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i often go to this store in search of low cost furniture.. you would think that they are there to help the community by selling the things they get for free ... but they don't the prices that the manager puts on these items are outrages!!! some itme they are even more expensive then the stores.. someone has to really control these prices.. someone needs to investigate them and its not only in danbury ct almost all salvation army stores in connecitcut are ripoffs.. so people before you donate thinking your actually going to help people in need try posting your items or holding a garage sale/for free sale for peolpe whom actually need them and do not have to money to pay what salvation army is charging can get them...


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    danaolson Feb 23, 2010

    i purchased a tv on1/20/10. the product only lasted 1 month. now keep in mind this was all i can afford. i cant buy a new one. i have 2 little kids 3 n 4. now they have to wait for a tv.i spent 84.79 on this tv . i took it back on 2/22/10. at first they said they would give me a credit slip. then they changed their mind. it is not fair. they shouldnt sell electronics without some kind of guarantee. they are supposed to be helping others. this is hurting others.

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    The flip side Oct 31, 2010

    I wish to address complaints regarding the cost of items at the Salvation Army. I have volunteered there for many years. The items that are donated are essentially "free" yes, but please keep in mind that the rent, heat, hydro, maintenance and staff etc. are NOT free, not to mention the outrageous dumping fee's they must spend each year disposing of others garbage they bag up and throw in the donation bins. If you don't want the ripped, stained or smelly items anymore, likely no one else does either. please put it in your own garbage so the Salvation Army aren't burdened with it. The staff try their best to price fairly, but you have to be a jack of all trades to know the exact worth of each and every item, most employee's price 300 to 500 items a day. There are surely some mistakes made both for their benefit, and vice versa. They are a charitable organization, after expenses the rest DOES go to those in need! The $200 dresser you were complaining about was probably about $1000 or more new. We help those in need, there are vouchers for clothing, household items and furniture for those who need them for free. They supply gratuities to the homeless who wander in needing shoes, boots or coats. When you shop the Salvation Army you are supporting a wonderful cause, one that I devote many hours of my time to. The stores are just an avenue to try to increase their funding for programs, and that is what you are supporting when you shop there. The higher end items are more costly but there are many antique dealers and re-sellers who shop there daily. Who should benefit more from the donations your provide us, we who support those less fortunate? or the re-sellers? I hope this all made sense. I am just trying to show the whole picture out so opinions can be educated ones.

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  • The Salvation Army: Doing Evil in God's Name?
    Does the Salvation Army think it's perfectly fine to turn "reformed" drunks and drug addicts loose on the public at the Salvation Army Family Thrift Store? As any intelligent person might expect, unsupervised employees of the "reformed" variety will do as they please. Problems include abuse of the customers, "disappearing" donations, lying, and otherwise running amok. Prices are adjusted according to who you know and sometimes free to good friends. Numerous complaints have been made by phone, email, and letters to the Salvation Army Headquarters in Tampa and go who knows where. Doing evil in God's name is the worst sin. But what happens at the Salvation Army stays at the Salvation Army. Or does it?

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  • cfh72 Apr 03, 2011

    My significant other is an employee of the Salvation Army in the Eastern Territory. The manager did not know my partner was at work when said manager made a rude comment geared toward my partner. When said manager was confronted they made a sexiest comment and humiliated my partner further. We have taken this to the highest ranks and now the manger and company say the incident NEVER happened...we were greeted with cult-like style rhetoric and human resources parroted the same lines over and over to my partner.."we have taken appropriate action"

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    MARSONEL MONROE Apr 11, 2011

    On 4-09-11 I was illegally searched and accused of being in possion of nartics. Alsomy right to unrestriced movement has been violated while iwas in the program and one of the staff member by the name of joesph stellhorn made a comment about my famly which he should not have because my famliy had nothing to do with what was going on between me and them. They also made some comments about me that they did't known if they were true or no. They where just speculations. I believe they acted very unprofationaly and feel something shold be done about it. Also I have been extorted because they todl me that unless I tell of anybody in the program that was using synthetic marijuana I would not be alliwed to perticapate in the program and be sent back to jail. That also violates my right not to in crimante myself

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    srchng4care Apr 20, 2011

    okay first of all that's only the start of your problems ... because DAMN your ### cant spell!

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    Tough2992 Jul 11, 2011

    first off, i agree that some things in the thrift shops are overpriced. but the thrift store has bills to pay and that is how they do it, by selling items in the store. if they just gave everything away they wouldn't be able to pay their employees or pay the electric bill. some salvation army stores do offer vouchers. this store you go to doesn't need to be investigated, people like you need to stop expecting everything for free. no one owes you anything.

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  • Lo
    lovestothriftshop Sep 29, 2011

    1st off things are priced a third of their value, so if you have a piece of furniture from Cardi's or Broyhill, it's going to be more then something from Walmart or JCPenny. I live in the Northeast and Danbury CT isn't a cheap place to live, that also is taken into consideration. If say you were in Attleboro Ma, items would be cheaper because it's a poorer area.
    2ndly they have to make money, they have employees, utilities, and rent to pay like Tough2992 said. They also have gas to pay for the trucks for the pick ups at peoples homes and drop offs to the stores and the BIGGEST bill they have is what Salvation Army's MAIN focus is and that's feeding, clothing, and keeping a roof over the heads of all the people in the rehabs. Your purchases go towards HELPING these people beat their addictions and get their lives back on track.
    Pricing items 2nd hand is never an easy job, sometimes its priced too high, sometimes too low, but your purchases are going for the good and it's not fair to say what you said without having all the facts in place. I've shopped in all sorts of thrift stores my entire life and I've NEVER seen anything mark MORE then what you would find in the regular store.. you cant expect to go get a complete dining room set for $50 if its worth $1000, that's just not fair

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    hobbitfeet Aug 05, 2012

    The SA is dishonest in where all of their money goes...they support Anti-Gay programs and think they are above the law! They also have expensive real estate for retreats for their officers. Who pays for this????

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  • Jo
    Johnny P. Nov 28, 2012

    Probably the same freeloaders that voted for Obama expect something for nothing at Salvation Army also!

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    babygirl72 Mar 31, 2014

    I think it is very disturbing when all the items sold in the stores are donated that the prices are so extremely high. Let me give a few examples: there were some pictures for sale in the Salvation Army with a price tag of 29.99 when down the street at the Family Dollar someone can buy the same ones for 25.00 each "NEW, " also, a nice solid wood poster bed was priced at 799.99 used because someone misread the original price tag that clearly said 4 piece set for 2199.00 (which included an armoire, dresser w/mirror and the bed) the bed alone sold for 699.99 NEW. These items are donated to help the less fortunate to have nice, used items. If more people become aware of how their things are being sold at the original price they might stop donating. I know I will not give them another penny until they lower prices so people can afford things. Whomever is over the pricing should really learn how to research items and price them at least half of the original and not more than the price sold in other stores NEW. Will this review matter to anyone? Probably not, however, this is just my first stop on informing people to do their own research before buying things at any second hand store.

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