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I am writing the anonymously. I happen to work for the executive customer relations department of samsung. Everyone in these forums is always complaining about how horrible our service is, but they honestly do no know how restricted we are with things we are limited to do within our power. Believe me, i take upwards of 40 - 50 calls a day of people who have time and time again gone through repairs on units, been waiting for callbacks, gotten the run around all the time, and i honestly do feel sorry for people when they call us. But there are several things you have to realize when you call us.
1. We work in a 3rd party call center. Samsung's name is not on my paychecks. We represent their products, but do not work for them. And there are a few different buildings that have executive relations department agents in them. So just because you get ahold of a "craig" one day or a "barbara" the next day means that we know who that person is, because sometimes we don't. I know personally unless i know the specific agent who was in the file previously and i know how they work, i don't trust much of what is typed in a file. I always try to verify my own research to assist people.
2. When you call 1 - 800 samsung, the call goes to our general service level agents. They do not have the ability on their level to extend warranties, or handle anything other than repairs, and personally, some of them do not even have the brain capacity to do that right. I spend many hours of my days trying to correct files that have gotten " escalated" to my department. So please, if you are sent up to ecr, we are trying to help you. . (Or at least i try to) .
3. When you call 1800 samsung, and request a supervisor, if it is the normal day time operating hours for our dept between 9 am and 7pm eastern time, you will be transferred to the ecr dept. We are not supervisors, we are agents that handle requests for escalations. And we do in most cases have the authority to help someone depending on the situation. If you call during a time of the day, or on the weekend when our dept is not open, the service agent will make a voc file (3000) which goes into the general ecr queue. Please realize, on a day to day basis there can be as many as 1000 files put into that queue. And there are only 2 agents in my dept, in my building that go through those files. So, your best bet is, trying to call us during normal operating hours if you want to speak to someone.
4. People have to realize, that if we went through and extended everyone's warranty to cover repairs, samsung would be a bankrupt company. Ecr is certainly within our ability to extend warranties for people who are slightly out (I. E. 90 days) , or for those that have had multiple repairs (I. E. At least one previously within that last 6 - 12 months) . So please, if you call up to us, and you are 3 years out of warranty, and have never had the unit repaired, spare us your cursing at us. We are not the ones who made the policies, we just enforce them, we are the messengers. If i had the authority, i would gladly cover a repair for you, but in that case, it could be my job, and i don't need to be unemployed.
5. Yes, we do get scored on call quality and call times. I don't like rushing people off the phone, but my job quality depends on it. So if i am being brief with you, its not bc i don't care, or im being rude. It's because that if i don't meet the average handle time for my calls, that could also be my job. So please, bare with us.
6. If you have contacted samsung within the past month, you may have been made aware that we have been having severe computer issues. That reason being, we upgraded to a new system, and believe me, that agents you are speaking to are just as frustrated as you. We had very little training on this upgraded system, and most of us, including myself had our hitches along the way. That being said, the waiting times to get through to our department have drastically increased. You usually didnt have to wait more than 5 mins to get through, and i know this bc we have a system up at all times that show how many calls are waiting and for how long. Now the waiting times can be as long as up to 20 minutes. All agents are trying to get to the cx's as quickly as possible. So please, when you get on the phone, we know how frustrated you are. . . We are almost at times feeling the same way.
7. We know how bad some of our servicing centers are that service such things at blue ray players. . Believe me. Time and time again i get calls about how people received units back damaged, or they have been waiting a month, or the service center lost their unit. Believe me, we know. And i sit there and wonder most days why samsung still continues to use their services after so many complaints. But, once again. . We don't make the contracts, we are just the messengers. . . Don't take it out on us. . . Those who call us up and are nice to me. . Tend to get alot further.
8. Don't get on the phone and start demanding this and demanding that, and being all over rude. I pride myself on my very very small number of supervisor calls, bc i am for the most part a very level headed person, and i know my job inside and out. I do know how to talk appropriately to people, and if you treat me with the same respect that i give you as soon as we get on a call, i can guarantee, i can most likely assist you within that time, no supervisor needed. Not everyone in my department can say that, but not everyone has a 92% call quality either. So please be kind to your ecr agent. It will get you alot further.
9. We know about all the problems with our units. . . Especially dlp tv's. And i get just as frustrated as you when i get a call from someone who is 2 years out of warranty, with a dlp and it has completely broken, isnt turning on. . . And has been diagnosed as needing a new light engine from a service center. . That is not a cheap repair. . . And my department is not authorized to assist. We know about all the problems with these units,. . I deal with them all day, everyday. But until samsung decides to make a recall on them. . . We have to keep making people angry, and yes. . . It does suck. But if you are having a dark vertical band running down either the left or right side of your dlp unit and it was made 2 or more years ago. . . Give samsung a call. It may be a light tunnel issue, and we are doing free of charge repair for those.
10. If you are out of warranty, do yourself a favor and avoid the lower level tiers. They can't help you. Call [protected] to go to ecr. And please. . Please. . . Please. . . Before you call us, find a copy of your receipt! And when you have an agent on the phone, ask them the steps of uploading it on the samsung website. . . That is the quickest way for us to view it. . Because if we don't have your receipt, we go off of the date the unit was manufactured (Which populates by the serial number) . Samsung does not keep track of serial numbers and where they were sold. We do not have that info in our system. So the only way to verify your warranty terms are with your receipt! Keep them for everything you buy! And if you already have a service file set up, you can upload your receipt to us in a quick easy step. Scan it into your computer and save it as an image file. Go to www. and go to support. Under support you will find repair self tracking. Click on it and go to the page. Choose option 1 to enter in your transaction number (Which will be either a 3000 or 400 number) and your phone number you provided us when you called. Click continue. This take you to the file. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click upload purchase receipt. Browse your computer for the file and hit attach. There you go, its send to samsung.

