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I understand that the carts are not always available. I have back issues and try to get a cart when I shop at Sam's. Sometimes I have to walk to the exit side to get a cart as they are there charging instead of the entrance side.The issue I have is there is always 1 0r 2 carts that are not working and parked by a fence . They have been there for awhile and used for putting paper towels into the basket. How long does it take to get these repaired ?

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  •   Jul 11, 2019

    The major issue here is the carts are abused by people who do not need them. They are for the frail and not for the whale. I have never seen a larger conglomerate of people whining about marginal physical difficulties than people that frequent Sam's Club. I am quite certain the vast majority of people that utilize the cart do not need them, but for those that do, this is a major inconvenience. Did you ask a member of management to get a cart or are you just making assumptions. Your complaint does not make that clear.

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