filling the gas and that is the reason for the stoppage of cooling. Then in the month of august the fridge again started giving trouble and it was not able to cool things.In this connection, mr. Jatinder, technical engineer of your company visited on 31. 8. 08 vide our complaint no. [protected] dated 27. 8. 2008 and reported for a replacement of a sensor and its inner body in order to get cooling. He said it would cost us another rs. 1900 / - for making the cooling as normal. He further informed that the parts would be arranged within next 2 - 3 days. But when I called the call centre, I came to know that the parts would be available only upto 10. 9. 2008.

Further, when no information came from your company side till 10. 9. 08 we again contacted the call centre on 10. 9. 2008 and it was informed that the parts have been received and will be replaced today i. E. 10. 9. 08.

However, it has been informed by mr. Usman, supervisor in the evening at 5. 15 pm of 10. 9. 08 that the said part received for replacement was damaged and it would again require another five working days to get another part i. E. Upto 15. 9. 08.

In this connection you are requested to kindly look into the matter personally as earlier also we have given rs. 1400 / - and now again your company is asking for another rs. 1900 / - and that too for the same trouble i. E. For cooling and even thou when the problem was due to your company engineer as he had not melted the gas at the time of filling the gas in the fridge. As the fridge is constantly giving problems since the time of filling of the gas, you are requested to get the fridge repaired with no further charges as we have already paid charges for the gas and please get it repaired at the earliest possible.

Kindly acknowledge.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

(Rohit sehgal)
Contact ph. 011 - [protected]
Email id : [protected]

Copy to: 1. Sh. Dinesh chandra, gm (Marketing) , samsung india ltd.
2. [protected]

  • Jd
    JDASIS Feb 17, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Stolen Cell phone
    [Samsung Galaxy Win] with a IMEI no 357361052365025

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poor service after sales

i have purchased a split air conditioner 2.00 ton last year from ur local dealer. and after some time it starts giving some problem, i informed u and that time it got repaired as there was the gas leakage problem..but now from last 1 month this problem occurs again and again i informed my local service center, but there was no response from that side.Then i ask ur dealer for same but no response.At last i got ur costumer care no.i.e.[protected] and i called them and they gave my compliant no [protected] but again nothing done..then after some days i again called them and ur executive commited me that it will be done today only but again there was no response. Now I would like to request u to remove the problem occured in my ac othrvse i"ii be enforced to knock the door of court.

  • So
    Somnath Dey Apr 15, 2010

    Hi, I have purchased a Samsung 1 ton split AC in 21-06-2009 on faith that I would get a worldclass service as they generally promise. But I found it totally wrong. Within 1 year the compressor got damaged and after 3 days the engineer visited and told us that it would be taken the next day and would be replaced within 1/2 days. But the next day they didn't came and when we tried to call them, they simply denied that they can't come today and can't tell us the exact date when they are going to take the damaged compressor.

    My complaint number is : 8404892464.
    Model Number : AS-12 EXA / 1 ton split
    My mobile Number : 9433017126
    E-mail id : [email protected]

    Now God knows when we are going to get the AC running in too much hot climate out here. Hence it is suggested please think twice before purchasing Samsung AC's or may be the other equipments also, because ultimately the Service would be from the "Samsung" altogether.

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service complaint

I have bought a samsung mobile phone (Sgh-m610) from subiksha mobile shop, kitchlu nagar, ludhiana (Punjab). The mobile set is within the warranty period. After two months of my purchase mobile set has started giving problems. Its voice speaker goes off at the time of listening to the call. I have have give the phone to samsung service centre (Solution plaza, nirmal nagar, ludhiana) to correct the problem. They said that they have checked the set and does not find any problem in it.
Is the consumer is telling alie ? The problem is still there.
I have bought samsung mobile because of its global name in the market.
Kindly solve my problem unless I have to sale my mobile.