> ok, i hope this blog helps some people. We are not the bad guys, simply the messengers. Please consider that the next time you call us. .


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Dec 14, 2021 12:09 am EST

My Samsung phone came with peel remote app installed. I have had the phone for over six years, never used the app or even knew it was on my phone. Suddenly Verizon charges me over four hundred dollars for overage data that they determined. Peel remote had used?! I have never had overage charges and I am a senior citizen on a limited income. Shame on you Samsung. Who knew an app could turn itself on and cost you a ton of money, I am truly shocked!

Feb 03, 2021 3:08 am EST


My problem was I didn’t know about that until the day I took it to the SAMSUNG shop in Colonnade to book it to be fixed.

How should I know that part was missing until that guy told me so and the big thing is I didn’t know about it.

The product is up to no good. I mean active person like me needs something that will work 100% and parts should get missing.

Like I explained to that guy I don’t temper with the watch I only put on charge. I cycle with the watch run with it swim with it. I only notice when the screen was not working and the sensors not working. You believe the product according what it should do. Before I invested this product I did a background check on this watch. I thought it was very good because SASMUNG is supposed to cell good products. I have never had any problems with SAMSUNG products


Sep 15, 2020 12:43 am EDT
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I am Dr Harendra Dassanayaka from Sri Lanka I have purchased a Samsung A50 phone in 2019 May through Singer Sri Lanka who declare themselves as authorized dealers in Sri Lanka. just one day after perches the phone got stuck and was taken back and was sent to the service centre and repaired. on my request to issue a new phone they did not exchange giving different reasons. After that the phone was functioning well for 6 months and suddenly a black spot appeared on the screen and in few hours the enire screen turned black. When taken to the Singer Sri Lanka outlet I was asked to take the phone to the service centre as it was within the warranty period. the service canter had to replace the display as they identified it as a technical fault of the phone. following this the phone was functioning well till June 2020 just after completion of one year of worenty the phone suddenly started to indicate heating and then the ability to connect to mobile data was gone and also one SIM is not Identified. when sent to the Softlogic service canter the diagnosis was that the motherboard has to be replaced and the cost will be very high as the worrenty period is just finished. Now the phone is unusable and as I have bought it on a credit card instalment scheme I am still paying for a broken phone which had technical issues since the day of the perches. I have in my position all the documents of the perches and worrenty. being a medical consultant constantly using internet facilities on the phone I am experiencing a very unsatisfactory service delivery from the Samsung phone company. I will be thankful if some one responsible could give me a solution to this issue which has entirely destroyed my trust over the Samsung products.

Thank You
Dr J. Harendra Dassanayaka
Sri Lanka
Contact: +[protected]
email: [email protected]

Phone Details
Samsung A50
EMI No. [protected]
date of perches 10/05/2019

Jun 26, 2020 5:27 pm EDT
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I just today received an e-mail that say's my under warranty phone, is not under warranty. I bought an A10 phone, and used it while in the hospital. Last Wed. 06/17/2020 i received a update message. I uploaded it overnight. The next day i swiped the screen to unlock it, and received a message "preparing phone" after about a minute, the phone turned off, and wouldn't power back up. I sent it to them explaining what happened, and i got a note today, the phone is not in warranty, and it is $153.00 to repair it. They claimed liquid damage. The phone was never near liquid, and worked fine until this update. The phone is just over 4 months old. I told my wife when it was sent off, "watch, they will claim something else was wrong". Low and behold, i was right. Great company. Not. I can get the phone for $69.00, new, and you want $153.00 to fix it. I find your company a rip off.

