SalvationArmysoldier in charge is sicker than residents

N Sep 12, 2018

Date: 04/2015-Current
Location: Harbor Light Center. Downtown Denver, CO

The residing resident manager is sicker than the residents. This Harbor light center is set up as a transitional residency with an in-house stay of 6 months for men with addictions and convictions of crime. The residing Corp Sergeant Major/ resident manager has consistently been heard mocking and bad-mouthing residents and uses threats to get his way. He has been in this position for over 10 years so the other staff members let things slide. However having a leader and Resident manager that regularly abuses his power and mocks recovering and struggling men is just wrong.
This Corp Sergeant Major is an ex-addict himself and yet is clearly a "dry drunk" because he does not attend meetings, practice any rehabilitation practices and is clearly on caffeine and medication ans a means of recovery. It is believed that addicts can help addicts recover and this may be true, but when the addict in charge is doing more harm than good it is time for that Corp Sergeant Major/ Resident Manager to STEP DOWN or BE REMOVED form his post.

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