  • Pu
    Pushpa Pandey Sep 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a 25' flat tv model plano from beter deals janakpuri in the month of feb2008. I found some problem shows in my tv.I book a complaints on 012030308282 . I got a bp no. 8408130717 dated 04/09/2008. A mechenic visit on 05/09/2008 and adjust his friquency through remot control.But he not final set friquency. He told me i visit within a week with a memory IC from samsung and replace it.
    You do not call any day another day mechanic visited my home and adjusted the frequency.but he also day i received a sms thanks to solve my promblem.I came to know surprised that my promblem as it .How a mechanic cheat me.I go to my dealer and book a complaints dated 08/09/2008 .but i regreatfully write no man visited till date to solve my promblem. If you not solve my promblem I can move the consumer court.

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  • Dv
    DVC. DTPS . DURGAPUR-7 Sep 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir,
    I have purchase 2-TFT color monitor ( 740NW ) from ASTRIC COMPUTER, C.R. AVENUE. KOL-72 DATED ON 22 aUG 2008.
    One of them when start the computer a blue/green line vertically appear. I am also complin your customer care and they send engineer and they decided to replace the TFT. But still 2 weeks running they are not respond anymore. I am also again inform your customer care but still they are not respond. I am now puzelled and hopeless.Please do something.
    For your information I have given you the full details below :
    MODEL NO :740NW
    MY TELEPHONE NO : 9474375219/03324304731.

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  • Le
    Leaster Albuquerque Nov 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sir im using samsung g800 mobile phone. i had complain i went to the customer service center at panaji near the tata show room 2 months ago they said the mobile strip has gone and they dont have it in stock, So i use to call and check every time, the use to tell me ill call u back and there was no reply, 3 days before i called them the same thing, today i called on 6641000 some 1 named vivek ans the phone and i told him, The way he ans the phone as if he was not interested to help me, he directly cut down the phone on my face, and then the phon was busy for an hour, I dont know what to do, I payed 19, 000 for my phone, And now i feel i made a wrog decision in buying it, Samsung name is globally but in coustmer service center its Zero.

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  • Ma
    Manju Nov 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Kr
    krishnan venugopal Apr 06, 2009

    i had given a complaint regard my air conditioner not working. the complaint no is 8404593750.

    a technician from their serivce centre at bowenpally at hyderabad came on 2nd april and checked the a/c and confirmed the compressor needs to be replaced under warranty.

    he said his office will revert.

    i have been following up with the samsung service call centre since then, but till now no further response or action for rectifying the air conditioner.

    i thought samsung was a good company with good products and service.

    though their products are good the service is not up to the mark and needs to be more customer oriented.

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  • Ra
    RAGHAV GUPTA Jun 13, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Samsung split ac 1.5 ton (crystal wine ), model no. AS18EFB

    On 04/06/2009, I bought samsung split ac 1.5 ton (crystal wine ), model no. AS18EFB for Rs. 28, 490 Invoice No.920 from samsung plaza ( Prop. United Electronics ), Rattan Tower, Namdev chowk, Circuit House Road, Jalandhar 144001, Punjab, India .
    A.C. stopped working after couple of days .I made a complaint against it but no action being taken yet . I am very disappointed with services of samsung . i request you to please send a engineer to us so that it can be repaired... and if it is not repairable then with due consideration it should be replaced



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  • Aa
    aar ess transformers Aug 04, 2009

    i bought a samsung tft 17 inches screen for my computer it has a spot over screen.i complained nobody is being taking the responsibility.i m thinkking to go to consumer court.if any body can solve my problem can call 9818577163

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  • Aa
    aar ess transformers Aug 04, 2009

    i bought a samsung 17 inches display for my comp.there is a spot on screen.i complained.nobody is taking responsibiity of it.if there is somebody who can do something can call 9818577163.otherwise i have been thinking to go to consumer court

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  • Ba
    baljit issar Sep 20, 2009

    I purchased a Samsung fully automatic washing machine from M/s Paras Traders Karnal about 3 years ago-incredibly i have got the PCB replaced 5 times from the local samsung service centre-all paid--dont have the time to fight it out in the consumer court--an electrician now told me that the fuse is of a higher capacity and does not prevent high voltage from damaging the pcb-.after this i shall knock the doors of the consumer court--
    baljit issar
    [email protected]