Oct 17, 2019 7:04 pm EDT

Anyone other than me own the Scamsung powerbot vacuum? Save your money! What a piece of junk! I haven’t actually seen it with my own eyes in THREE months. It was sent in for service in July for an ongoing problem — and I haven’t seen it since. I was told my unit was “in a gray area” because they didn’t know it’s location!?!? The Scamsung customer service is a joke, getting passed around from person to person, with no actual help in sight. I’ve called, emailed and written a letter to the “Office of the President.” Same song, different verse. My favorite company line right before they hang us: Samsung values your business. What a crock of @#$&. If they valued my business, they would refund my money as I have repeatedly asked. Again, I’ve paid for a product that doesn’t work, was returned to them for service, and never returned.

Sep 06, 2019 10:51 am EDT

On August 26 2019 I submitted a upgrade purchase for the Galaxy note 10 plus, prior I received a email from Samsung to register for this phone (priority list) and I did, then I received Samsung notification stating expedited delivery date Sep 4 2019. Now it says expedited delivery date Oct 1 2019, I contacted eCommerce by phone and chats on numerous occasions asking why the delivery date changed to Oct 1st, and I was informed the date has not changed, yet the phone did not arrived on Sep 4th, I called again and this time I am told Sep 6th is the delivery date yet my Samsung account says Oct 1 2019. I don't appreciate Samsung employees providing false information. Please review copies of my chats ref., this problem, I have copies if you need them. You will see all the misinformation your employees have provided to me and review the phone calls, . The order number is D17LCWU073, it is unacceptable of all this wrong information, every Samsung person I spoke to gave me erroneous information, unacceptable, the way I see it is "tell the customer anything to get them out of the way." So I ask you, what is the expected delivery date, and if it is Oct 1 2019 then cancel my order.

Jan 06, 2019 2:29 pm EST
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I purchased a Gear Fit2 Pro in February 2018. I've been using it all year without any problem. I do lap swimming at my local YMCA and finally a few weeks ago decided to take it into the pool to track my laps. The box and the say "water resistant up to 50 meters". Therefore I was certainly not swimming deeper than 50 meters nor was I scuba diving. I followed the directions precisely activating the water lock. Used it in the pool and it worked great. Even told me afterward I had a great workout. I followed the directions for shaking it to rid it of access water and deactivating the water lock. It worked find all day. Later in the evening it just stopped working. I put it on the charger and nothing happened. Tried another outlet for the charger and again nothing happened. Called Samsung and was advised to send it back for repair. I sent it back as instructed. It was just returned with a note saying devise found to be un-repairable due to liquid damage. My service ticket number is [protected]. The Serial No. is R5AJA0954FX. Model No. SM-365NZKNXAR. I am very disappointed in this outcome and plan to tell all my friends and the sales reps at the store where it was purchased.

Nov 17, 2018 4:33 pm EST

I recently sent a sound bar to Samsung for Repair, they called me and said it was out of warranty and I needed to pay $80.00 to have it fixed. I paid the repair fee, and they sent the item back to me, still defective. I spent $20.00, to have shipped back, not to mention my time., and I spent a total of $100.00, and still not satisfied. I've been a loyal Samsung customer, for years, and have had many of their products, washing machines, T.V., Cell Phone. The one time, I have an issue, they drop the ball. They promised to have someone from the escalation team contact me, its been 2 days, still no answer. My questions is, is Samsung becoming to large of a company, and cant handle the volume of customer complaints, or is it that their products are becoming inferior to competitors, and they are dropping the ball on quality control, the commercials are great, but are the products and customer service just as good ?

Sam B
[email protected]
Ticket Number#[protected]

Sep 28, 2018 6:45 pm EDT

I will keep America n customers informed as to what happening with our services dwendling. I hope Samsung headquarters is paying close attention. Don't let Texas repair center ruin your company!

Sep 28, 2018 6:41 pm EDT

Today i receive an acceptance ticket that my galaxy 8 phone will be repaired. Then after six pm the repair center sent a rejection ticket. This is going on for over a week with many man hours to put in for proof of purchase. Customer service managers reviewed the information then our friends in Texas reject it. Samsung is a Japanese company and japa n has respect for their customers. Their business is under threat by our Texas repair authorised dealers giving the company a bad name. I am about to request my phone sent back to me and send it to japa n to be repaired.

Sep 27, 2018 1:14 pm EDT


WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANY SAMSUNG products again in my life and will do all possible to prevent anyone I know - or even don't know ( through blogs, etc.) from never buying a Samsung product. How is it that foreign manufactures come here and inflict this on American consumers and nobody does ANYTHING about it. If you want reliable household appliances STAY FAR AWAY from Samsung.

I am having a problem i sent in my monitors and TV’s for repair over a months ago it's defected products and still have not got it back i have contacted Samsung million times i just get transferred or told to wait for a call i am so frustrated that i about to contact a lawyer and better business bureau

Samsung LS24PTNSF/ZA Service Ticket Number : [protected] Claim Number: WIA1858 for replacement Defected units which never receipt
Repair Ticket [protected] LED EH5300 Series Smart TV - 32" Class smart TV’s which turn out its not smart any more just used for one week than gone, also have other 2 smart TV’s useless.