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  • Co
    Complaint from VISHAK Dec 24, 2009


    sulthan bathery
    Ph- 9645993312

    I have purchaced a samsung monitor from your dealer SM soft, sulthanbathery, wayanad
    and it was complaied your technition came to our house and said that the monitor cant repaired. He said that he will replace the monitor. For that he said to handover the invoice copy to M/S SM soft.After 1 month i went to the dealer and he told me that he forwarded itto the company.I waited and after 3 months the dealer asked me to talk to the service center manager, Mr thahir i contacted him and talked about the issue but he told me that he didnt get the bill copy so i again handover it to the SM soft.After 1 month i rang Mr thahir and he told that he forwarded the invoice copy to the company.regarding that the company will ready to provide 22 inch LCD monitor.Inorder to get that i should give my CRT monitor & around Rs 2000/- as DD to samsung.They informed me to contact within 2 weeks. after 3 weeks i didnt get any call, so i rang them and they asked me to send the DD.I done that.after 1 week i rang them but they said that this year will not provide the LCD monitor & they are ready to give it in the next year but i didnt agree with them. after that he rang me & are ready to give 16 inch monitor. He had to tell me this before i send the DD Allready 6 months passed such a reputed company like Samsung are doing this like to a customer?does the company have the right to service my monitor ? is it my mistake? i misunderstood that Samsung is the best for customer satisfaction.I hope that you will take a fine decision.

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mtn service & repair complaint

On 12 August 2008 I took my phone in for repairs and for an update. Its a Samsung D900i, I informed the service consultant that the phone or chrome finishing was peeling and that the phone continuously switches off. I was not sure what the problem was but I am hoping to get my phone back as soon as possilbe. I requested that the window on the phone also be replaced, followed by the question of how much will it cost me?? I was informed that the service would be free as I was a contract customer, the peeling was clearly evident and no fault of my own.

I was told that I would be informed when the phone does arrive. I made several enquiries with the MTN branch in Estcourt, both telephonically and personally. This was met with by unresponsive and clearly annoyed service consultants.

After making several enquiries and subsequent visits to the Estcourt branch, I was given the number of the repair centre who informed me that they had dispatched my phone via a courrier service in Johannesburg. I contacted Johannesburg "courrier service" and was informed by a rude lady that the phone was dispatched to Newcastle and she was unsure when I would recieve it. I was then given the number of newcastle courrier service and informed that they might deliver my phone on Friday or "sometime" next week.

The phone had been at the "couriers' for over 7 days. After going to the Estcourt branch on Monday 1 September 2008 at 13:30 my phone had not yet arrived. At around 14:50 a service consultant from the branch called telling me that my phone was back and that I could collect it.

At approximately 16:17 I once again went to MTN Estcourt and waited for over 20 minutes before being served by a consultant. The phone that was given to me was clearly more damaged than it originally was... scratches that was everywhere, the phone slider had been greased and the goey stuff was on my fingers.. (evidence that it had service had been done???) on further inspection the phone the battery was not mine...i had a battery that was white in color / the battery that was now being given to me was old, black and scratched. The window was not replaced nor was the chrome finishing which was peeling... the service consultant looked at my reaction and she herself I think was shocked at the sight of my phone!!!

Am I upset about the situation? Hell Yes

I have not accepted the phone and was assured a call by the Estcourt branch by 09h00 its now 09h52 and still no call.

I am disappointed at the service I recieved from the consultants. Several calls and visits to the branch. Disappointed that I had to make enquiries trying to locate the phone. After being a customer of MTN for the past ten years I am deeply shocked and horrified with the services, customer service agents, couriers, the repair service being POOR - DISGUSTINGLY SO! and most especially I am disappointed in the fact that service standards have dropped so drastically.

I hold three contracts with MTN and I feel cheated. Right now I feel like cancelling all my contracts altogether!!