That's why want advice all folks for NEVER EVER BUY ANY SAMSUNG products,
If you want reliable household appliances STAY FAR AWAY from Samsung.

Sep 22, 2018 4:22 pm EDT

Mr. Tim Baxter, CEO from Samsung,

I bought a Samsung 4-piece kitchen package on Brands Mart on 02/17/18 and the promotional was eligible to receive a rebate, I sent all the information to Samsung customer service, also a reply letter on 03/19/18 that my submission has been approved., Today 09/22/18 I'm still waiting for my rebate, I called for more than 10 times to customer service but due to the incompetence for your customer service, never solved my questions, also spoke with the customer service manager, unfortunately this situation directly affect the image of the company that sold, Brand's Mart, I will never buy in this store because I ca not believe on the promotion, this is a fake promotional. I think that Samsung need to respect the customers. I have all documents if some day Mr.Tim Baxter would like to take care of your customer
[email protected]

Sep 19, 2018 2:11 pm EDT

I do not need to know anything about samsung.. I no longer buy Samsung products. I bought the exploding note phone. I spent 3 months losing data between 4 new phones. I never received any compensation for my time and misery. Samsung cares about making money. A selfish corporation that sucks consumers dry to feed it's bottom line. My time is a commodity that I can never replace. Samsung has wasted it.

I work for a major appliance repair company.. I repair Samsung electronics and major appliances.. A Samsung rep told me 2-4 years is a reasonable
Lifespan for a front load washer (800$)...Needless to say I don't recommend Samsung products to anyone.. I also do not purchase Samsung products. I have replaced 2 tvs and a washer dryer set in my home. And out of those 4 appliances none were samsung. Going forward I will never do business with Samsung or recommend it's products to any of my customers. Better to put loyalty toward a company that is symbiotic rather than parasitic. Samsung was my brand and I sent a lot of customers your way. No longer.

Sep 19, 2018 2:15 pm EDT
Replying to comment of Bill Owme

P. S.
I doe a horde of warranty work on Samsung tvs and appliances. If you EVER have a problem in the 1st 30 days on ANY appliance RETURN IT. Never let a company repair a broken appliance or tv. It will end in misery. They don't care. Best luck I've seen with customer service and repairs is sony. The rest don't care about their reputation.. Maybe it's a Japanese thing. Sony is more expensive but you know what your getting.

Sep 07, 2018 2:48 pm EDT

Sent my Samsung s8 plus in because one day the battery started swelling and I was told it could explode at any given time. It swelled so much the back busted off. But they are now telling me that even though its a yr old . the warranty is expired and its not the battery its the mother board and charging port. [censored]. I had it looked at by a repair shop and they said I had to be extremely careful. Well it was a loaf of crap getting my phone sent back. Now they say I owe 554.81 to get it fixed. Hell I could buy a new one for that. Rip off. Jerks that's what they are. I will never buy another product from them again. And I'm going to blast the hell out of them on social media. I have a buisness page and a personal page plus my Instagram. Greedy [censored]. We still owe 471.00 on the phone. I bet we get another phone somewhere else and not pay a penny more on their crap.. That has tons of complaints. I took extra good care of my phone. With a otter box type case. And they said all that stuff was messed up it b's. And they are liars

Sep 05, 2018 10:52 am EDT

Thank you for your comment acknowledging that as a worker/insider, things could be better. I am learning patience, no doubt, with hope of things getting better. And that this will empower Samsung to do better as the obivious teaches us all lessons. I will wait, as my food deteriorates after 2 weeks of trying to get in warranty service. Hire me...I guarantee a fix, as i see the problem first hand!

Aug 24, 2018 3:44 pm EDT

Jesus - all that whining from the top comment about how we (the call center people) don't work for samsung but represent them etc etc etc. Someone get him a towel. The bottom line is Samsung and Samsung customer service call center SUCKS. DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS.

I recently spent 4 days (today was 5 hours on the phone - with apparently ever single person that works there). Her e is what i sent the CEO - TIM BAXTER (of which he probably won't read or care about):

"I fully expect that nothing will be done in regards to this matter as that is full acceptable in today's retail market place. However, I purchased a brand new Samsung washer and dryer (flexwash and flex dryer) from sears on Monday July 21, 2018. When it arrived (Tuesday) it didn't work. I contacted your 800 number and gave the model and serial number to set up a service call. Wednesday I received a voice mail that because they couldn't read the number (from the picture that I supplied) and because they couldn't verify your serial number they were canceling my appointment. I called back to your call center and got the run around (I needed to send photos and receipts etc via email (again) and via txt messages) only to have them tell me they couldn't find your serial number. Wednesday - I called the call center again - the woman on the phone made me send pictures and emails, txt messages again. She came back on the line and confirmed the serial number - stating that it was such a new machine they didn't have the serial number in their system. She did set up an appointment for Friday at 9 am with confirmation number [protected].

I took the day off from work and at 10:30 am when no one arrived I called your call center again and went through everything again - emails, txt messages etc. she contacted the service center who did call me. The service center stated they had no appointment with me as Samsung never sent a request. Additionally, they would not be able to come out until the end of NEXT week! I called your call center again (and went through the whole thing again - emails etc. This time the guy called 4 other service centers and two flat out refused and 2 more did not answer - so he called your main service provider again. got nowhere and he passed it off to a supervisor. Supervisor got on the line (went through it all again) he put me on hold and 4 minutes later disconnected me. I called back. I've been passed from techs, to supervisors to executive departments etc etc etc. One woman in your customer management center (she said she was a manager) put me on hold and for 1 hour 22 minutes I waited on hold. At that time someone else (from your exact same phone number) called me (while still on hold) attempting to schedule a service call (demanded that I send emails, txt photos AGAIN). I told her to send me to whoever is in charge of that call center. After waiting 10 minutes the guy I’m speaking with (Right now) and currently has me on hold again required that I send him an email with the photos of the machine and serial numbers, model number etc. He is doing the same thing that every other person has done.

I currently have been on my cell phone speaking with a dozen different people today. I have been on it since 10;30 am (it is now 3;16 pm) continuously! I have been lied to, passed around, lost a day or work. I had a confirmed appoint for a service call for (today) at 9 am with a confirmation number. Lies, lies lies.

I have repeatedly told every person I spoke with that if it is not repaired, replace or removed from my property (with full refund) by 4 pm today that I would have no choice but to contact our corporate attorney's, BBB, my credit card company (to cancel the charges), social media and every platform out there that is available. So far no one has done anything.

I am a single parent with four children and have no way to wash their clothing. A washer may not seem important enough for you _ as the CEO - but be rest assured that it is an integral part of a normal person’s life.

The clock is ticking. I hope someone reads this and resolves this issue ( but being retail America - it probably won't even be read or cared about.

Model Number WV559605MV/A5
Serial Number 085DAAAJ300016R

God knows if the dryer works! I'm afraid to plug it in!"

AND I SENT THIS AS WELL (at 4:02 pm):

"FYI – 4 pm has passed and Samsung did nothing to solve this issue. I have stopped payment for the machines via my credit card company. I have contacted our corporate attorneys . I have sent an email to your media company and your CEO _Tim Baxter. I am currently working on the social media platform and drafting a letter to our tens of thousands of clients and their employees regarding your product, service and lies told. The gentleman on the credit card heard the story and confirmed that he will never buy anything from Samsung based on this report. I gave you all (14 of you just today) until 4 pm to correct this issue. You disregarded that time frame. As of the writing of this email – I still have a broke machine and no service call appointment to fix or repair it."

AS of 5:00 ok no one has read it. I still have a broke machine and no repair date. At least they're not getting paid!

Aug 07, 2018 6:02 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I would save the time to detail the horrible experience I had with Samsung customer support like everyone else, yes the company lacks ethics and is dishonest.

Jul 05, 2018 4:29 pm EDT

We bought a Samsung washing machine and after 7 to 10 cycles the electronics stopped working. The machine would not turn on or respond to anything. Called Samsung and they agreed to have it fixed. The machine is located in a cabin 100 miles away from our primary residence. I went up to meet three different repairmen and not one could fix it. Samsung scheduled a fourth, but when I got there he told me I was responsible for paying him. I didn’t hire him so I said no. Called Samsung and they said they were going to refund me for the washer. That was in April. I got an email that said the check had been sent to the wrong address so I called and updated my address. They wouldn’t tell me what address they sent the check to. Come June, we are still waiting. I sent a certified letter to Mr. Michael Lawder, Sr. V. P. of Customer Care. I got the return receipt but have never gotten a response from Samsung. With over 800 miles on my car and no response from Samsung I feel this company lacks ethics and is basically dishonest.