  • El
    Ellen Wright Sep 04, 2009

    My husband upgraded in March at Cell C to the SAMSUNG D900i - after five months - August 28/08/2009 - the LED screen busrt for NO reason - the phone was in his top shirt pocket (where he alwasy keeps his phone ) whislt he was driving. When he took the phone out to make a call - we saw that the screen has burst - when we took the phone to Cell C on Tuesday 2/9/2009 - we were out of town for the weekend - they said that the product is NTO under gaurantee and that the warenty does not cover the LED screen -, and that it is impossible that the screen can bust for no reason! - I CAN DECLAIRE WITH WITNESSES UNDER OATH THAT PHONE WAS NEVER DROPPED OR BUMPED AGAINST ANYTHING - Neither Samsung or Cell C is interested in my problem - Can you may be help

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  • Ch
    chintan2682 Dec 07, 2009

    I am having a mobile phone Samsung D900i (silver colour) and it was stolen before 15 days its IMEI NO IS-351666032322607
    it is having a facility of mobile tracker but still i am not able to get it back so please try to track it as soon as possible.

    IMEI NO IS - 351666032322607

    Thanks & Regards
    Chintan Shah
    Email - [email protected]
    M - +919879152678

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etreme dejection from samsung max

I had bought the Samsung MAX the CDMA phone three months back and just after two and half months it troubled me with the severe problem and was sent to Banglore for the service and its been more than 1 month where the service status is static i.e. the problem is not resolved and it is very much discomfiting that there are a number of individuals I know in my office who are irritated with the Mobile phone and its service aspect.
It seems that the Samsung guys are not bothered about any customer satisfaction and care.
Is there any provision to sooth my crashed confidence in to SAMSUNG???
This is really very very irritating experience!

handset hang

Handset is not booting after inserting of sim Card. I bought this handset from China and using in India.

  • Pk
    P Kareem Khan Sep 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    During my tour to Chine, I have purchase Samsung Anycall Mob Model No SCH-W579 Model.

    I am unable to to video files in the said mobile. I would like to know what format of video file supports this mobile.

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  • Pk
    P Kareem Khan Sep 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    During my tour to Chine, I have purchase Samsung Anycall Mob Model No SCH-W579 Model.

    I am unable to view video files in the said mobile. I would like to know what format of video file supports this mobile. Even i do not have User Manuual in English.

    Please help me out to utilise this mobile to its features.

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customer service of company

I have a SAMSUNG television which broke down this month (18th Aug 2008). I called Samsung service and I wa...

mobile service not provided

I have given My Samsung – J600 mobile fir service on the date 11-Aug-2008, But I am not getting any response till now. I have contact on Service center each day but every time they told me that the mobile will be available tomorrow. I have taken a written statement from the service center that I will get the mobile on 25-Aug but still I am not getting any response. When I was contact from the service center than they told me the mobile will be available after 4-5 days. This is very frustrating to me.

  • Re
    Reddy Oct 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi i agree for all you said.
    I think they are only interested to sell there product only by cheating people (showing all features with reasonable price).But after using the mobile 3-4 months that will get major problem. I too in that group.

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  • Ra
    RAMCHANDRAN C.J. Nov 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have given for service my on 03.11.08 Mobile J 150 for replacement of LCD at Hi tech solutions Anna Nagar Purhcased on 08.10.08 at POOrvika valasaravalkam

    I have not received a single feedback from your authorised service centre

    Is this the status of SAMSUNG SERVICE STANDARD






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  • Sa
    saurav Mar 13, 2009

    he is right from his side
    you should send some feed back to him
    or should send him a rewsonable mobile set for apololizing

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  • Is
    ishita kundu Apr 04, 2009

    there is no response from the samsung service entre noida i have given my phone and they are not evwen picking up my call

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  • Is
    ishita kundu Apr 04, 2009


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unsatisfied customer service

I purchased a fridge from lowe's in aug of '07 for my new home.In june of '08, the temp on mode #rb215labp was registering one thing on the screen/display outside of the fridge, but producing another temp inside — - a freezing temp— cracked eggs, frozen dairy, drinks exploding... It was a mess... I unplugged and the temp adjusted.. But in july, when I filed a complaint with samsung, the ice maker quit working, and since end of july, the temp in the fridge and freezer comes and goes... Up and down... I never know what's going to happen... All the while, i've attempted 2 service men who were a no show, or too busy, and after a 3rd attempt (Company) , he was almost a no show... He comes, calls some samsung rep and after telling them what I told him was going on (I could have done this weeks ago myself if they would just tell you the number) , he orders a control board, and new ice maker.. .3 weeks later, i'm still waiting and last week found out that this service repair company samsung made me use, owes samsung money... So they won't ship him my parts to repair my fridge! How crazy is that??? I'm being punished for the sins of a service repair man that they recommended I must use... And he owes them money... So I have to wait! Finally today they tell me I will have to wait another week and a half, and she'll put in a "request" for a replacment/exchange... What? Are you crazy? Like I want this to happen a year from now all over again??? This is insane! And they think you're crazy when you tell them this?!?!?! What can I do to get my money back... Never ever ever buy a samsung anything!!!