May 29, 2018 2:36 pm EDT

in September of 2016 I purchased a 55 inch UHD tv for 1400, with extended warranty. on May 5th of this year the TV would not stay on. I called samsung and the TV was out of warranty, however I had extended, they said they would contact repair, after two weeks they sent a terrible repair man that did not even know how to plug it in. I called them back to complain and they would send this out to another repair unfortunately no one would come to my home because of no local service in my area, I called again and stated that I would like this fixed, now three weeks into this and no TV I have escalated this to a case manager after my self making 10 phone calls and keep getting someone else every time and having to go over the whole case again. I had asked to speak to a supervisor. and then to their supervisor as I was getting no where. Now last week on the 22 they had agreed to do and exchange not knowing what kind of TV I will get.thy stated someone would contact me in 3 buisness days and still nothing. Almost a nother week down and I would really like my TV. I am sure they will exchange mine with some piece of used junk. and there is no one you can complain to . Does anyone have upper management that can help with this?/as they have left mine in pieces and filthy. very unhappy customer

May 16, 2018 6:13 pm EDT

BOYCOTT SAMSUNG, We should have gotten a clue with the Samsung note 7 exploding in peoples homes and ears. This should have been classified as a terrorist attack from S. Korea. There costumer service reps are all a hire third party basically there to handle you and say no to you with no positive outcome for there defective expensive toxic products. Yes toxic, are you really going to trust a country that has had it in for US since need I say it?.


May 16, 2018 11:41 pm EDT
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Replying to comment of BOObomb

Sounds good,
but how is that gonna help with this piece of junk we're stuck with and the unresolved issues?

Apr 11, 2018 3:28 pm EDT

I purchased a samsung refrigerator on march 28, 2016 at the purchase price of $2, 388. on april 2, 2018 (slightly over two years after purchase), the refrigerator stopped cooling completely. I called samsung and was given name of local authorized repairman who informed me that it would be 5 days before he could get to my problem. I could not wait as food was spoiling so I frantically called repair services until I found someone who could come the next day. their diagnosis was that the compressor was no longer working. samsung's warranty says that the compressor is under warranty. I paid the repairman $685.00 out of my pocket. I have called to see about getting reimbursed; however, I am getting nothing but a run-around. the first person I talked with said they would send a repairman - my answer was that I already had one. then they said I should have waited - my answer was that a refrigerator full of food was spoiling and would they reimburse me for the food cost. so far, I have had no further response. I have always purchased samsung televisions and have had good service on good products. but this response, or lack of it, is just not acceptable. where and when did customer service (providing what you say you will do to get someone to purchase your product) go out the window?

Apr 12, 2021 1:10 pm EDT

Same thing happened to me same problem same time. Who can I contact ?

Apr 10, 2018 11:17 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Totally understand the frustration you're going through! They totally the opposite of the customer support/service true definition, But really good at making excuses, finger pointing and blaming the user or other companies, like in your case Google! You better be real patient and have lots of time to waste, and even then doesn't necessarily mean there would be any resolution! Their main goal is to wear you off way before admitting any fault! Best of luck to you.

Apr 10, 2018 8:30 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Samsung Galaxy "Customer Service"-abysmal at best.
Every time you call, you have to go through your sad story,
Adnauseum, when they have your history documented right in front of them.
Then you have to barter to get a higher level tech because what you have already explained needs to go to someone supposedly more knowledgeable.
Then you go through their "corrective steps” and nothing works. This is where it gets good.
Now the rep needs to talk with other techies and will call you back.
That never happens and the whole pathetic process starts again.
At one point, my Samsung problem was blamed on Google.
We called them, they laughed.
So I am presently in my 4th or 5th session and was recently not called back again.
And, obviously, there are still serious unresolved privacy and security issues.
Next time, I-Phone.

Mar 15, 2018 12:47 am EDT
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That's what I'm going to do, get an iPhone, as soon as I can! I've already stopped using their apps altogether, using mostly Google's apps!
If we assume Samsung hard wears are okay, they're trouble in software and apps' arena!
Even worst is their customer service culture and their tech support. They haven't offered me any solution yet, and I've been at it since December of last year.
The even more annoying part is my messages keep bouncing back undelivered due to their server's error! I have mentioned it to them and the thank me for my valuable feedback, and yet, in reality, nothing has been done about it, for about 7 weeks now!
I'm starting to think if the company this size can't even fix or bring their own mail server back, up, do they even care about an individual like me with a dinky phone!
Or is this part of their strategy to ignore or brush off the overwhelming number of issues and complains pouring in?
Either way, Samsung's tech support sucks, and they are totally clueless when it comes to the subject customer satisfaction and loyalty!

Mar 14, 2018 7:36 pm EDT

I bought my (then top of the line) "Samsung S7" from Verizon in Dec. 2016. My wife got an iPhone at the same time.

My phone seems to be haunted. But Verizon keeps giving a "song and dance" about making this right, and replacing it with a new one.

I first reported my problems (according to Samsung's notes) in May 2017. They did over the phone trouble shooting more than once; they had me take it to the Samsung counter at Best Buy several times. Eventually they did a factory reset. It was still doing crazy things. They asked to take it to UBREAKIFIX. Still no dice. Then they had me send my phone to their repair facility in Plano, where they did extensive work and replaced many parts... while I was without my phone for two weeks !

It came back a couple of weeks ago. And it is still having problems. Obviously, it is a defective device. I called customer service, and tech support. I then got escalated to the "Executive Team". But they, stubbornly, would not replace it. And now they want me to send my phone to Plano again.

My wife's iPhone works like a dream, she just loves it... maybe I should have gone with an iPhone too instead of a Samsung ?!

Feb 23, 2018 2:08 am EST
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They are everything but support! a bunch low wage employees just replying with nonsense, lame and often different excuses, keep passing the buck to each other or different departments, with the strategy of consumer eventually gets tired, frustrated, and go away. But not me!
It has been 3 months, more than dozen hours of my valuable time on the phone, and many email messages regarding their faulty note and calendar apps. that cost me years of vital data. They tried to blame it on me, and since I can prove, it has been the apps' malfunctions, by asking them 3 simple questions that they keep dodging and indirectly refuse to answer! Now, the past few weeks all my emails to them is getting bounced back, undelivered. Seems to me they might have blocked me! Becuase no tech company or otherwise, with their size would have their servers down for this long! Hmm!
That means I'm gonna have to call during the day which is hard for me to spend hours on the phone to be passed around by some clueless so-called support which previously has been proven to be worthless, and waste of my time!

Feb 22, 2018 2:40 pm EST

Nice ECR viewpoint, too bad it does not hold water. We do not work for you. You have a job because of us. Your attitude is totally unprofessional expecting your customers to act a certain way to get better service? How about just give the better service and you won't have customer service issues? First of all you are not well trained when you take time to read a manual, then give the wrong info, then lock up a refrigerator. Then managers tell you to unplug or turn off circuit breakers to reset appliance that the ECR locked up in the first place. Oh, disabled? can't move appliance? can't find breaker? are out of have to pay for service call. REGARDLESS that Samsung customer service broke it in the first place. Then you get uppity when we curse you out for costing us money? What kind of dysfunctional company is this? Not buying Samsung anymore!

Feb 21, 2018 12:52 am EST
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Okay, fine, understand you're frustrated too, so what is the solution?
If not the "support", then who should be contacted to get resolutions?

Feb 09, 2018 9:45 am EST

Samsung is the worst company in my many years of buying appliances ! I have went through 2 refrigerators in a year. They send a tech and they say nothing is wrong and everything is working fine. Tell that too my check book after throwing away 150 dollars worth of food the day after when finding my fridge warm and at 54 degrees. DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG EVER ! Terrible company and junk !

Feb 09, 2018 9:19 am EST

I bought a note 4 in September 2014 it overheated every day switching off then on then went through a quite time but never ever not heating up it was an expensive hand warmer £800 I was advised to take it to my nearest service shop they said it was fried and would cost £200 to be repaired and they couldn't promise it would work . I think its daylight robbery to sell something not fit for purpose 2 or 3 years after bought for a great deal of money . and no help just given the run around from hundreds of different web sites Samsung should take a leaf out of Amazons customer relations second to none

Jan 29, 2018 10:47 am EST
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I ordered a Galaxy 8S phone on December 26, 2017 and here it is January 29, 2018 and I have not received the phone yet. At the time I ordered the phone no one told me that the phone was on back order. I received an email on 01-26-18 said that we are sorry you had to wait for 30-day, but it does not say whether or not they are going to send the phone out. I spoke to Christine this morning and she could not tell me what the email meant. She told me that the complany did not have my complete address and maybe that was one of the problem. I have been calls regularly and no one told me that my address was incomplete. Is this the way you run your business. All I was asking was for someone to explain to me whether or not the phone has been send out. Your customer service is a waste of time, because they do not know anything. When you ask a question the keep saying the same thing over and over again, which is nothing. You really do not want to have loyal customer because you do not know how to treat them.

Dec 21, 2017 6:52 pm EST
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Written in Dec. 2017: We purchased a Samsung Dryer in Nov. 2017. We called Samsung for repair under warranty, they told us they would contact A & E Factory Service (which is Sears in Sheep's Clothing- we all know what the future of Sear is). Three days later we had not heard from A & E to set up an appointment. We called A & E and they told us Samsung never called. When we called Samsung, they told A & E had cancelled the appointment from their end. Samsung said they would contact the Dispatcher to make another appointment and that we should hear from them in 24 hours. 24 hours passed with no call. We then called Samsung again and talked to 3 different levels of personnel, that told us the same thing, the would escalate the request with the dispatcher. We then called A & E who told us that Samsung had never called them. ( A & E would not let us deal with them directly for the repair.) We then called Samsung back again and told them what A & E had told us. Apparently caught in the strings of false statements, Samsung then told us that A & E had no one qualified to work on our dryer. (So Samsung is selling products that are to be serviced by a company that has no one qualified to repair their products!.) They told us to send them a copy of the receipt and they would give us store credit for the product. So 4 days, 16 calls and lots of frustration we might be on the path of getting something resolved!