  • Jo
    John Sep 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same exact thing happened to me. It still isn't fixed.

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  • Ar
    Arpana Awasthi Sep 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My samsung refrigerator stopped cooling. I filed the complain on companys call centre toll free number and the people from the same visited my place. They fillied in the gas and charged Rs. 1600/- for the same without giving the receipt. Next morning the cooling disappeared. They visited the place again and changed the timer charging Rs. 1200/- and same without the receipt. On asking for the receipt they created a scene outside my place and my old in laws gave off the amount. When we reached the place and called up the call centre people enquiring about the rates and receipt they arranged the conference from the service centre and what was told made me felt cheated. The cost of gas filling was Rs. 1250/- and timer was Rs. 590/- and when the company people pressurised tthe service centre person he promised to courier the receipt for both the jobs. After fort night I called again and the service person denied of filling the gas and for the timer receipt he gave me the docket no. of airstate india courier which I was unable to track till date 2 months have passed and the receipt has not reached the place and on top of all ice maker is out of order since the date of repair. Company people seems to be helpless as they don't have any control over the samsung authorised dealer in Benajhawar Kanpur U.P. India. Arpana Awasthi

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  • Вукашин Б Васић Jul 10, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I understand what you are talking about. NEVER SAMSUNG AGAIN!

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customer service (lack of)

On 1/31/08 I purchased a samsung fpt5094 (50" plasma wireless tv) from a local tv & appliance store. On...

terrible after sales service

I bought a microwave of Samsung make 37 liters. It started giving out smoke after few months. The complaint was registered with Samsung service center on 29th June, 2008.As on 12th August, 2008 I am struggling to get the services. The response is extremely poor and bad. Inspite of several promises also they never turn up for the services.

evaporator iced up

Samsung Refrigerator RS2534VQ. I have this model for a little over 3 years. Then the refrigerator temp...

bad monitor, fictional warranty

I purchased a new samsung 22" lcd monitor (Model 225bw) on april 16, 2008. On july 13, 2008, my monitor...

freezes everything

Purchased 7/12/08 floor model refrigerator samsung rs267. When it was plugged in, everything seemed to work, digital readouts on front seemed to go down to the set temperature of 46 degrees. Put some food in, including some soda. The next morning, some of the soda cans had exploded due to freezing. Called samsung, was told to unplug it, leave it for ten minutes, and plug it back in. The refrigerator temperature readout dropped to 17 degrees adn slowly started counting to stop at 46 degrees in about a half hour. So, this time, not wanting a mess, I put in a bottle of water. A couple hours later, it's frozen solid. The readout still says 46 degrees. So, I put in a thermometer, it dropped to 1 degree below zero in the fridgeration department. Called samsung again. They say they will find an authorized repairperson and call me back within 48 hours. Three days later, I called samsung again. They say there is no authorized repairpersons in my area and that it's sent to a different department and they will call me within 48 hours. Four days later, I called samsung again. They say they are having a hard time finding an authorized repair shop and it was sent to another department. Two shorten the story a bit, it is now 23 days later, after many calls to samsung, and by the way no return calls from samsung, i've been talking to lowe's store manager, which is where the refrigerator was purchased, and they are trying to get samsung to do something.

I certainly would not recommend anyone buying a samsung refrigerator. The pain from my saga is no over, and I have no idea how long it may go on, so save yourself the trouble and stay away from samsung.

  • Pa
    Patrickw Jun 22, 2011

    My samsung rs267 lasted two years before the fan started breaking down and the display quit. Never buy a Samsung again, not a quality product.

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