Nov 30, 2017 11:22 am EST
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I bought a Samsung galaxy s6 10 months ago. I took it to Maywood New Jersey to the authorized repair center. I was told the phone couldn't be repaired because it had gotten wet. At 65 years old, I would know if my phone got wet and it hadn't. But the customer service person told me there was nothing that could be done. There is some kind of internal indicator that showed water damage. So I bought a new phone! Now I find a place called CPR that repairs all types of electronic equipment, including phones. They told me there was no evidence of water intrusion but they found a broken piece inside and would repair it for $75.00. The phone works fine now but I already bought a new phone based on the original encounter at the AUTHORIZED SAMSUNG REPAIR CENTER! What a rip off! I don't know how to get this problem fixed but I am extremely unhappy. They can lie about the phone having been wet and you can't do anything. What a scam!

Nov 10, 2017 9:57 am EST

Samsung does not have Customer Support. Forget buying Samsung products.

Nov 09, 2017 6:03 pm EST
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Samsung mobile provided by Rogers Canada BC with Plan. Actually, this phone has manufacturing defect for which this mobile must be
replaced by Samsung Company. Accordingly I phoned many times to both First Rogers because they gave me this phone. Then phoned to
Samsung on the advise of Rogers. But ultimately, who is the sufferer, I e me only. Just check your phone, if you declare fault is not manufacturing then, no need to replace, but if you really find its a manufacturing fault in camera, then replace it. Because now a days mobile without camera
stands no where. Further Details may be obtained from Rogers with ref to phone [protected]
Rakesh Kumar Sharma
[email protected]
[protected], Delta BC

Sep 25, 2017 10:39 am EDT


Aug 09, 2017 11:44 am EDT

I have been waiting 3 weeks to get my washing fixed then a refund processed. This is beyond ridiculous. I stopped by cousin from buy a Samsung refrigerator (which I was going to buy next as well) and I will stop everyone and anyone that brings up Samsung to me from buy their product simply because of their customer service processed and response times.

It's unfortunate that a company this large that makes the money that it makes feels like it can do customers the way they do. I WILL NEVER BUY A SAMSUNG ANYTHING EVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE!

Aug 08, 2017 9:32 am EDT
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SAMSUNG UN46H5203AFXZA failed after 2 years 2 months. Purchased Best Buy 2 year warranty, TV failed 2 months after expiration. I will neither buy Samsung or anything from Best Buy again.
I replace main board, no help. pulled back panel off and saw the backlight LEDs flashing continuously on/off every second or so.
Absolutely UNACCEPTABLE Samsung.
Trash! Shame on you!
Never Samsun again.

Jul 24, 2017 9:03 pm EDT

Purchased two sets of washer/dryers, one for our rental and one for home. Shortly after our purchase the one washer was recalled and the other had the motherboard replaced. First, the clothes do NOT come clean! Awful product but the washer in our rental never truly worked even after they"repaired" it! Called customer service week of April 15, 2017, got the run around for over three months! Still not resolved! The units were purchased from HHGregg, which by the way is officially closed however, if Samsung had dealt with this in April or even May they would have been able to reach HHGregg's corporate offices because one of the problems we are having is that the model number from my receipt does not match with the model number on the washer! Imagine that! Paying for a higher model product and delivered a lower model! Why should the consumer be penalized for the scam that has been taking place, I"m sure I am not the only one who has run into this situation! Is Samsung in on this fraudulence? Worst company to deal with as well as worst product on the market! Take care of your bread and butter! Customers matter!

Jun 13, 2017 3:11 pm EDT

Dear Team,

I am very frustrated now, as first step i did chat with tech support through chat window and been asked to reach out to nearest service center "837 Washington St, NY " office ., This office has worst hospitality i ever had, no one even talked to me for 30m then, one executive told me that its mother board issue and need 3 days time. I took half day leave from my office to reach there after i got confirmation that they can fix it on same day over the phone.

My issue : I cant send my phone, i use this for my job for VPN authentication pass code and lot other stuff. I can not afford another phone temporarily .

I need your help ., Please be realistic and kind to me to fix this., No damage to phone, i did not drop it, i did not put any pressure on it. Before i go bed i kept my alarm and woke up with half grayed screen.

You can block some credit from my credit card if you dont trust your customer, but i need to either fix in store on same day or at my home or a replacement phone by holding money till i ship defected phone back.

I am open to below options :
1. I would love to have new S7 phone without any charge.
2. I can go for S8, S8+ with 100$ extra.
3. I will use the phone i get as temp, once i get my phone fixed and delivered i will ship the temp phone back to you, i need both shipping labels.

Please let me know ASAP, i tried all channels to reach nothing worked for me.


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Jun 13, 2017 3:12 pm EDT
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who look this page, will samsung folks look at this or some one else.


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